Cure Anxiety and Panic attacks

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  • ations where you feel some anxiety and have it noticeably change your emotions. Sometimes it is hard to remember to do, but when you remember, you will find that slow talk will calm you down, help you remember, and there will always be something in your mind to talk about.
    7. Actually, those of us with SA have years of experience that we've never talked about or shared because we always felt we couldn't mingle. So, realistically, we have a LOT to say to others! Remember this is just small talk. You do not have to try to be interesting or funny. Just make little conversations.
    8. You CAN mingle just as well as anyone else. Turn the tables on the ANTs:
    For example, say to yourself: "You know, I used to think I couldn't mingle and talk with others very well. But now I'm realizing that I am better at this than I once thought..."
    9. Decide again that you will not be uncomfortable in this situation. There is no rational reason for you not to let yourself feel this way. Whether you're in a group or whether you're alone, you do not need to feel out of place. It is fine. It is OK. People are

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  • not focusing in on you anyway. So just take it easy. It's no big deal - go with the flow and relax.
    10. You can walk through the room and not talk to anyone. Try this. Why should you feel funny about it? Others do it all the time and don't think anything about it. Decide you're going to feel OK about doing this. There's nothing 'wrong' or weird about doing it. Everybody else does it, why can't you?
    11. Switch people or groups politely whenever you want. You are not "chained permanently" to the first person you talk to.
    12. Don't try hanging around a new person all evening. You'll probably both not like this. Move together into another group or split up.
    13. People who are conversing split up all the time. It is an accepted (almost "demanded") part of mingling. You talk with someone for a while, and then you move on. No big deal. You can say the same things to the next person. They haven't heard what you've said. Small talk is small talk. It is normal to say the same things to each person you talk to

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  • 14. You don't want to get stuck with the same person all evening. Move on. Go to the punch bowl if you don't see anyone you know. Drink, eat. Go to the restroom. Take a walk around the room or go outside. take it easy. It's NO BIG DEAL FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.
    15. No one is watching and judging your performance. They have better things to do than focus on you.
    16. Everyone is paying attention to themselves and their own conversations. They want to enjoy themselves and have a nice time. They are not focusing in on you.
    17. DECIDE AHEAD OF TIME that you're OK, no matter what you do or what happens.
    18. Your decision to mingle is a SUCCESS in and of itself. It needs no outside validation from anyone. You do not need to feel "great" afterwards. The victory and the movement against social anxiety was your DECISION to mingle - even if it is for a short period of time to start with. Your decision, and carrying out your decision, are what counts. When you made small talk with someone, you were

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  • wowo, too much things to read, make my eyes are getting tired Grin Laugh of loud

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  • to cure anxiety and panic attacks --> two drugs --> SSRIs and benzodiazepine...that's about it...honestly, máy cái mà linhlinh viếc o work for everyone, especially for severe anxiety and panic attacks

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  • toàn là bệnh nguy hiếm lắm

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  • decidedly moving away from social anxiety, no matter how you felt.
    19. By moving ahead like this, you gradually prove to yourself that you are a "success", defined in your own terms. There is no failure unless you give up and stay in that dark closet.
    The dark closet brings on more anxiety and fear. Moving forward - which is NO BIG DEAL - brightens the closet and scorches the ANTs who live there...
    Pay attention to the other person and what they are saying. (Focus your attention externally and ignore the internal ANTs thinking).
    As you listen to the other person, notice they are:
    Making a statement
    Expressing an opinion
    Telling a story (such as something that happened to them) or
    Talking about the future or future plans

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  • Respond to what they are saying by:
    Commenting on their statement
    Giving your opinion of what they were giving an opinion on
    Follow-up questions to statements and stories to clarify what they mean.
    Questioning their plans: what they are going to do, where they are going to go, what is going to be accomplished, etc.
    When you think you are stuck, ask a question of the other person. This will start them talking. Now, you can't keep doing this for hours, so listen to what they have to say (focus externally on them) so that you can make a comment or talk about something related in your own life.
    Feel free to change the subject when it appears it as run out. For example:
    "So, what do you think of..." or
    "I never thought it would stop raining last night..." or
    "I hope I studied enough for this test coming up..."

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  • To be a friend, you have to show interest in another person. The only way they know how to gauge that you are interested is by what you SAY (and in what tone of voice you say it). Friendships (or relationships) based on one-way communication do not work out.
    So, slow down, take that deep breath, focus externally on the other person and what they are saying, and then respond. Don't get into anxiety mode and do too much thinking. This is just a simple conversation, not a Hollywood debut. Your conversations do not have to be "right" or "perfect". Small talk is called small talk because it is small. It's no big deal.
    As you focus externally on the other person, your anxiety will decrease. (Remember that anxiety increases as we pay attention to it and think about it).
    If you learn to pay attention (externally) to the other person, and then just respond with a little thought (not by thinking too much - because overthinking and overanalyzing are killers), you will find all conversations are easier and will flow more naturally.

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