Những Trang Chuyện Nói Về Thế Giới Bên Kia--"Thiên Đàng Tầng 6 & 7 - The 6th & 7th Spheres"

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  • Có nhiều chuyện đã được viết và kể bởi những người đang ở thế giới bên kia, nói về những thế giới được coi như thiên đàng và có những thế giới coi như hỏa ngục. Được sống ở thế giới như thiên đàng hay như hỏa ngục đã được giải thích tuỳ theo tâm trạng đen hoạc sáng, hòa thuận hoạc không hòa thuận, ác độc hoạc hiền lành, tâm hồn được xây dựng bằng tình yêu thương hoạc thiếu tình yêu thương, v.v.

    Mình sẽ post dưới đây để chia sẻ và chúng ta cùng bàn luận để học hỏi.

    Nước trời được chia thành hai phần như Đức Giêsu đã gọi và được ghi chép trong kinh thánh là Kingdom of Man and the Kingdom of God. Phần thứ nhất, Kingdom of Man, có sáu tầng (or spheres) trong mỗi tầng còn có rất nhiều tầng phụ. Phần thứ nhì được gọi là Kingdom of God cũng được gọi là Celestial Spheres và mỗi Celestial Sphere cũng có rất nhiều tầng phụ.

    Bài này là của Ann Rollins bà nội của ông James Padgett đã trở về và viết bài qua ông cùng tả diễn những thế giới khác nhau như thế nào. Bài được viết trong thời gian từ 1914 đến 1923.

    Well my dear grandson, I am here and desire to write awhile tonight about some things that are true, and show you the workings of God's Love among men and spirits.

    I have had a great deal of experience, although I have not been in the spirit world a very long time - as we count time, which we do not; but I merely use the expression that you may understand what I mean.

    I am, as I told you, in the second Celestial Sphere, where your wife and mother also are. In this sphere, all the inhabitants are spirits who have been redeemed by the Divine Love and great mercy of the Father, and by the great gift of immortality which Jesus wrote you about the other night.

    I am now so developed in my soul qualities that I realize that I am a part of the Father's Divine nature, and that I have in me those qualities of His nature that make me immortal, and which immortality can never more be taken from me; and what I say applies to all the inhabitants of this sphere.

    Of course, you will understand there is yet more Love which we may obtain, because our progress in the Divine Love never ceases, until we get into the very presence of the Father, and are able to see Him with our soul perceptions.

    This phase you cannot possibly understand, as you are now, but when you come to the place where I am, you will; and it is even possible for you, in a way, to comprehend it while in the mortal life, but not to the extent that you will when you become a spirit and live in this sphere. Your mother and wife now have this quality of soul perception, but even among us there is a difference of comprehension of this, and I am told that as I progress higher and receive more of this Love, this soul perception will become clearer and more satisfactory to me. So when you hear us say we are redeemed and have as our possession a part of the Divine Essence of the Father, you must understand that it is a comparative thing, and that we are not perfect - even the Master is not perfect, as God is perfect, so he tells us. But he is progressing in the acquisition of this Love and in the increased power of this soul perception.

    Until we reach the first Celestial Spheres, we have not a sufficient quantity of this Love to make us partakers of this Divine nature of the Father to the degree that all the natural loves are absorbed by the Divine Love; for all below that sphere have more or less of the mere natural love, which causes them to retain their worldly affections. I mean those things which tend to retard their progress. Of course our natural love for our relatives or friends does not leave us even after we reach the Celestial Spheres, but when we become inhabitants of these spheres, we have no interest in the affairs of earth or its government.

    The seventh sphere is the one that divides those spirits who have merely intellectual or moral qualities which are developed, as it were, to the highest degree, from those spirits who, in addition to mental and moral development, have their souls developed by the Divine Love of the Father. No spirit who has not this Love can become an inhabitant of the seventh sphere, so that when you hear of any of your spirit friends or acquaintances, or of any other spirits, being in the seventh sphere, you will know that these spirits have received the Divine Love to an extent a little short of that which enables them to enter the first Celestial Sphere and which makes them at-one with the Father, and hence immortal.

    The sixth sphere is one where the mental and moral qualities are developed to their greatest extent, and it is not necessary for the spirit to have this soul development to any great extent in order to become an inhabitant of this sphere. In other words, it is a sphere which is given more especially to those spirits who have given more thought to the improvement of their minds and their moral qualities than to the development of their souls by obtaining the Divine Love of the Father. This sphere is one of great happiness for these spirits of mental and moral excellence, and it is the highest that they can attain to in their progression in the spirit world.

    Of course, these spirits may also receive this greater soul development, for the Divine Love is free and waiting for all of God's children; but my observation has been that when the spirits who find their happiness in purely mental pursuits or in the development of their moral natures, get into this sphere, they seldom become dissatisfied enough with their condition of happiness to desire or seek for a greater one; in fact, the majority of them will not believe that there is any greater happiness that they can attain to, and, hence, the deadening satisfaction which possesses them. I know it may be a little difficult for you to understand this matter as I have attempted to explain it, but what I have said is true; and in the day of separation these spirits will realize that fact, but then it will be too late to remedy their neglect or want of the soul desire for the soul development, that comes only by the inflowing of the Divine Love into the soul in sufficient abundance, and which is necessary to permit them to become inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom.

    Well, when a spirit enters the spirit world its condition of mental, moral or spiritual development determines where it shall first live. In the large majority of cases, the first home of the spirit is the earth plane, and in that there are a number of planes, respectively higher or lower than others. So when the spirit finds itself in the earth plane, it also finds that its condition is not much different from what it was on earth. The same ideas of right and wrong, of beliefs, of affections and of desires obtain.

    Sometimes these conditions will last for many years, and again the change can come comparatively soon. This change of condition depends frequently upon the friends or relatives, who try to help and instruct them when they come over.

    If such spirit helpers are themselves developed in the line of intellectual pursuits, they will more naturally endeavor to direct the newly arrived spirit along the same line of thought and aspirations; and so with the morally developed helpers - they will make the questions of morality the important ones for the new spirits to give attention to. And so with the spiritual helpers, or those who have received the Love of the Father in their souls, and to whom such Love is the most important thing in all the spirit world. Naturally they will endeavor to instruct the spirit in matters pertaining to this Love and the increased development of it. So you see, much depends upon the helpers which the new spirit finds waiting its advent into the spirit world, and the instructions which such spirit helpers give it. But more will depend upon the condition of the spirit itself. As I have said, when it comes into the spirit world it brings with it all its beliefs, desires and affections, and these respective qualities will, to a more or less extent, influence the directions of its progress. It is much easier to influence a spirit who has had, while on earth, awakened in him a love of God even to a small degree, to pursue the thoughts that will lead him into spiritual ways, than to persuade one who has never had that awakening. And so with the spirit who, while on earth, gave his studies and thoughts to mental pursuits, to the exclusion of thoughts relating to God or to religious matters. Such spirits will naturally be attracted to those things which it considers a continuation of its earthly thoughts, or which will enable it to pursue the development of those thoughts; and consequently, they are its "treasures" which necessarily have the most of its affections, and from these affections will arise its desires which will, unless something greater intervenes, cause it to follow the course of these desires. And the same principles can be applied to every condition of the spirit - mental, moral or spiritual.

    Now, to the point of your question.

    Such spirit, following the natural inclination of its condition as I have explained, will endeavor in its progress, to get into that sphere where there are afforded the greatest opportunities for the development of the particular phase of its condition which constitutes its chief motive force. And this is in accordance with a spiritual law.

    The spirit desiring above all else the development of its mental qualities will naturally seek that sphere where these qualities have the greatest opportunity for such development. And so with the moralist and the spirit of religious thought.

    Now, God, in His great wisdom and goodness, has provided these several spheres and made them suited for the purposes of their creation; and all the spirits have the choice as to which they will enter and seek to live in. But, of course, not only one sphere of its kind is provided, but there are several so provided, so that there may be progression on the part of spirits who have these several phases of desires and attractions.

    The second, the fourth and the sixth spheres are appropriated for those spirits who have more of the qualifications and desires for advancement in their mental and moral pursuits, or rather for the development of those qualities possessed by them which pertain more to the mental and moral natures. Of course in their progress from the lowest to the respective higher spheres that I have mentioned, the spirit must pass through the intervening spheres; but they do not linger in them or seek to make them their homes, or stay in them for their development, because in these intervening spheres the qualities which these spirits are attempting to develop, are not given much attention, and these spirits would not be much benefited by remaining in these spheres. But the fact of passing through these intervening spheres does not indicate (for the contrary is true) that these spirits in so passing, in any degree, receive any additional love or development of their soul qualities. So that a spirit in the third sphere, possessing the Divine Love, may have more soul development than one who lives in the sixth sphere who has not the Divine Love.

