Be with You - Enrique Iglesias

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  • Do you remember? When we used to hop from one nightclub to another with our friends and danced the night away to the beat of “Be with you”. This song brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it. I can still see your every move with the music under pulsating flashing lights and how happy we were then. Oh those were the days, and thanks for the wonderful memories…..

    Be With You - Enrique Iglesias

    Monday night I feel so low
    Count the hours they go so slow
    I know the sound of your voice
    Can save my soul
    City lights, streets of gold
    Look out my window to the world below
    Moves so fast and it feel so cold
    And I'm all alone

    Don't let me die
    I'm losing my mind
    Baby just give me a sign

    And now that you're gone
    I just wanna be with you
    And I can't go on
    I wanna be with you
    Wanna be with you

    I can't sleep and I'm up all night
    Through these tears I try to smile
    I know the touch of your hand
    Can save my life

    Don't let me down
    Come to me now
    I got to be with you some how

    Repeat Chorus

    And now that you're gone
    Who am I without you now
    I can't go on
    I just wanna be with you

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  • Enrique Iglesias

    At the dawn of the new millennium, Enrique Iglesias was the best-selling Latin recording artist in the world. The son of multimillion-selling singer Julio Iglesias, Enrique was born in Madrid, Spain, where he lived with his mother, his brother Julio, and his sister Chabeli. In 1982, his mother sent them to live in Miami with their father. While there, Enrique was exposed to three different cultures and musical influences -- Hispanic, European, and American.
    Iglesias' own career started when he was still attending Gulliver Private School, a very prestigious school in Miami. He made his singing debut in a production of Hello, Dolly, after which he began practicing his singing without his parents knowing. After a year studying business at the University of Miami, he decided to follow his passion for music. In 1995, he sang in person for his soon-to-be manager, who at Iglesias' insistence of not wanting to use his family name, first shopped his demos as an unknown Central American singer named Enrique Martinez. It wasn't until he earned a record deal with Fonovisa that Enrique told his father and mother of his aspirations. Then he flew to Toronto where no one knew him and he could concentrate just on music, to record for five months.

    That first album, Enrique Iglesias (1996), sold more than a million copies in three months (it earned him his first gold record in Portugal in a mere seven days) and to date has sold more than six million worldwide. The second album, Vivir (1997), enjoyed global sales of more than five million discs and launched his first world tour, backed by sidemen for Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel. In a mere three years, Iglesias had sold more than 17 million Spanish-language albums, more than anyone else during that period. (The U.S. was his biggest market.) He also won the 1996 Grammy for Best Latin Performer, 1996's Billboard Artist of the Year, Billboard's Album of the Year for Vivir, two American Music Awards, a World Music Award, eight Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, two ACE Performer of the Year Awards, and ASCAP prizes for Best Composer of 1996 and 1997, in addition to countless accolades around the world.

    With 1998's Cosas del Amor, Iglesias moved to more mature content; his earlier material had been written when he was 17 years old. Then came Enrique, Enrique Iglesias' first Interscope album and first in English, which achieved gold or platinum status in 32 countries and brought his global album sales to a total of more than 23 million. In 2001 he released the follow-up, Escape. Iglesias alternated Spanish- and English-language albums during the next two years, first offering the ballad collection Quizás in 2002, then the mainstream English record Seven in 2003. ~ Ed Nimmervoll, All Music Guide

    Written by Ed Nimmervoll

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  • Yes I love Those Were The Days, too :)
    Thích nhỉ ... LH chỉ bít nhảy cò cò thôi Giggling

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  • Hi LH, hi hi nhảy cò cò được liệt vào category Salsa á, mà salsa thì hot lím đó Laugh of loud :)

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  • Salsa = sauce thì fải hot mí ngon muh Giggling
    Điệu nhảy Latin nì LH có coi trong film nào quên rồi :)

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  • i like the lyrics of the song

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