Milk Crown [Complete]

  • hanvo

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước

  • genre: romance
    readership: shoujo

    Tachibana Oto is a 15 year old orphan from Tachibana House. Deciding to pay her school fees on her own, she gets a part-time job as a live-in helper for one of the school dorms, special Z-class first year student dormitory: Ryu-Gu. However, Z-class isn't called "special" for no reason. As a gathering of the best individuals in various fields, Z class is also rumoured to be a gathering of the oddest of individuals. And for this very reason, being treated like a normal person and having normal friends is that much more important...

    (summary from


    holla back if you're getting them

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  • hanvo

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • this is my list of shoujo mangas that i have
    if you want any of them just reply here i will upload it for you

    aishiteruze baby
    Akuma de Souro
    boys kingdom
    Hana Kimi
    Get Chu
    Koigokoro Fantasia
    Mucha Kucha Daisuki
    my boy x my love
    natsu no yume
    Paradise Kiss
    seishun shiteru kai
    tsuki no toki

    B.O.D.Y (vol1 - vo2ch1)
    Beniiro_Hero/Crimson Hero (vol1 - vol4ch1)
    BXB_Brothers (vol1 - vol7ch4)
    DN angel (ch1-ch30)
    goong (vol1 - vol7ch6)
    hot gimmick (ch1-ch41)
    i wish (vol1-vol3ch8)
    kare_first_love (vol1-vol5ch28)
    koukou debut (vol1 - vol3ch4)
    love celeb (vol1-vol2ch3)
    Love_Monster (vol1 - vol7ch2)
    naruto (ch1-ch283)
    Parfait_tic (vol1 - vol13ch3)
    platinum garden (vol1-vol4ch2)
    Saboten_no_Himitsu (vol1 - vol3ch5)
    Tsuki_no_Shippo (vol1-vol3ch2)
    You're So Cool (vol1-vol4ch1)

  • tka

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • wow never heard of this anime

  • hanvo

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • the art is cute
    there are milkcrown, milkcrown H and milkcrown lovers
    i will upload milkcrown H and milkcrown lovers later

  • minime

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • u have a nice list there but most of it i read already pretty good, for as milk crown nice manga to read definitely for those who love shoujo you might want to read it the other milkcrowns as well

  • unknown33333

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • truyện này hay không dzậy bạn?

  • tieu nhi

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • wow you guys own a lot of manga huh..impressive..

  • hellangel

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • wow... that's a lot of manga you've got there . ;) Thanks for sharing... I really like it. Hope you will keep the rate! :)

  • mydreammeteor

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • nhiều chuyện tranh quá ha thanks Laugh of loud

  • vungcattrang

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • hanvo do you have the complete volume of milk crown lovers?
    i have read only the first few chapters, i love the whole series (so funny and cute)

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