    And so in contrast to the second, fourth and sixth spheres, that I have named, the third, fifth and seventh spheres are the ones appropriated to and specially prepared for the spirits who are seeking the development of the Divine Love into their souls; and in these spheres, Divine Love is the great thing that is sought for and acquired. The spirits of these spheres may be just as highly developed in their mental and moral qualities as are those before described; and, frequently, they are more so, for with the soul development in the Divine Love, strange as it may seem to you, comes mental and moral development. But this development of the mind is not the chief thing for which these spirits seek. Every desire and aspiration with them is subordinated to their great efforts to obtain this Divine Love to the highest degree, and ever and ever are these spirits seeking for it, and they have never become satisfied, in contrast to those who merely seek the mental and natural love development. As I have said, beyond the sixth sphere, these merely mental or moral seekers cannot progress, unless they seek for the Divine Love, and in this sixth sphere the mind's happiness is reached. And the sixth sphere is a more prolific one of probation, in the sense that many of these spirits are awakened to the necessity of seeking this soul development, because after some of these spirits have been there for a long time, they commence to realize this limitation to their mental happiness. And, strange as it may seem to you, they frequently make their first start by calling up the recollections of their childhood days, when they were taught and believed that God loved them, and that His Love was the greatest thing in all the world. So you see here illustrated, in a way you probably never have thought of, the saying of Jesus that, "except ye become as little children ye can in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

    But many of these spirits have no childhood recollections of this kind, and then comes the work of the higher spirits who have been redeemed by this Great Love of the Father.

    In all this you will see how God recognizes and respects the independent will of His creature. He does not force them to seek His Love, but waits until they, by their own experience, learn that what they once thought was all sufficient for their happiness, is not sufficient; and realizing this insufficiency, they become dissatisfied, and with such dissatisfaction comes the wish to learn the great unknown of desire, which, at last, causes them to feel their dependence upon a source of happiness not emanating from themselves.

    And thus, my dear son, in my imperfect way, I have attempted to give you a description of the several spheres and their character and the object of their creation.

    You must believe what I have told you, for it is true; and in believing you will see the great advantage in striving to enter the spheres of the soul or the Divine Heavens; for in doing so, you will not only gain your soul's development but also the development of your mental qualities and your moral nature also.

    And thus you will understand the great saying of the Bible: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."

    Well, I have written you a long letter and must stop. So with all the love of a devoted grandmother, I will say, good night.

    Ann Rollins

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  • Không phải là mình ko biết tiếng Anh, nhưng lười đọc quá, bạn vui lòng translate dùm, thanks

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  • Mình cũng rất muốn dịch sang việt ngữ nhưng sự thật mà nói, thì mình cảm thấy chưa đủ khả năng để dịch để các bạn đọc cho xuôi mà vẫn giữ được trọn ý nghĩa của bài đã được đăng. Hy vọng có bạn nào đó có khả năng hơn sẽ dịch sang anh ngữ dùm. Nên bạn chịu khó một chút đọc bằng anh ngữ tạm nhé.

    Dưới đây bài nói diễn về "địa ngục" viết vào ngày 5, tháng 1, năm 1916.

    I am a spirit who cannot tell you of the joys of heaven, but I can describe the horrors of hell, for just as these other spirits described to you their homes of beauty and happiness, I can describe my home of ugliness and torment. Do you wish me to do so?

    Well know then, that when I lived on earth I was a man of very considerable intellectual powers and acquirements and also of an intense animal nature, so much so, that it overcame my judgment and what moral qualities I had, and I became at last a slave to my appetites which were varied, especially my appetite for drink. I had many friends of position, social and otherwise, and I was considered a brilliant newspaper writer, and had access to the inner political circles that were then in control of the government.

    My weakness, or rather the effect of the strength of my animal nature, was known to many of my friends, and they, in many ways, tried to help me and rescue me from my evil and destructive course of living, and, at times, I would succeed in reforming my conduct; but, alas, not for any great length of time; when I would again relapse into my deplorable habits and become the controlled victim of my destroying appetites.

    Of course human friendship and sympathy had their limits, and finally my friends gave me up as lost and past redemption, and I surely and quickly sunk lower and lower in my moral condition, and at last, died a drunkard, unwept and unsung except for the evil that I had done. It was undoubtedly a relief to my friends and acquaintances when I passed over, and forever relieved them of the shadow of my presence and the ghost of what I had been.

    But such was my end, and when I came to the spirit world I found that I still was deserted by friends who had become spirits before me, except some who liked the flowing bowl as I did on earth, and who were inhabitants of the unattractive place that I found myself in when my habitation became fixed.

    I never, when on earth, thought much of the future life, except to convince myself that there was no hell, and if there was a God He was not bothered about me, a mere man of many millions.

    But oh, the fatal mistake; and the unexpected realization of the fact that there is a hell! Whether there is a God I don't know, for I have never seen him or felt his influence. But since I came to you tonight, and heard the messages of those two spirits who described their wonderful homes and their condition of happiness, and ascribed them all to the kindness and care of God, I have commenced to think that there may be a God, and that my mistake was greater than I have heretofore realized. But this is a digression from what I started out to write.

    That there is a hell, I know to my sorrow and sufferings, for I have been the occupant of one for oh these many years; and it is always the same place of horrors and darkness, except sometime it is lighted by the flame of lurid light that comes from the anger and sufferings of some unfortunate like myself.

    In this hell of mine, and there are many like it, instead of beautiful homes, as the other spirits described, we have dirty, rotten hovels all crooked and decayed, with all the foul smells of a charnel house ten times intensified, and instead of beautiful lawns and green meadows and leafy woods filled with musical birds making the echoes ring with their songs, we have barren wastes, and holes of darkness and gloom and the cries and cursings of spirits of damnation without hope; and instead of living, silvery waters we have stagnant pools filled with all kinds of repulsive reptiles and vermin, and smells of inexpressible, nauseating stinks.

    I tell you that these are all real, and not creatures of the imagination or the outflowing of bitter recollections. And as for love, it has never shown its humanizing face in all the years that I have been here - only cursings and hatred and bitter scathings and imprecations, and grinning spirits with their witchlike cacklings. No rest, no hope, no kind words or ministering hand to wipe away the scalding tears which so often flow in mighty volumes. No, hell is real and hell is here.

    We do not have any fire and brimstone, or grinning devils with pitch forks and hoofs and horns as the churches teach; but what is the need or necessity for such accompaniments? They would not add to the horrors or to our torments. I tell you my friend that I have faintly described our homes in these infernal regions and I cannot picture them as they are.

    But the horror and pity of it all is that hope does not come to us with one faint smile to encourage us that there may at some time be an ending to all these torments, and in our hopeless despair we realize that our doom is fixed for all eternity.

    As the rich man in hell said, if I could only send Lazarus to tell my poor, erring brothers on earth of what awaits them, how gladly I would do so and save their souls from the eternal torment.

    Well, I have written you a long letter and am tired, because it is the first time that I have attempted to write for many long years, and I find some difficulty in gathering my thoughts so as to be able to write in an intelligent and collected manner. So I must stop.

    Well, I will say that you are the best friend that I have had since I became an outcast while on earth, and that I will do whatever you may advise, but you must not expect me to have much hope, not doubting your desire to help me, but merely your ability.

    Well, I don't understand but I will trust you and will try to believe what you say, only don't create in me that of which I have been deprived of for so long - I mean hope - and have me disappointed. Well I have looked as you advised, and see some spirits who are so beautiful and so bright that I can scarcely look at them. Never before have I seen such spirits or imagined that such could exist. They must be gods, or why all the great happiness and beauty and love which they have. Tell me what does it all mean! Is it a star of hope that has come to me from afar, and bids me trust that these hells shall not be my home forever?

    Oh, tell me I pray you, are they the spirits of real mortals who lived and died as I did?

    Such love I have never seen; and they look at me with such encouragement and almost human eyes of love, and beckon me to come with them. I have asked if Mr. Riddle is there, and one spirit comes to me and says yes, and that he is glad to have me come with him, as he knew me on earth and is acquainted with my sad life. And now I remember him, for he was a friend who lived in the same city as I did.

    He says: "Come G - . and I will try to show you the way to light and relief from your sufferings". And I am going, and as I go a beautiful, glorious spirit comes to me and lays her hand on my head and says: "God bless you my brother and may His Divine mercy be yours"; and she tells me that they all love me and will help me.

    Oh, tell me what does it all mean! Am I dreaming? Are you real and are they real, or am I in one of the deliriums that I used to have on earth? Oh, so beautiful and heavenly. But they say no, that they are real spirits and once lived on earth, sinful mortals like myself.

    How can I ever thank you? I am overcome and cannot write more, but I will come again. So my dear friend good night, for I am going.

    G. H. B.

    My name is George H Butler. and I died in 1899

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  • nói thiệt nha , nhìn tiếng anh nhiều quá tư nhiên tui chóng mặt quá, lười đọc từng dòng quá


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  • Wow
    Thanks I ate every single word of your post. I am so scared to be condemned in hell

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  • Tuanhung: sorry nhé. Mình thường cũng rất lười đọc sách vở nhưng cũng phải cố gắng lắm, vả lại cũng là một phương cách trau dồi thêm anh ngữ mà :) Dịch đòi hỏi rất nhiều thì giờ nếu muốn dịch cho sát ý nghĩa của bài. Khi nào mình có thêm thì giờ thì sẽ cố gắng. Bạn có thể đọc từng đoạn một thôi nếu bài hơi dài. Chúng ta sẽ học được rất nhiều trong những bài này.

