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  • The story begins when 17 year old Kayano finally plucks up the courage to confess to her crush, and instead ends up giving her love letter to Takeru, the son of the school principal and leader of the school delinquents. Takeru immediately seizes the opportunity to blackmail Kayano into being his personal slave, and her situation worsens when Kayano finds out that her mom and Takeru's dad are engaged! By now Kayano should have been dreading the day when they would have to live under the same roof, but it didn't take long for her to start suspecting that Takeru wasn't as bad as she thought he was...
    (summary from http://akuma.lucciora.net/)

    volume 1

    the drama devil beside you is based on this manga
    hân upload volume 1 lên trước nếu nhiều người ũng hộ thì hân upload the rest of it

  • hongan

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  • isn't this based on taiwan drama" devil beside you" ? if yes then this is must watch. thank you

  • buddyee

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  • hongan wrote:isn't this based on taiwan drama" devil beside you" ? if yes then this is must watch. thank you

    It's true if you can say 2005 is before 2002 (Just kidding). Akuma de Sourou(Devil does exists) was first published in Japan from 1/1999 to 8/2002. The Taiwanese drama with a slight different name, Devil Beside You, was aired on TV in since 6/2005. Since I read the manga long before the drama was made, my impression about the drama is that although it's pretty amazing for a Taiwanese series, it still can't come up to the same level of the manga.

  • Lucie90

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  • buddyee, u r awesome ? just how many manga have u read ? cool, seem like u know every manga , how do u do that ? anyway, i read this manga , and buddyee know any other manga from this author ? i think im reading one, its seem good, but im not sure , i have to check agaịn

  • Lucie90

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  • in america, they translated akuma de soro to "devil does exist " , and frigging slow , i hate to wait like this , way too slow.

  • buddyee

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  • It should be more than 200. Currently around that 150 series is still left in my computer. I mostly read manga through scanlation, the rest were book when I was still in VN. I have read many titles of shoujo and shounen from neutral to extreme(hardcore). That's why if a series is just a little famous, i'll know.
    Crimson Hero by the same author as Akuma De Sorou was licensed by Viz in US. I didn't have a chance to read so I'm not sure. But I suppose it should be good since Viz chose it.
    Because you seem to like shoujo, I can recommend some rather unique manga in some aspects.
    Miyuki (I have a weakness for Mitsura Adachi's manga. His main characters are normal persons with normal person's flaws. But those makes them more perfect than abnormally perfect characters in most shoujo manga. He's quite famous for never reusing a same plot and infamous for same looks of characters)
    Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (KareKano or His and Her Circumstances)
    Fullmoon wo Sagashite
    Love Allergy
    Mekakushi no Kuni (Invisible World)
    Akuma Na Eros (by Shinjo Mayu but she stopped it at the right time instead of dragging on)
    Darling wa Namamono ni tsuki (a friend once told me it should be for 18+ readers but i think 16+ is acceptable)
    Toriko Aigan Shoujo and Kindan (by Osakebe Mashin. These manga have a big warning. I think at least 6 of 10 will turn down because of the plot)
    Narration in Seventeen (very hard to understand)
    Lovely Complex
    Kimi Kara No Resume (about OL = Office Lady, the only manga i found about this theme)
    Tokyo Crazy Paradise & Skip Beat (I like the author's sense of humour)
    W-Juliet (Makoto always does the right thing at the right time but it seems more acceptable than many extremely suspicious coicidence in many manga)
    Short stories by Kayono (her arts is one of the most beautiful, on the same level as CLAMP but neater. Most of her works are short stories so you don't have to worry about draggin)

  • greengreen

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  • wow this picture looks so cool

  • Lucie90

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  • wow, well, i know couples of them that u mention, buddyee, because they have the same name here,usa, but most of them i dont know the tittle but i think read them .
    i like Mitsura too, because of his dwrawing, its soft and lively, somehow close to real life, but still have the cuteness of manga . and his stories alway make my heart ache . he is one of master of all time

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