Copy desktop qua Laptop

  • lord_asian

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • NMH, does your laptop ahve a wireless network card??? it would be much easier if it does...

  • betrai

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  • Hi, there are a couple ways. it đepens on what you mean by "copy desktop qua laptop". Below instructions are for copy data only - not for the entire hard drive which includes your OS which you may not want to copy over as it will be different between the desktop and laptop due to different hardwarẹ

    Option 1. the simplest way :
    - plug a usb drive to your desktop
    - create a directory
    - copy what you need from your desktop to the new directory on to the usb drive
    - disconnect the usb drive from your desktop
    - connect the usb drive to your laptop
    - do the reverse of the copy order above from the usb drive to the laptop
    - the above instructions will work either way

  • betrai

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Option 2. simple network - this instructions assume you have a basic networking knowledge - however, if you need step by step instructions - email to for further assistant. I don't mind.
    you will need :
    1 x 10/100 MB switch (faster than a 10MB hub and easier to use)
    2 x RJ45 network cable - just ask the shop and they will tell you exactly what type of cable - very simple
    Here are how it works
    1. Setup your desktop to a workgroup
    2. setup your laptop to a workgroup
    3. make sure the workgroup name are the same between desktop and laptop
    4. setup the TCPIP information on the laptop using any IP address. but they must be in the same IP range. for example: laptop set it to and the subnet is and the desktop set to and the subnet is Note that there is no need to use default gateway
    5. share your drive on the laptop which allow network user has full rights to your desktop drive and vice versa
    6. plug one cable between the desktop NIC to any port on the switch
    7. plug another cable between the laptop NIC to any port on the switch
    8. make sure everything turn on
    9. from the laptop, go to the command prompt and try to ping " the command is ping" ==> You need to see a reply successfully
    10. from the desktop, do the same thing. you need to ping successfully
    11.from the desktop ==> click on Start ==> Run ==> type in \ that you set up on step 5
    13. start copy
    14.from the laptop ==> click on Start ==> Run ==> type in \ that you set up on step 5
    15. start copy

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