    Leminhduc: WOW, "ate every single word!" Glad you enjoyed and got something out of it. But the intention for posting is not to scare you or any readers, it is communicated information for us to consider and perhaps to learn from them. When we are open to "strange or unbelievable information", our mind will be opened for our other senses to feel and to hear and to see things that are not of this nature. We will learn how to develop and nurture these special senses that are already within everyone of us. And as we learn the truth about our true nature, we will know many truths of other natures and eventually no more fear nor misery. We will know what is true freedom.

    Dưới đây mình posts thêm bài của Judas viết năm 2001 với tựa đề, "Judas Death and Passing into Spirit World" Người nhận bài là H.R.

    Hello, my dear brother. Yesterday we could not meet, there was simply no opportunity. You need not worry about this, there was just no quiet moment.

    Today I would like to initiate a series of messages, which surely will interest you. We are going to make a journey together, a virtual journey, of course. And our point of departure is the Temple at Jerusalem.
    After my treason and Jesus’ arrest, the disciples almost panicked. You know the story of Peter’s denials, and well, it is understandable, they were scared to death.

    I felt dismayed. Jesus had allowed them to take him prisoner, I saw his battered body with my own eyes when Pilate presented him to the public after the lashing, and I just did not know any longer what to think or what that to do. I ran to the Temple, to speak with Joseph Cayaphas, but the guards would not even allow me to enter the court of the gentiles. I implored them, but it was in vain. I took the money out of the purse and threw it onto the marble floor, where the coins tinkled, bouncing and rolling. The guards only laughed, expressing their deep scorn.

    H.R.: Why did you accept the money?

    It was a symbolic price, the value of a slave, a ridiculous price for such an important man for the priests as Jesus was.

    I threw the money away. I ran out, without knowing what to do or where to go. My only friends, the apostles and disciples of the Master, they would certainly hate me, they would have never understood me, the Sadducee priests scorned me, what should I do? I headed for the valley of Hinnom, seeking a steep cliff, where I fastened the rope which I used as a sort of belt, the other end I put around my neck and jumped. But the rope slipped off the rock, and I fell into the abyss.

    I saw myself, or rather, my body, as it lay lifelessly on the rocky ground, with distorted members and broken and dislocated bones. I didn't feel pain, and I watched myself from outside. Somehow I had left my body.
    It was bright daylight, but everything seemed so dark, almost like at night. At the beginning I didn't notice this, but after some time, I realized that there were some spirits near me. They were kind, they smiled at me and they were so bright, and only then I became aware of the darkness, because they contrasted so much with our surroundings.

    I saw that I was naked, but they gave me clothes, the same kind of clothes that I used to wear, and I felt better. Finally they signaled me to accompany them, and I did so. They took me by my hand, and I felt as if something attracted me, like some kind of suction, and suddenly, in one single instant, I was at another place.

    It was like an enormous meadow, like on earth, of green grass and flowers. It was beautiful. There were some buildings, but I never entered them. The spirits who accompanied me told me that if I wished so, I could enter one of the houses and rest there, but I didn't feel tired. I rather stayed outside, observing my surroundings.

    There were literally thousands of spirits, newly arrived like me, and also some who already had spent some time in this place. There were many others who took care of them and attended the needs of those newly arrived ones, like the spirits at my side. They were all brighter and very kind.

    Well, the situation seemed so unreal that I didn't know what to do. I wanted to return to the place where my body was, and in the same instant I was already there. I saw the deformed corpse, but I felt totally out of place. This was not I, I had nothing to do any longer with that lifeless body, what did I do here? I felt desires to return to the beautiful meadow, and at once I returned. My companions were awaiting me. They smiled at me, calmed me, and we sat down. They explained to me that now a new stage in my life had begun, that I had to try to forget about earth and to adapt to my new situation.

    This was not so difficult a task, because I had always believed in life after death, but my suicide entailed negative effects. My rash action had not given me time to get ready, I had also wanted to escape from something, which was still present: My betrayal. This recollection had not faded, I still remembered it. But my companions never mentioned it. They never uttered a single word about that affair. So I calmed down a little.
    I cannot tell you how long I stayed at this place, because there were no changes of days and nights, there was no way how to measure time, but it seemed a long time to me.

    I also met some of my relatives, who had died some time ago. My parents and my brothers still lived on earth, because I had died at a relatively young age.

    The spirits who arrived were of all ages, babies, children, adolescents, adults, and old men, of all classes and races. It seems that the first part of my stay at this beautiful place of coming and going I had spent lost in my thoughts, without noticing what was going on, because suddenly I realized that the spirits who arrived had very different appearances. Some were beautiful, others quite ordinary, but some, I'd even say many, were ugly, very ugly, some even looked like monsters of ugliness. How strange, I thought, I had not realized that before.

    I began to study my hands, and they also looked ugly! Oh my! I could already feel something very serious. I asked my companions to bring me a mirror, and what I saw in the mirror, took away my breath! You know, H___, how I look like. I was not an outstanding beauty, but neither was I ugly. Ordinary, I would say, at least, I was happy with my appearance, but what I saw in the mirror – that was not I! It was an ugly face, not as monstrous as some of those faces I had seen, but ugly, really ugly. I think I lost my emotional balance. I wanted to leave, to escape running away... when one of my companions approached me and said: "You are right, it is time to go." And he took me by my hand and left with me.

    That place I have just described is an entrance place for those recently deceased. There they stay for some time, under the care of selected spirits, until they realize that they have really passed from earth life to spirit life. But what is more, in such places they become aware of their own condition; there they learn to see themselves as they really are. When this happens, they are ready to proceed to their destination, the place they are fit for according to their soul condition.

    There are people, who die in peace in a hospital, and they believe they wake up in another hospital, because they find themselves in a clean room, in a bed, but they are no longer in the hospital, they are already in the spirit world. The spirits try to make the passing over as soft and as non-traumatic as possible. And they are very skilful in their work. They give the first advice, they calm the newcomers, they never criticize, they always help. It is a place of temporary happiness, it is like the transit lounge of an airport. But finally, the moment comes when the spirits have to leave for the place which the Law of Attraction determines for them.

    I think it's enough for now. Write down what you have seen and what I have described you. Next time I will continue the story, and I will describe to you my first experiences, the second station of our trip.

    H.R.: Judas, before you leave, I want to ask you a question. You spoke of your appearance on earth, and in fact, the first times I saw you, I saw a young man, I don't know, twenty, twenty-five or perhaps even thirty years old, I am not good in guessing age. But now I see you like an older person, perhaps forty five or fifty years old, and your hair and your beard are already a little bit gray. What is happening?

    Yes, this is true. But my face is the same now, I mean, I have the same features, haven't I? What happens is that I wanted you to know me as I really was on earth. But I felt also that it would cause you problems to accept advice from a man younger than you. That is a very common human defect. Since we can present ourselves as we deem it opportune, you see me now older, a little older than you are, and you feel better this way.

    H.R.: Yes, this is true. But I have another question. You spoke of the darkness that you saw immediately after your death. Was that darkness the product of your soul condition?

    No. The reason is that I was then already a spirit without a physical body. The spiritual vision is not dependent on sunlight, but it is rather another form of "light," which determines the brightness of our environment or of our spirit bodies.

    H.R.: It is Divine Love.

    Yes and no, you cannot say this so simply. It is a little bit more complicated. I know that the Padgett messages state that it is Divine Love, and in some way it is so, but this is only part of the truth. I will dedicate a separate message to the subject of light in the spirit world. This message is already very long.

    It is time to say good-bye. A big hug, my dear brother, and may God bless you always.

    Your brother in the spirit,

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  • Bài đăng viết bởi Judas qua HR từ Ecuador ngày 6 tháng 9, năm 2001. Bài nói lên những cảm nghiệm về như thế nào là "địa ngục" của Judas sau khi qua đời.

    My dear H___, today really has been one of those days…! Yes, such are the difficulties to keep up your spirituality on earth. But you are better now, and we may proceed.

    H.R.: In the morning a neighbor visited me, who is a sports reporter for a local TV station. He had just returned from Colombia, from the soccer match Colombia versus Ecuador, of the preliminaries for the world championship Japan and Korea 2002. He was drunk, exceedingly “sweet”, making me the present of a bag of coffee candies, typical of Colombia. He had obviously spent the whole night celebrating the 0:0 result, because this result almost assured Ecuador’s qualification for the world championship. He insisted on taking a drink with me, and after two vodkas, he put a disc of old boleros, turned the volume up to maximum power and started to weep from emotion. Finally, near midday, his wife came and took him home. Calmness returned to my house, but my emotional balance had disappeared. I could contact Judas in the afternoon, but he told me that there was no use in trying to convey a message, and he was right. I felt that I was not in condition for it. Finally, at night I felt better.

