Hỏi về chế độ RAID

  • alfa_romeo

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  • Mình thấy nhiều loại mainboard quảng cáo có hỗ trợ RAID nên muốn hỏi chế độ RAID là gì?>Có tác dụng gì?>Mainboard Gigabyte 8IG-1000 có hỗ trợ RAID không?

  • cuulong2

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  • Raid is a short cho redundant array of independent disks. Nói cho van tat, day la cong cụ hardware dung de..put multiple hard drives together ( phai dung at least 2 o dia cúng, the same capacity and volume/speed).
    tren máy, khi set up RAID, thi chỉ thay 1 logical hard drives ma thoi.....
    RAID thi có nhieu levels lam: ...nhung day la 2 leves ma phO? bien nhat:
    Raid0: dung de....nhap it nhat 2 Hard drives lại voi nhau...íts kinda 2 in 1 , cho nen the speed/performance se duoc tang len nhieu....khi viet vo dia, thi file se bị cat doi...1 nua vo Hard drive 1, mot nua kia vo Hard drive 2.
    Raid 1: dung de ? " mirroring"...don gian la de? back up....viet vo mot dia HD, mot dia kia...thi cugn duoc viet vo....nhung la ban copy exactly...

    tháts basically what I know about RAID , neu co gi sai...xin cac bac chỉ dùm nhe

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  • RAID nhu da duoc giai thich, thuong thi de dung cho software chay nhanh hon va de back up data
    RAID 0 : No ređunancỵ neu co hai h d d thi no se la 2 h d d rieng biet - neu 1 cai die thi data cua cai hard drive no se mat luon
    RAID 1 : commonly known as Mirrorịng - Data cua hard drive 1 se duoc write to hard drive 2 at the same time . ie . hard drive 2 is the exact back up of hard drive 1. So, if hard drive 1 dies, you can swap the location of hard drive 2 to 1 and reboot the pc, your data will still there
    RAID 5. Need minimum of 3 hard drives - more for performance

    if you want to know more about your motherboard, go to here http://tw.giga-byte.com/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?Pr oductID=1758&ModelName=GA-8IG1000-G

    I can not see it mentions about supporting RAID


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