Zettai Kareshi

  • Moonlit-Night

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  • This is the story of Riiko, a young girl who seems to have no luck with boys. Everyone she confesses to ends up turning her down. Her neighbor (and childhood friend and classmate) Soushi's constant teasing also starts to go on her nerves, even though in the end he's only concerned about her.

    Life changes when Riiko finds a cell phone in the park and the owner calls her on it and asks her to return it to him. He turns out to be a young salesman with a strange fashion sense. As thanks for returning her phone he asks her what Riiko wishes for. She replies: "A boyfriend!" The salesman called Gaku Namikiri only smiles and gives her the address to a secret website.
    In the evening Riiko takes a look at that website and ends up in a place called "Lovers Shop". She clicks on "Nightly" and a picture of a gorgeous young man shows up. Best thing is that you can try him out for three days. Against better judgment Riiko orders him.

    The next day a huge box is delivered to her apartment and out of it falls the young man she ordered the night before... naked. After finding the instructions she awakens him with a kiss. He smiles at her and says: "Hello, girlfriend!"

    Mangaka: Yuu Watase

    Zettai Kareshi Volum 1
    Zettai Kareshi Volum 2
    Zettai Kareshi Volum 3
    Zettai Kareshi Volum 4
    Zettai Kareshi Volum 5<-- missing chp 27 it hasen't been translated 4 some reason
    Zettai Kareshi Volum 6


  • greengreen

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • wow thanks a lot we always thanks person who give us new manga, thanks

  • newbie_8x

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  • wow thanks a lot we always thanks person who give us new manga, thanks

  • Akane

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • Thanks for sharing

  • Lucie90

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • wow, the story sounds fun, i wish there is some service like that in real life, then i could just order one, it would be so easier to live

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