    As you will remember, last time I told you how the spirit who accompanied me, informed me that the time had come for leaving this entrance place into the spirit world. I had come to understand perfectly well that I lived no longer on earth, I had even arrived at the knowledge, that my "physical" state, that is, the condition of my spiritual body, was horrible. It was ugly, and I felt very bad.

    The spirit took me by my hand and led me to a very different place, at the same speed as he had taken me from the place of my death to the spirit world. Now I want you to describe what you are seeing.

    H.R.: It seemed as if I was standing at the top of a mountain or hill. Below I could see a pretty valley, with forests, meadows, springs and streams. I heard birds singing, it was like a beautiful summer day. Suddenly, everything began to dry off. The green colors turned brown, the leaves fell off the trees, and after a short time, I saw a disastrous landscape. Everything was dry, the earth cracked, a few trunks like skeletons without life, the streams had disappeared, leaving behind only their stony beds. There was no sunshine anymore, everything seemed dark, like a winter dawn in the northern regions, but without snow, and the silence of death reigned.

    [b]What a contrast! Well, this is how the place looked like, where the spirit took me. There he left me, saying that I could find an abandoned house, and that there I would have to live, until I had the capacity to leave that place.

    You think that it was horrible, but I tell you frankly, I didn't find this so bad in the beginning. I met with many spirits in my own condition, I got used to the little light and the barren landscape, but eventually I almost despaired. The negativity, so much negativity in those spirits! I had always been a cheerful person, I liked to joke, to sing, to dance, but at this place, in this hell, there was no singing or dancing, neither laughter nor a single word of comfort. Everybody took care of his own business, there was not much communication, there was not much to do, nothing to read, nothing to write, only thinking. And there were no children.

    And my memories came, good and bad memories, but mainly the recollection of my betrayal of the Master and of my suicide. I don't know which one was worse.

    One day, one of my taciturn neighbors broke his silence and told me that Jesus had visited this place some short time ago. He had told them that there was hope for them, that they could leave this place, and that further on a better world was waiting for them. But very few paid attention to him.

    When I heard this, I really broke down. Maybe there was hope, yes, but not for me. I had caused Jesus' death, of that luminous spirit, as the neighbor described him to me. What could I do? Nothing but to be resigned.

    I also found out that there were better places, which it could visit, and I did so. I found places very similar to earth, with more light, much more light than where I lived, and the spirits were better, that is to say, they looked better, they treated me well in spite of my ugliness, but I simply didn't belong there, I had to return.

    As I visited these brighter places, we were visited by spirits from the lowest hells, but what a horror! They were disgusting! And with that I not only refer to their appearance, but to their way of being, with so much negativity, they were furious, wild, and we rejected them. They did not stay with us, but returned to their place, where they belonged.

    Some of my neighbors told me that they had lived in these deeper hells before, and that the place where we lived now, almost seemed like paradise to them, compared with that place. They described the constant aggressions, physical, verbal and mental, which these spirits suffered and inflicted, and that their world was even darker that ours, and that they often, almost like some kind of sport, tried to influence mortals, looking for people with certain inclinations and inciting them to commit atrocities.

    When they had incited some poor fellow, whom they had chosen, to violate a girl, they hollered at him: "Finish her off! She will denounce you!" And when the violator had murdered his victim, they went away screaming and screeching with pleasure. They also tried to satisfy their addictions, clinging to the mind of an alcoholic, of a sexual abuser, of any person with these inclinations, but the satisfaction that they took out of living this "second hand" remake of what the mortal experienced, was not true satisfaction. They pushed the mortal deeper and deeper into his vice, but they themselves, in turn, obtained little pleasure.

    It was a hideous image they painted, and although our small hell vibrated from negativity, it was even worse there, it was like a swamp of perversions. We were lucky being able to live here, they explained to me.

    Sometimes we received the visit of luminous spirits, but I avoided them and I hid. I didn't want to fall into worse depressions, seeing them so happy and joyful, while I am here in this horrible place.

    And nothing to do! Only thinking, digging in my memories. I went as far as to blame Jesus for my situation. Why had he not acted as I had foreseen it? Was this not his fault, why didn't he use his powers? But these thoughts didn't bring me relief either.

    One day I really got scared to death, when I saw Andrew, yes, the apostle Andrew, one of my old companions. I wanted to hide, but he spotted me. I expected a verbal attack, insults, but no, Andrew smiled at me, he took me by my hand and led me to a calm place, where he spoke to me. He spoke to me of Jesus, of our life together, of the beautiful moments we passed during our journeys through Palestine. He gave me much relief.

    Afterwards, Andrew often returned, and I waited full of longings for these moments of joy in my sad and negative world. He was so full of love, without reproach, that he made me feel well, very well, I could almost say happy. But on the other hand, my memories hurt more and more.

    One day, when Andrew was with me, I started to weep, without feeling ashamed and without holding back my emotions. Andrew calmed me. He told me that Jesus had forgiven me, already a long time ago, at the very moment of my betrayal, and that it was only my own negativity, which kept me prisoner at this horrible and hopeless place. He called my attention to the fact that many spirits arrived here from the deepest hells, and that many left daily. This place, he explained to me, was just a place of transition. And this was also valid for me. He told me how all my friends waited for me in the spheres of light, and that it only depended on me. Oh yes, he really gave me a lot of hope.

    The day had come, when I could get rid of the idea of blaming Jesus of everything, when I could see my guilt, and when I repented. It hurt tremendously, it broke my heart, and I wept for a long time. I isolated myself, I no longer wanted to meet my neighbors, and I spent my days in deep pain. It was then, when Andrew, during one of his many visits, drew my attention to the fact that I looked differently now. My God! I almost looked as I did then when on earth! Andrew explained to me, what you already know, that is, that my appearance was the reflection of my soul condition, and that my remorse had achieved a great change.

    “You don’t belong here anymore,” he said. “Come on, let’s move, something better is waiting for you!”

    And Andrew guided me to that zone, which I had visited earlier, an area of brighter light, somewhat resembling earth conditions, with grass, flowers, trees, simply full of life! Yes, it really looked like paradise! And its inhabitants prepared me a beautiful welcome. At last I had contact again with “human beings.” It is true, there was also some negativity, but not so much, and I felt strong positive vibrations, I felt joy, I heard laughter and singing, at last, I felt happy once again.

    Andrew explained to me that this area was called the twilight zone, or the zone of dawn, because, although it seemed to me then like the brightest of all lights, it was just a pale shadow of what was awaiting me ahead.

    This was my new home, I did not live any more in a shack made of crude stone, but in a real house, and I felt happiness and friendship.

    I couldn’t tell you how much time I had spent in hell. But it was a long time, where I could explore every corner of my recollections.

    That twilight zone, my dear brother, forms part of the earth planes. The great majority of spirits start there, their endless voyage through the spheres of the spirit world. It is perhaps the most populated place, a place of coming and going, and happy is he who from this place may initiate his progress, without having to first pass through the trauma of hell. It is the place where your brothers live now, and one of them is already preparing to leave it.

    We have arrived at a point in my experience, which is a good place to make a break. I have spoken much of light and darkness, without explaining really what that means. In my next message I will deal with this very important subject.

    I will leave you now and give you my blessings. I am happy that you need not pass through that place, where I have spent so much time in depression and despair. It is an experience I wouldn’t like anyone to have to go through, not to speak of what spirits live in the lower regions.

    You are sleepy. Sleep now, tomorrow you will write. Don’t worry, you won’t forget anything of what I have told you, and when you will write, I will be with you and help you.

    Your brother in Christ,

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  • Trong kinh thánh có câu: "Ye shall reap what ye sowed, hoạc trồng của nào thì sẽ hái của nấy." Có rất nhiều bài viết đã nói về thế giới bên kia có nhiều thế giới khác nhau, có nhiều tầng trời, có những tầng thiên đàng thật đẹp và cũng có những tầng thiên đàng xấu xí thê thảm của địa ngục.

    Con người khi chết thì sẽ phải đến một trong những nơi thiên đàng này. Vào nơi thiên đàng yên vui hạnh phúc hay ác độc thê lương sẽ được tuỳ vào mỗi tâm trạng của mỗi người, hoạc tâm hồn của mỗi người đã làm lành hay dữ khi sống ở thế gian này.

    Bài đăng dưới đây đã được trích từ một cuốn sách với tựa đề là, "Life in the World Unseen" by Anthony Borgia. Chủ bút là một vị linh mục mang chứ vị Đức cha khi còn sống ở trần thế vào thời gian 1909. Tên của ngài là Monsignor Robert Huge Benson.

