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  • n0nc0n

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • is it true when a gurl become friend with her ex, it means she doesnt have any feelings for him~~ and when a guy become friend with his ex, does that mean he is still interested in her?? Innocent

  • Lustify

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • That isn't always true, it could also work vice versa or not work at all. See, it all depends on the person and the type of personality they have- An outgoing would surely be friends with their ex no matter how difficult the breakup was, whereas, surely a selfish and arrogant would not want to be friends with an ex because they were humiliated about the break-up or such, so it really all depends. :) I think I didn't answer your question but I also think I đi, hopefully that helped.

  • Sw3et2DaMaxs

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • it not true at all NONCON

    if you can still be friend after a break up, then it really nice, that show your sense of maturity, that you aacept the decision.

    like LUSTIFIEd have say it can go both way. Of course went you have date and then come back to be friend, they have to be memories here n there that flash back once in ahwile in your head, but all it just memories and i hope that is all it is. alot of gf got jelous of they bf bcuz of this i think so yeah they only one thing i wanna sạy
    if you love that person then trust, no point of dating them if u scare they gonna cheat on you, bcuz if they đecie to cheat on u they no way on the world u could of help ịt it mean to be then it mean to be Rolleyes

  • luv_yall

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • uhm well ok i may can answer that.... I just broke up with my ex. it đínt work out so welll but i đi want to be his friend... Still i dónt have any feeling for him when i want to be someone friend that usuallly mean i dónt have feeling for them at all, that just how im. And a boy i cánt help u there Giggling To tell the truth if u agree to be someone friend DON"T FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM.... Cuz it gonna hurt your friendship badly I CAN TELL U THAT.. CUZ I KNOW! I been through that and it totoally sucks! When u break one of the person u care about heart and knowing that u may lose him forever.. Just an advice dónt care who that boy is JUST DON"T BE HIS FRIEND IF U COULDN't make up your MIND if u would like him one day or not. And really usually when a girl being near a guy it usually mean that one day they'll end up liking each other.. So dont be firend if u know u will like someone anyway. Usually that mean u gonna grow a speacial relationship with him if u a friend.. and if one day u being gf and bf and break up (hope it wouldn't happen, but that how life goes) it totoally gonna hurt both of u. So just be careful U may think the word love is painful but the word friend not any less painful- Grin er Rolleyes So just be careful Grin

  • na_12t

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • hum if u put it that way of course the word friendship gonna be painful.. But wow i dónt think it that bad.. Even if u fall in love with your friend that ok cuz i đi it too. well the only things it u should try to don't take to a fall out level.. When u in friendship with someone u should try to take things slowly with them i guess that what i'm trying to say. Even if finally u guy broke up tháts gonna be ok too.. well for people my age even if u break up u still can be friend that not really a bog problem but i dónt know what u growing gonna think but that how i think Grin Innocent

  • MoOnLiT_T3aRz

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • not necessary true becuase me and my bf had broken up and we're still friends.........sometimes yeah it's weird before now y'all can't talk like how you used to before......but at the same time it's gơod becuase there will always be someone who's there for you when you're sad, and ex bf sometimes can be one of your bestfriend since they knows lot about you..........

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