Myspace! If you have one BE CAREFUL

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  • Female. 13 years old. From Redding, CT, United States. Currently a student at John Read Middle School. She’s 5’2”. White. Slim/slender build. Single, and “here for friends, dating, and networking.”

    She is one of 56 million users. has been in the news recently, prompting local and area officials to get together and discuss ways to address problems that could arise from area youth using this and similar sites.

    This site, like may others, is a popular social networking site, offering an interactive network of photos, blogs, user profiles, groups and an internal e-mail system.

    As of February, ranked fifth most popular English language Web site, surpassing other social sites like Friendster and LiveJournal.

    “It is a sexual predator’s dream and a parent’s worst nightmare,” said Connecticut’s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, referring to

    Mr. Blumenthal, First Selectman Natalie Ketcham, Police Chief Douglas Fuchs and Diane Martin, John Read Middle School principal, and elected officials, educators and police from Weston, Darien, New Canaan and Westport met recently to talk about Web sites such as The meeting, organized by Weston First Selectman Woody Bliss, also explored possible ways to pro-actively combat the growing problem of potential and actual sex crimes being perpetrated on area youth.

    What it is

    Each user has a profile that contains two standard sections; “About me” and “Who I’d like to meet.” Profiles may also contain sections about standard interests, such as music, television, books, and movies, as well as specific personal details, such as marital status, physical appearance, and income. Profiles may also contain a blog. A part of customizing one’s Myspace is uploading images onto the site, with the option of setting one as the default “profile image.”

    There is also a count of the friends the user has, with a link to view all of the user’s friends. Below this is the “comments” section, wherein the user’s friends may leave comments about the user for all viewers to read.

    “The appearance of Web sites like are very disturbing,” said Ms. Ketcham. “It’s a clear threat to the young people using the Internet. They are not necessarily cognizant of the dangers with respect to the Internet, and the information they sometimes give,” she said.

    “The safety of our young people is a paramount concern, and it’s being jeopardized by the content of sites like”

    Mr. Blumenthal has launched an investigation into As many as seven sexual assaults in Middletown are believed to have been precipitated by online encounters through, and Mr. Blumenthal has received numerous complaints from parents with regard to the site. He told the audience last Thursday that the CEO of had met with him and has asked to work with his office.

    Mr. Blumenthal’s goal is to improve safeguards for the members, develop age-verification strategies and eliminate the “swingers” category and links to sites Mr. Blumenthal described as pornographic.

    “Hopefully, will adopt some fairly straightforward measures,” Mr. Blumenthal said. is a social networking site owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Inc. The company paid $580 million last July for the site. According to a Web measurement firm, Hitwise,’s network of sites ranks behind Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google.

    “This is clearly more than a regional issue. I’m glad the attorney general brought the powers of the state to bear on this issue. I think one method of improvement here is to have regulated. I think that can be accomplished by putting pressure to bear on advertisers on the site,” said Ms. Ketcham.

    She added, as each community works on addressing this issue, they will be able to benefit from one another’s success stories on what has worked.

    “Along with educating parents about the dangers of these sites, I think we also need to be speaking to the students so they will also realize what’s at stake here,” said Ms. Ketcham.

    What’s out there

    Weston Police Officer Matt Brodacki, who has a master’s degree in computer forensics, shared some of the photos and profiles, purportedly of Weston students, that he was able to access on the very morning of the meeting.

    Some of the photos could be described as anywhere from adventurous to provocative. In his research, Officer Brodacki found that 50% of Weston sixth graders had accounts.

    Officer Brodacki said in addition to falling prey to sexual predators through the use of Internet social networks, cyber-bullying and “e-slamming” — writing derogatory remarks about others via the Internet — are also problems kids are encountering online.

    “I think this is an issue that is a responsibility we (the police department), along with the school, are willing to undertake,” said Chief Fuchs. “We need to educated kids and parents on Internet safety.”

    Chief Fuchs added it becomes difficult because the parents don’t have the same knowledge base as the kids.

    “I strongly encourage parents to know what their kids are doing online and who they are chatting with.”

    Approximately a year and half ago, there was an sexual assault incident that involved a Redding teen and an adult from the Milford area, said Chief Fuchs. The teen and the adult connected in an online chat room, he said.

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  • if you know how to protect yourself then it should be alright.

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