    Tại sao ngài lại viết như những gì đã được in trong một cuốn sách nhỏ gồm 201 trang? Theo như mình đã tìm hiểu thì nếu một người làm những điều gì sai lầm và ảnh hưởng đến những người khác và nếu họ muốn tăng tiến lên tầng trời cao đẹp hơn, họ phải sửa chữa những gì lầm lỗi mà họ đã tạo ra. Chính vì điều này mà vị quá cố linh mục Benson đã tìm mọi cách để liên lạc được với người còn sống nơi trần thế để sửa đổi những sai lầm mà ngài đã dạy cho các anh chị em nơi trần thế.

    Danh từ "sensitive" dùng trong bài có nghĩa là người nhiều nhậy cảm với những gì của thế giới bên kia.

    Dưới đây mình sẽ đăng hai phần. Phần đầu gồm lời giới thiệu của ngài tả diễn về cuộc đời của ngài khi còn sống nơi trần thế. Phần hai gồm những cảm nhận của ngài khi đi thăm những tầng thiên đàng đã được coi như "địa ngục", The Lowest Realms.

    WHO I am really matters not. Who I was matters still less. We do not carry our earthly positions with us into the spirit world. My earthly importance I left behind me. My spiritual worth is what counts now, and that, my good friend, is far below what it should be and what it can be. Thus much as to who 1 am. As to who I was, I should like to give some details concerning my mental attitude prior to my passing here into the world of spirit.

    My earth life was not a hard one in the sense that I never underwent physical privations, but it was certainly a life of hard mental work. In my early years I was drawn towards the Church because the mysticism of the Church attracted my own mystical sense. The mysteries of religion, through their outward expression of lights and vestments and ceremonies, seemed to satisfy my spiritual appetite in a way that nothing else could. There was much, of course, that I did not understand, and since coming into spirit I have found that those things do not matter. They were religious problems raised by the rninds of men, and they have no significance whatever in the great scheme of life. But at the time, like so many others, I believed in a wholesale fashion, without a glimmering of understanding, or very little. I taught and preached according to the orthodox text-books, and so I established a reputation for myself. When I contemplated a future state of existence I thought—and that vaguely—of what the Church had taught me on the subject, which was infinitesimally small and most incorrect. I did not realize the closeness of the two worlds—ours and yours—although 1 had ample demonstration of it. What occult experiences I had were brought about, so I thought, by some extension of natural laws, and they were rather to be considered as incidental than of regular occurrence, given to the few rather than to the many.

    The fact that 1 was a priest did not preclude me from visitations of what the Church preferred to look upon as devils, although I never once, I must confess, saw anything remotely resembling what I could consider as such, I did not grasp the fact that I was what is called, on the earth-plane, a sensitive, a psychic—one gifted with the power of 'seeing', though in a limited degree.

    This incursion of a psychic faculty into my priestly life I found to be considerably disturbing since it conflicted with my orthodoxy. I sought advice in the matter from my colleagues, but they knew less than I knew, and they could only think of praying for me that these 'devils' might be removed from me. Their prayers availed me nothing—that was to be expected as I now see. Had my experiences been upon a high spiritual plane there is the chance that I should have been regarded in the light of a very holy man. But they were not so; they were just such experiences as occur to the ordinary earthly sensitive. As happening to a priest of the Holy Church they were looked upon as temptations of 'the devil'. As happenings to one of the laity they would have been regarded as dealings with 'the devil', or as some form of mental aberration.

    What my colleagues did not understand was that this power was a gift—a precious gift, as I understand now—and that it was personal to myself, as it is to all those who possess it, and to pray to have it removed is as senseless as to pray that one's ability to play the piano or paint a picture might be removed. It was not only senseless, it was unquestionably wrong, since such a gift of being able to see beyond the veil was given to be exercised for the good of mankind. I can at least rejoice that I never prayed for release from these powers. Pray t did, but for more light on the matter.

    The great barrier to any further investigation of these faculties was the Church's attitude towards them, which was— and is—unrelenting, unequivocal, narrow, and ignorant. However long were any investigations or in whatever direction, the Church's final judgment was always the same, and its pronouncements unvarying—'such things have their origin in the devil'. And I was bound by the laws of that Church, administering its sacraments and delivering its teachings, while the spirit world was knocking upon the door of my very existence, and trying to show me, for myself to see, what I had so often contemplated—our future life.

    Many of my experiences of psychic happenings I incorporated into my books, giving the narratives such a twist as would impart to them an orthodox religious flavor. The truth was there, but the meaning and purpose were distorted. In a larger work I felt that I had to uphold the Church against the assaults of those who believed in the spiritual survival of bodily death, and that it was possible for the spirit world to communicate with the earth world. And in that larger work I ascribed to 'the devil'— against my belter judgment—what I really knew to be nothing other than the working of natural laws, beyond and entirely independent of any orthodox religion, and certainly of no evil origin.

    To have followed my own inclinations would have entailed a complete upheaval in my life, a renunciation of orthodoxy, and most probably a great material sacrifice, since I had established a second reputation as a writer. What I had already written would then have become worthless in the eyes of my readers, and I should have been regarded as a heretic or a madman. The greatest opportunity of my earthly life I thus let pass. How great was that opportunity, and how great were my loss and regret, I knew when I had passed into this world whose inhabitants I had already seen so many times and on so many different occasions. The truth was within my grasp, and I let it fall. I adhered to the Church. Its teachings had obtained too great a hold upon me. I saw thousands believing as I did, and I took courage from that, as I could not think that they could all be wrong. I tried to separate my religious life from my psychic experiences, and to treat them as having no connection with one another. It was difficult, but I managed to steer a course that gave me the least mental disturbance, and so I continued to the end, when at last I stood upon the threshold of that world of which I had already had a glimpse. Of what befell me when 1 ceased to be an inhabitant of the earth and passed into the great spirit world, I hope now to give you some details.

    THERE is a very bright and beautiful sphere of the spirit world which has been given the picturesque and most apposite title of the 'Summerland'.

    The dark regions might almost be called the 'Winterland', but for the fact that the earthly winter possesses a grandeur all its own, while there is nothing but abomination about the lower realms of the spirit world.

    So far I have only touched briefly upon the dark realms, taking you just within the threshold, but in company with Edwin and Ruth, I have actually penetrated deeply into those regions. It is not a pleasant subject, but I have been advised that the facts should be given, not with the intention of frightening people— that is not the spirit world's methods or aims—but to show that such places exist solely by virtue of an inexorable law, the law of cause and effect, the spiritual reaping that succeeds the earthly sowing; to show that to escape moral justice upon the earth-plane is to find strict and unrelenting justice in the spirit world.

    As we proceed slowly from our own realm towards these dark lands, we shall find a gradual deterioration taking place in the countryside. The flowers become scanty and ill-nourished, giving the appearance of a struggle for existence. The grass is parched and yellow, until, with the last remnants of sickly flowers, it finally disappears altogether, to be superseded by barren rocks. The light steadily diminishes until we are in a grey land, and then comes the darkness—deep, black, impenetrable darkness; impenetrable, that is, to those who are spiritually blind. Visitors from a higher realm can see in this darkness without themselves being seen by the inhabitants, unless it becomes vitally necessary so to indicate their presence.

    Our visits have carried us to what we verily believe to be the lowest plane of human existence.
    We began the descent by passing through a belt of mist which we encountered as the ground became hard and barren. The light rapidly dwindled, dwellings were fewer and fewer, and there was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Great tracts of granite-like rocks stretched out before us, cold and forbidding, and the 'road' we followed was rough and precipitous. By now, darkness had enshrouded us, but we could still see all our surroundings perfectly clearly. It is rather a strange experience this, of being able to see in the dark, and when one first undergoes it there seems to be an air of unreality about it. But, indeed, it is real enough.

    As we climbed down through one of the numerous fissures in the rocks, I could see and feel the loathsome slime that covered the whole surface of them, a dirty green in color and evil smelling. There was, of course, no danger of our falling. That would be impossible for any dwellers in these realms.

    After we had journeyed downwards for what seemed to be a great distance—I should imagine it to have been of one mile of earthly measurement, at least—we found ourselves in a gigantic crater, many miles in circumference, whose sides, treacherous and menacing, towered above us.
    The whole of this area was interspersed with huge masses of rock, as though some enormous landslide or cataclysm had disrupted them from the upper rim of the crater and sent them hurtling down into the depths below, there to scatter themselves in every direction, forming natural caverns and tunnels.

    In our present position we were well above this sea of rocks, and we observed a dull cloud of poisonous vapor rising from it, as though a volcano were below and upon the point of erupting. Had we not been amply protected we should have found these fumes suffocating and deadly. As it was, they left us completely unharmed, although we could perceive with our intuitive faculties the degree of malignity of the whole place. Dimly, we could see through this miasma what might have been human beings, crawling like some foul beasts over the surface of the upper rocks. We could not think, Ruth and I, that they were human, but Edwin assured us that once they had walked upon the earth-plane as men, that they had eaten and slept, and breathed the earthly air, had mixed with other men on earth. But they lived a life of spiritual foulness. And in their death of the physical body
    they had gone to their true abode and their true estate in the spirit world.
    The rising vapor seemed to shroud them somewhat from our vision, and we descended until we were level with the tops of the rocks.

