I fell for this are you going to?

  • Miimii___

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • u know you live in 2006 when...

    1) you accidentally enter your password on a microwave

    2) you haven't played solitaire with real cards in years

    3) the real reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that
    they don't have a screen name

    4) you'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just
    pushing the power button on the tv.

    6) your boss doesnt even have the ability to do your job.

    7) you read this list & keep nodding and smiling

    8) as you read this list, you think about sending it to all your

    9) and.. you were to busy to notice number 5.

    10) you actually scrolled back up to check that there was no 5

    11) & now you're laughing at your stupidity

    12) repost if you fell for it. you know you did

  • ttkh

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • certainly some of the points up there got me, but some of them are not true Giggling

  • kimdung38

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • i did fall for it.....hahaha
    too busy nodding, i guess :)

  • murrnguyen

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • I do that thing with the remote all the time!hehe

  • embe

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • I already saw this like 7438934 times before so I dídn't fall for it. Laugh of loud

  • mung1tet

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • hehe, not bad, it's natural ppl'll fall for tis at 1st time. Nice trick Laugh of loud

  • embegai

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • haha i actually did not fall for this onẹ

  • awwuagain

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Haha, this is quite funny and true. U got me going good there for a while too.

  • herointheeast

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • wow lol nice i really fell for that

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