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  • I have a project to work on. its about Lý Nam Đế . but i dont have any information about him . could someone help me . Pleaseeeeeeee .

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  • Ly Nam De (Ly, The Southern Emperor) was originally Ly Bi or Ly Bon (October 17, 503 - April 13, 548) is debateably considered the "first" emperor of Vietnam and the founder of the Early Ly Dynasty (544 - 603) and ruled from Feb. 544 - Feb. 548. Of ethnic Han Chinese ancestry, he was a regional magistrate of Jiaozhou (Giau Chau/modern-day Northern Vietnam). In 541, during this time China was under constant civil warfare following the Northern and Southern Dynasty Period. He became increasingly frustrated with the corruption in the government and hostility toward the local population. Upon resignation of his post he gathered the local nobility and tribes within the Red River Valley (North Vietnam) mobilized the imperial troops and naval fleet of Jiaozhou and successfully expelled the Chinese (Liang Dynasty) administration and led the insurrection that ended in 543. The following year in February 544, Ly Bi was declared "Emperor" by the Viet (Yueh) people with the intention of demonstrating equal in power to the Chinese emperial rulers. He renamed the empire "Van Xuan" (Land of Ten Thousand Springs). His imperial armies also repelled attacks from Champa in the south who had allied with Chinese at the time.

    Ly Nam De established his capital at Long Bien (modern-day Hanoi), surrounded himself with effective leadership in military and administrative scholars. Ly Nam De was also strongly supported by excellent military generals such as Pham Tu, Trieu Tuc, Tinh Thieu, and Trieu Quang Phuc, (son of Trieu Tuc, later as Trieu Viet Vuong). This latter will be a real, true hero in Vietnam's history and who will eventually succeed to Ly Nam De as ruler in 548. Ly Nam De built many fortresses at strategic locations throughout Van Xuan to fend off potential threats from China in the north and from the Champa Kingdom in the south, he also established the first national university for mandarin scholars, implemented land reforms, and promoted literacy amongst the population. He laid the foundation for many reforms that modeled after the Chinese social structure.

    Stability of Van Xuan did not last long and in October 544, the Liang Dynasty retaliated against Van Xuan by sending 120,000 imperial troops to re-occupy the region. The Liang emperor sent one of his best general Chen Pa H'sien (Tran Ba Tien) and granted him command of the entire invading Chinese forces. By spring of 545, Chen had marched his army into Van Xuan territory and laid siege and devastation to many cities. His initial invasion was stalled by Ly imperial forces for months. However, in the winter of 545, Chen laid a surprised attack on the capital during the monsoon season. Ly Nam De's imperial forces were caught off guard and the imperial administration was forced abandoned Long Bien and flee westward into neighboring kingdom of Laos. The Ly imperial forces becoming weary and exhausted, Ly himself was increasingly ill due to months of being exposed in the wilderness. Ly Nam De realized that his illnesss would not enabled him to rally the troops and accomplish a successful resistance against the imperial Chinese forces. In February 548, he relinquished imperial authority and transferred his power to his older brother Ly Thien Bao (r. 548 - 555) and Trieu Quang Phuc (r. 548 - 571), his best lieutenant and general as his immediate successor and the most capable man in shaking off Van Xuan from Chinese imperial forces.

    By April 548, after suffered from serious diseases for months, Ly Nam De died in Laos while fighting the Chinese forces. His immediate successor Trieu Viet Vuong continued the resistance and eventually drove the Chinese colonialism from Van Xuan in 550. Although China had occupied Vietnam for approximately 1,000 years, Ly Nam De successfully established a local Viet dynasty that lasted approximately 60 years of independence in between those times.

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