    As I had expressed my willingness to be taken by Edwin whithersoever he thought would best befit my purpose, and as I knew I should be able to withstand whatever sights I saw, we moved nearer to some of these creatures of hideousness. Ruth was accompanying us, and, needless to say, she would never have been permitted to enter these noxious realms had it not been known, without any shadow of doubt, that she was fully capable of the highest degree of self-possession and fortitude. Indeed, I not only marvelled at her composure, but I was profoundly thankful to have her by my side.

    We walked closer to one of the sub-human forms that lay sprawled upon the rocks. What remnant of clothing it wore might easily have been dispensed with, since it consisted of nothing but the filthiest rags, which hung together in some inconceivable way, leaving visible great gaps of lifeless-looking flesh. The limbs were so thinly covered with skin that one fully expected to see bare bones showing forth. The hands were shaped like the talons of some bird of prey, with the finger nails so grown as to have become veritable claws. The face upon this monster was barely human, so distorted was it, and malformed. The eyes were small and penetrating, but the mouth was huge and repulsive, with thick protruding lips set upon a prognathic jaw, and scarcely concealing the veriest fangs of teeth.

    We gazed earnestly and long at this sorry wreck of what was once a human form, and I wondered what earthly misdeeds had reduced it to this awful state of degeneration.
    Edwin, who was experienced in these sights, told us that in time we should gain certain knowledge in our work, which would enable us to read from the faces and forms of these creatures what it was that had reduced them to their present state. There would be no need to accost them to find out at least some of their life's story, for there it was written for the experienced to read. Their very appearance, too, would be a safe guide as to whether they needed help, or whether they were still content to abide in their sunken state.

    The object that was now before us, said Edwin, would warrant little sympathy as he was, because he was still steeped in his iniquity, and was obviously showing not the least sign of regret for his loathsome earthly life. He was dazed at his loss of physical energy, and puzzled in his mind to know what had befallen him. His face showed that, given the opportunity, he would continue his base practices with every ounce of power that remained to him.

    That he had been several hundred years in the spirit world could be seen by the few tattered remnants of his garb, which bespoke a former age, and he had spent the greater part of his earth life inflicting mental and physical tortures upon those who had the misfortune to come into his evil clutches. Every crime that he had committed against other people had, at last, reverted to, and descended upon, himself. He now had before him—he had done so for hundreds of years—the memory, the indelible memory of every act of evil he had perpetrated against his fellows.

    When he was upon earth, he had acted under a false pretence of administering justice. In very truth, his justice had been nothing but a travesty, and now he was seeing exactly what true justice really meant. Not only was his own life of wickedness continually before him, but the features of his many victims were ever passing before his mind, created out of that same memory which is registered unfailingly and ineradicably upon the subconscious mind. He cannot ever forget; he must always remember. And his condition was aggravated by the anger of feeling like a trapped animal.

    We stood together, a little group of three, but we could not feel one tiny vestige of sympathy for this inhuman monster. He aroused none within us. He was receiving his just merits—no more, no less. He had judged himself and condemned himself, and now he was suffering the punishment he had, solely and entirely, inflicted upon himself. Here was no case of an avenging God inflicting condign punishment upon a sinner. The sinner was there, truly, but he was the visible manifestation of the unalterable law of cause and effect. The cause was in his earthly life; the effect was in his spirit life.

    Had we been able to detect one tiny glimmer of that light—it is a real light that we see—which is an unmistakable sign of spiritual stirrings within, we might have done something for this soul. As it was, we could do nothing but hope that one day this dreadful being would call for help in true earnestness and sincerity. His call would be answered—unfailingly.
    We turned away, and Edwin led us down through an opening in the rocks on to more or less level ground. We could see at once that this part of the crater was more thickly peopled—if one can use the term 'people' of such as we saw there.

    The inhabitants were variously occupied: some were seated upon small boulders, and gave every appearance of conspiring together, but upon what devilish schemes it was impossible to say. Others were in small groups perpetrating unspeakable tortures upon the weaker of their kind who must, in some fashion, have fallen foul of their tormentors. Their shrieks were unbearable to listen to, and so we closed our ears to them, firmly and effectively. Their limbs were indescribably distorted and malformed, and in some cases their faces and heads had retrograded to the merest mockery of a human countenance. Others again we observed to be lying prone upon the ground as though exhausted from undergoing torture, or because of expending their last remaining energy upon inflicting it, before they could gather renewed strength to recommence their barbarities.

    Interspersed throughout the great area of this dreadful region were pools of some sort of liquid. It looked thick and viscid, and inexpressibly filthy, as, indeed, it was. Edwin told us that the stench that came from these pools was in keeping with all else that we had seen here, and he advised us earnestly not to dream of testing the matter for ourselves. We followed his advice implicitly.
    We were horrified to see signs of movement in some of the pools, and we guessed, without Edwin having to tell us, that frequently the inhabitants slip and fall into them. They cannot drown because they are as indestructible as we are ourselves.

    We witnessed all manner of bestialities and grossness, and such barbarities and cruelties as the mind can scarcely contemplate. It is not my purpose nor my wish to give you a detailed account of what we beheld. We had, by no means, reached the very bottom of this foul pit, but I have given you quite sufficient details of what is to be found in the realms of darkness
    And now you will ask: how does this all come about? How or why are such places allowed to exist?

    Perhaps the matter will become clearer when I tell you that every soul who lives in those awful places once lived upon the earth-plane. The thought is dreadful, but the truth cannot be altered. Do not think for one moment that I have exaggerated in my brief description of these regions. I assure you that I have not done so. I have in fact given you an understatement. The whole of these revolting regions exist by virtue of the same laws that govern the states of beauty and happiness.
    The beauty of the spirit world is the outward and visible expression of the spiritual progression of its inhabitants. When we have earned the right to possess things of beauty, they are given to us through the power of creation. In this sense we can be said to have created them ourselves. Beauty of mind and deed can produce nothing but beauty, and hence we have flowers of heavenly beauty, trees and meadows, rivers and streams and seas of pure, glistening, crystal-clear water, magnificent buildings for the joy and benefit of us all, and our own individual homes where we can surround ourselves with still more beauty, and enjoy the delights of happy converse with our fellows.

    But ugliness of mind and deed can produce nothing but ugliness. The seeds of hideousness sown upon the earth-plane will inevitably lead to the reaping of a harvest of hideousness in the spirit world. These dark realms have been built up by the people of the earth-plane, even as they have built up the realms of beauty.

    No single soul is forced into either the realms of light or those of darkness. No soul could possibly take exception to anything he found in his realm of light, since discontent or disapproval, discomfort or unhappiness cannot exist in these realms. We are a supremely happy, united body of people, and we live together in complete harmony. No soul could, therefore, feel 'out of place'.

    The denizens of the realms of darkness have, by their lives on earth, condemned themselves, each and every one, to the state in which they now find themselves. It is the inevitable law of cause and effect; as sure as night follows day upon the earth-plane. Of what avail to cry for mercy? The spirit world is a world of strict justice, a justice that cannot be tampered with, a justice which we all mete out to ourselves. Strict justice and mercy cannot go together. However wholeheartedly and sincerely we may forgive the wrong that has been done to us, mercy is not given to us to dispense in the spirit world. Every bad action must be accounted for by the one who commits it. It is a personal matter which must be done alone, even as the actual event of death of the physical body must be gone through alone. No one can do it for us, but by the great dispensation upon which this and all worlds are founded, we can, and do, have ready and able assistance in our tribulation. Every soul who dwells in these dreadful dark realms has the power within himself to rise up out of the foulness into the light. He must make the individual effort himself, he must work out his own redemption. None can do it for him. Every inch of the way he must toil himself. There is no mercy awaiting him, but stem justice.

    But the golden opportunity of spiritual reclamation is ready and waiting. He has but to show an earnest desire to move himself one fraction of an inch towards the realms of light that are above him, and he will find a host of unknown friends who will help him towards that heritage which is his due, but which in his folly he cast aside.

  • lily80

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  • hmmm, thiệt là khó làm cho nguời ta tin những câu chuyện này dù rằng m`nh thiệt tình tin có địa ngục và thiên đàng
    Thanks for posting...

  • HoaiNiem

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  • Hi Lily80, để mình hỏi bạn câu này nhé. Tại sao bạn có thể tin là có thiên đàng và hỏa ngục khi bạn chưa hề biết (đoán) như thế nào là hỏa ngục và thiên đàng? Tại sao lại khó tin khi đọc một bài tả diễn bởi một người tự xưng là từ thế giới vô hình về viết? Hai phần này khác nhau như thế nào?

