Is Yawara shoujo or shounen?

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  • This manga is rather confusing to me in terms of its genre. Should it be categorized as shoujo or shounen?
    When I first read the manga and watched the anime, it felt like the target readers/viewers tend to be girls rather than boys, especially the anime version. The "rectangle" relationship between Yawara, Matsuda, Kazamatsuri and Sayaka also emphasized this. However, the arts is rather typical for shounen with tidy and plain drawing of characters. Yawara! was published in shounen mangazine Big Comics Spirits. And more important, the author, Urasawa Naoki, is a shounen author.
    Born in 2nd Jan. 1960, Osaka-Metropolis
    Graduate of Economy in Meisei University
    New Manga Artist Award of Shogakukan in 1982
    Début ; Return(1981)
    The 35th Shogakukan Manga Award in 1990(by Yawara!)
    The 3rd Tezuka Osamu Award in 1999 by Asahi Newspaper, Grand Prix(by Monster)
    Works list ; Master Keaton, Keaton's Zoology, The Dancing Policeman, Jigoro!, N.A.S.A., Pineapple Army(licensed in US), Yawara!, Happy!, Monster(licensed in US), The 20th century boys(licensed in US), Pluto
    He is one of the best mangaka in 1980s and 1990s, maybe 2000s as well. His story is quite balanced with a pretty deep plot. You can confirm it by Monster or The 20th Century Boys. Monster is the best thriller manga in 1990s and help brinng its author the Tezuka Osamu Award. Tezuka Osamu is most famous mangaka in Japan and rest of the world. He can be considered as the father of both modern manga and anime. The award bearing his name is one of the most prestigious manga award in Japan. Urasawa Naoki is also one of rare mangaka who tries to avoid the problem of similiar looks of different character.

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