I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

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  • Mời các bạn nghe England Dan và John Ford Coley qua sáng tác của nhạc sĩ Parker McGee. Đây là bài thành danh lớn nhất đầu tiên cho hai nhạc sĩ này, pk còn vài bài hát khác của họ nghe cũng mùi lắm nếu các bạn muốn nghe thì cho pk biết

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  • Pk quên không cho biết thêm 1 số thông tin rồi :)

    Đây là hai ca sỹ với bìa album có bài hát này:

    Sơ lược về John Ford Coley:

    Pop Grammy nominated John Ford Coley, part of the 70s/80s duo "England Dan and John Ford Coley", maintains a viable role in today's music as an exciting performing artist, musician and actor. A classically trained pianist and excellent guitar player, combined with five generations of Texas heritage, John sings and performs mainstream/country/folk hits that have allowed him to continue an active performance roster year-round.

    Best-known for his musical talents, John's well-known hits include: "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", "Part of Me, Part of You", "Gone Too Far", "We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again", "Come Back to Me", "What Can I Do With This Broken Heart", "Sad To Belong", "Westward Wind", and "Nights are Forever".

    John Ford Coley performs these songs and some of his newer material that create a fun and heartfelt performance the audience will remember for years to come.

    John has written music for television and films such as "The Spy Within". He's also written or performed songs for Dr. Pepper, Maxwell House Coffee (Japan), and provided theme songs for "James at 16" and "Just Tell Me You Love Me".

    When John isn't performing, he lives on a horse ranch with his wife and children. He's got four kids, two horses, a dog, three cats, and is surrounded by countless coyotes, hawks and rattlesnakes that keep him feeling close to his Texas roots.

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  • Thanks, nhờ quên mới kéo LH vào hùn dzốn được đó Giggling

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