    Trong Tân Ước 1 John trương 4 có câu,

    "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

    Đây spirit là ai? Có phải câu này ám chỉ về các linh hồn từ bên kia thế giới? Mình thì hiểu rằng spirit là tất cả mọi người-người đang sống nơi trần thế này và những người đã qua đời và đang là những linh hồn sống nơi thế giới bên kia. Vậy thì tại sao chúng ta lại tin những gì chúng ta đang tin mà không cần một sự thử thách, một sự chứng minh,v.v.? Làm sao để có thể chứng minh những gì từ thế giới bên kia?

    Thật ra mình đã thấy phần nào thế giới vô hình. Mình đã nhiều lần thấy những hồn (người) hiền lành có, dữ có, lạ có, quen có. Mình đã hiểu phần nào về những hồn nhập phá hoạc ảnh hưởng không tốt cho những người đang sống nơi trần thế này. Mình cũng hiểu những giúp đỡ của bề trên thường được gọi là guardian angel, quý nhân phù trợ,.v.v.

    Khi chúng ta tìm hiểu và mở mang những năng khiếu tự sẵn có nơi tâm hồn của mỗi chúng, chúng ta sẽ hiểu thêm về thế giới vô hình là một thế giới rất tự nhiên và đó là thế giới có sự hữu hình còn thực tế hơn là thế gian này. Tự do chỉ có thể có khi chúng ta hiểu rõ sự thật. Sự thật chính không thể tìm bên ngoài chúng ta mà phải chịu khó kiên nhẫn tìm sâu nơi tâm hồn mỗi chúng ta. Mình cũng biết viết ra đây các bạn sẽ nghi ngờ nhiều và rất khó tin. Đó là chuyện rất bình thường bởi vì mỗi chúng ta là một tâm hồn sống phải có cảm nhận, và phải tự cảm nhận.

    Mình viết đôi lời gởi các bạn cùng cảm nghiệm.

  • HoaiNiem

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  • Bài dưới đây viết do Nero, một thời làm vua đã từng giết bao nhiêu người, nói về địa ngục và sự đền tội của một con người ác độc đã được cứu rỗi bỏi tình yêu. Bài viết ngày 16 tháng 1 năm 1917 qua ông James Padgett dùng phương cách automatic writing tức dùng tay của người còn sống để viết.

    I am here, the spirit of one who lived on earth the life of a wicked man, and a persecutor of the Christians, and a blasphemer of God and everything that was pure and holy; and when I had lived the life to its end and shuffled off the mortal coil and became a spirit, I also became a dweller in the lowest hells where all is darkness and torment, and the abode of devils and everything that tends to make the spirit unhappy and at variance with the loving God.

    I introduce myself in this way in order to demonstrate to you the wonderful power of the Divine Love, for now I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres, and know that this Love is not only real, but is capable of making the vilest sinner a partaker and owner of the Divine Essence of the Father.

    My sufferings were beyond all description and I was the most desecrated of mortals, and was almost worshipped by the devils of hell because of the great injury that I had done to the followers of Jesus, who, in my time, were possessed of this Love and faith, which even the terrors of the wild beasts of the arena, or the torches of my own evil designs could not cause them to renounce - in this great religion that the Master had taught them, and the disciples were still teaching when I put so many of them to death.

    The devils loved me for the very evil that I had done, but strange to say the spirits of those who I had sent unto the spirit world before their time were not revengeful to me, or came to me with their imprecations or cursings. Then when I had been in the spirit world a sufficient time to realize my surroundings and the nature of these evils, these spirits of the martyrs, which I had made, came to me in sympathy and pity, and in fact, tried many times to help me out of my great sufferings and darkness. I did not understand all this unexpected kindness and evidence of love, and I would not for a long time believe that these spirits were sincere; and so I suffered for year after year, and century after century, and became convinced that my condition was fixed, and that for me there was no hope, and that the God that I had heard of was not my God, and that devils were the only companions that I was destined to have through all eternity.

    And so I endured, wishing to die, but I could not. Oh, I tell you it was horrible and beyond all conception of mortals ! The law was working and I was paying the penalty, and there seemed no end to the penalty.

    I could find no consolation among those who surrounded me, and the pleasures that I first enjoyed, became to me mere things of mockery and derision, and my darkness and torment became the greater. How often I called upon God, if there be a God, to strike me dead, but the only answer to my call was the laughter of the grinning devils, who told me to shout louder as God might be asleep, and may be deaf.

    What to do, I knew not, and so I became isolated as best I could from these terrible associates, and many years of my living were spent in the darkness of lonesomeness with never a ray of hope, or the whisper of one word to tell me, that for me there might be a fairer destiny. And so time went by and I waited in my misery for some kind power to come and annihilate me, but I waited in vain.

    During all this time the recollections of my earthly deeds were like hot irons scorching my soul, and burning my body, as I thought, and the end came not.

    Well, I suffered the tortures of the damned, and it seemed to me that I was paying the penalties for all the sins and evil deeds that had ever been committed by all the wicked kings and rulers and persecutors of earth. Many times the shrieks of the Christian children and the groans of the men and women as they were being torn asunder from limb to limb, or burned as living torches which I had made of them, came to me and increased my torment. I lived the life of centuries of torment in a few moments, as it seemed to me, and not one cooling drop of water was mine. It may seem impossible that I should have continued to live in this ever increasing suffering, but I did, because I was compelled to. The law did its work and there was no one to say "enough".

    I might write a volume on this suffering of mine, and yet you would not comprehend its meaning, and so I will pass it by.

    In my loneliness and suffering there came to me on an occasion, a beautiful spirit, full of light and love, and all the beauty of early womanhood, as I thought, and with eyes of pity and longing, and said, "You are not alone, only open your eyes and you will see the star of hope, which is the sign of the Father's Love and desire to help you. I am a child of that Father and the possessor of His great enveloping Love, and I love you, even though you took from me my young life when you threw me to the wild beasts to satisfy your desire to gratify your thirst for innocent blood, and see the suffering and hear the groans of your victims, yet, I love you, not because I am a human with a kindly nature and a forgiving disposition, but because I have in me this Divine Love of the Father which tells me that I am your sister, and that you are a child of the Father, just as I am, and the object of His Love just as I was the object of His Love. You have suffered, and while you suffered, His great Love went out to you in sympathy and desire to help you, but you, yourself, prevented it from coming to you and leading you to light and surcease from sufferings. And now I come to you, your young and innocent victim, who had never done you any greater harm on earth than to pray for you, and ask the heavenly Father to take away from your heart, the great wickedness that caused so many of my people to suffer persecution and death. We all prayed for you and never asked our Father to curse you, or do anything to you to make you suffer. And we have prayed for you often since we came to the spirit world, and we are now praying for you, and this because we love you and want you to be happy. Look into my eyes and you will see that love is there, and what I tell you is true. And now, can you not love us a little and open up your soul to our sympathy, and let your feelings of gloom and despondency leave you for a moment, and realize that in this world of spirits there are some who love you?" Well, to say that I was surprised, does not express my feelings, and as I looked into the lovelit eyes of that beautiful spirit, I felt the great sins of my earth life overwhelm me, and in my anguish, I cried, "God be merciful to me, the greatest of sinners," and for the first time in all my life in the hells, tears came to my eyes, and my heart seemed to have a sense of living; and there came to me feelings of remorse and regret for all the evils that I had done.

    It would take too long to tell what followed this breaking up of my soul, all shriveled and dead, and suffice it to say that from that time, I commenced to have hope come to me, and to get out of my awful condition of darkness. It took a long time, but at last, I got into the light, and this Love which the beautiful spirit first told me of gradually came into my soul, until, at last, I reached the condition of bliss in which I now am. And during all the time of my progress, this radiant loving spirit came to me very often with her words of love and encouragement, and prayed for me, and never left me when I became, as I did at times, doubtful and discouraged. And as my awakening continued, the Love came into my soul, and as she told me of the heavenly things that would be mine as I progressed and reached the soul spheres, where beautiful homes and pure bright spirits are, I became more and more bound by my love to her. After a while I got into the third sphere, and realized that what she had told me was true, only I had not been able to comprehend the greatness of the truth.

    She then commenced to tell me of the happiness of the beautiful spirits of the two sexes, that I so often saw together, and explained that they were soulmates, and that their love was the greatest of all the loves except the Divine Love, and that every spirit in all the spheres had its soulmate, and at the proper time would find it.

    My love for this loving spirit had then become so intense that in the very depths of my soul, I wished and prayed that my soulmate might be such a one as she; and, at last, I became so filled with my love for her, that I told her that the only thing in all the heavens that I needed to make full my happiness was she as my soulmate, but that I realized that that desire was hopeless as I had destroyed her life, and of course she could not be my soulmate. And oh, how I suffered when I realized that she could not be mine, but was another's.

    As I told her of these longings and hopeless feelings of my soul, she came close to me and looked into my eyes with such burning love, and threw her arms around me, and said, "I am your soulmate, and knew the fact a short time after you came to the spirit world and entered your hells of darkness, and during all the long years I prayed and prayed for the time to come when I could go to you with my love and awaken in your dead soul the response to my great love. And when the time came that I could go, I was so thankful to the Father, that I almost flew to you, with some dread of disappointment I confess, to tell you that you were not neglected or unthought of, but that there was some love in the spirit world that was going to you. Of course, I could not tell you of my soulmate love, for you would not then have understood, but as your soul awakened and the Love of the Father came to you, I became happier and happier, and have waited so anxiously for this moment, when I could tell you that this love that had been consciously mine for so long, is all yours."

    Well, I will draw the veil here, but you can imagine what my happiness was, and as I progressed from sphere to sphere, my happiness and love for her increased and increased.

    Thus I have told you the story of the life in the spirit world of the wickedest man that God ever permitted to live and gratify his feelings of hatred and revenge. And I, who have passed through this experience, and realized all that it means, say, that the Divine Love of the Father is able to and does save the vilest sinner, and transforms the chiefest of devils into a Celestial angel of His highest spheres.

    I have written long and you are tired.

    I thank you, and will say good night, and subscribe myself.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Nero, The Roman Emperor, and at one time persecutor of God's true children.

  • HoaiNiem

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  • Bài nhận qua HR by Judas ngày 8 tháng 9 năm 2001

    My dear brother, today I come to continue with my description of the earth planes. Before the digression, when I let you know a little bit about the meaning of the word "light" in the spirit world, I told you how I passed from my hell to the region called the twilight zone. I also informed you that this is the most populated area in the spirit world, and that the great majority of spirits start their trip to their perfection at this place, to perfection in natural love or in Divine Love.

    It is really a very attractive area for many spirits. There is neither cold nor excessive heat, people live in freedom, there is neither dominion nor slavery, spirits there don't need to worry about how to earn their living, because as you already know, spirits don't need to eat, their clothes don't wear out, in short, it is an environment of freedom and happiness. That is why many spirits stay there for many years, happy with their situation, which in fact in the great majority of cases is much better than the condition in which they had to live on earth.

    I told you that in spite of this marvellous situation there is still a great deal of negativity in this area, which expresses itself through gossip, small differences of opinion, anger, etc. But the same things exist on earth so therefore spirits don't find these very annoying. It is the kind of world to which they are accustomed.

    The level of ignorance can be awful. And I'm referring to spiritual ignorance. Of course, the believers of the various churches continue in their same beliefs that they cherished on earth, the materialists wonder what had gone wrong, because they continue living. The question that is uppermost concerns whether God really exists, and all related discussions.

    Ignorance is also expressed in other ways. I have told you how dark spirits from the deep hells visit earth, in order to satisfy their addictions and perversions, or simply to cause evil. The spirits of that hell where I lived don't usually visit earth frequently, because more than evil, it is shame which constitutes their dominant motivation, and they spend most of their time worrying about their recollections and stuck in their thoughts during most of their stay. But the inhabitants of the upper areas of the earth planes, yes, they usually do visit earth frequently. They are the kind of spirits that we call "earth-bound." They are still interested in the life of their relatives, they like to communicate in séances, and they like to give their opinions and beliefs, presenting them as the absolute truth and the most advanced knowledge of the universe.

    You remember that you once read how a spirit materialized in a séance, offering his hand for greeting. When one of the participants wanted to shake his hand, this suddenly deformed, as if dripping away. The participant was scared to death, and the spirit went away laughing. This is a typical case of a mischievous spirit. This kind of spirit is not evil, but very immature, naughty and badly behaved, like those similar characters on earth, very attached to material things and the small pleasures which he may enjoy.

    There is another kind, those who try to indoctrinate people with their opinions. If they imagine God as some supreme being full of wrath and vengeance, they present Him that way, and in order to give authority to their messages, they assume Jesus' name or they even say that they are God Father. They don't do this for wickedness, but because they try to help people, but they are like the blind who wants to guide the blind. Yes, you are right, this is what happens in Vassula Ryden's case. Therefore I repeat, it is necessary to read all messages from the beyond with much care. If you don't feel love in them, be careful. They will surely come from poorly developed spirits.

    What spirits enjoy most in the twilight zone is that they no longer need to work in jobs they don't like, but rather find the opportunity for developing their inclinations and to live happily with the task that they have chosen for themselves. There are many who don't know what they really want, but it is there where they learn how to recognize and to appreciate their natural gifts, which all mortals and spirits possess, although they may not know them.

    Even when this area is extraordinary attractive, the spirits soon find out that there is something better, which they even may visit and learn to know. And through their activity and development in the twilight zone, there comes the time, sooner or later, of leaving and heading for a new destination.

    This new place is called "Summerland" in the spiritualist literature. They describe it as the third sphere, but this is not true. It is part of the earth planes, the highest part, but it is still a very material region, in its environment as well as in the mentality of its inhabitants.

    The biggest surprise, which one finds there, is the great number of children that live in Summerland. Let's continue using this name, because it is a very appropriate description. The presence of children is due to the fact that they arrive there when they die prematurely. They did not live long enough to acquire bad habits or deformations of their souls due to a bad style of living. They are pure souls, but not developed, and Summerland provides them with an ideal atmosphere to develop and to start their progress. We have already discussed that there are certain specially selected spirits who take care of them and give them an appropriate education. They show them the way to the perfect man, and also the Celestial path, and the children, when growing up and developing, are allowed to decide freely later. The babies' growth and development is much quicker than on earth, because they don't depend on material bodies, and the soul's capacity to grow is much superior.

    This country is really a land of summer, or of eternal spring, with pretty landscapes, with beautiful cities and beautiful villages, a place for any taste or desire. And there is something very special to it.

    As I have told you, the spirits of the twilight zone are already able to improve a great part of their spiritual bodies’ defects; they look like people on earth, more or less. The aspect of the spiritual body, as the reflection of the soul's condition, is due to the creative forces of the soul. In Summerland these forces increase. The spirits still cannot control them, but they can unconsciously through their desires direct the development of their bodies. That is why they look really beautiful. It is a pleasure which they enjoy for quite some time, but little by little it loses its attractiveness.

    Imagine that you have a tremendously muscular body, beautiful teeth, full and dense hair, etc. and you stroll along the beach, and you attract the gaze of all people full of admiration. Isn't this beautiful! But when suddenly everybody walks with such a "perfect" body, you are only one among many, and this is not very funny anymore.

    I have told you that even this area, despite its beauty, is still a fully material region. We will investigate superficially an effect of materialism.

    Imagine somebody seeing that his neighbor owns a nice car. "Oh, if I had such a car, I would be the happiest person in the world!" he says. But when some time after he really gets this car, he sees another neighbor driving a brand-new BMW, suddenly his happiness is gone. Now he wants the BMW, and then a Mercedes Benz, and then perhaps a helicopter, and then... it is an endless chain. When he has achieved all he can at the material level, he still doesn't feel happy. He wants more. Perhaps he enters politics, trying to gain more power, but that will never be enough either, or he tries drugs, because he finds everything so empty. In short he doesn't find true happiness. These are only fleeting moments of contentment. You can observe this every day, and it is absurd, but in spite of it, everybody wants to copy this behavior.

    Something similar happens in Summerland. There spirits still seek their pleasure and their fulfillment in material things. But the moment comes, when they realize that things don't work out this way. And it is then, when they suddenly open up their eyes to the spiritual things, or rather, when their awareness expands. Then the time has come for leaving and for seeking a substantially different world. It is then, when the gates of the second sphere open up for them. But this I shall describe on another occasion.

    As for me, I didn't stay much time either in the twilight zone, or in Summerland. And that was due to my guide, Andrew, and to my strong desire of uniting with my old mates, the apostles and other disciples, and mainly, with the Master. The blessing of having known him on earth also turned out to be a blessing in progressing through the spirit world.

    There is just one more thing I wish to say, that is that spirits in the highest zones of the earth planes know that their most serious sins have already been forgiven them, they have possibly suffered in hell, but they have not yet lent any true service as a work of atonement, except that they have helped one another. But they still lack a lot in order to offer appropriate help. But we will speak about this later.

    Well, my brother, we have crossed the earth planes, and now you have some idea of how things are there. It is an incomplete idea, but sufficient to quench the major part of your curiosity. It is not a very spiritual subject, but as the Bible states, man shall not live by bread alone. Everybody wants to know what is awaiting them, and this is a legitimate right. Therefore it is correct to give this kind of information.

    Have a nice day, and enjoy your visit. I hope tomorrow we shall meet again, but if not, don’t worry, it will be another day.

    God bless you,

    Your brother in Christ, who always watches over you,


  • HoaiNiem

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  • I am here, Judas, your brother in Christ. After having expressed my comments on those terrible attacks in the United States and their causes and consequences, I would like to resume our series of messages on the spirit world.

    I have described how spirits cross the different levels of the earth planes, and how they finally reach the conclusion that materialism doesn't lead to happiness. This understanding produces a deep change in the souls of these spirits, and they realize that the only path that they must pursue is the way to spirituality. A new world opens up for them, and they get the opportunity to enter the second sphere, a sphere that is much more spiritual but which was until then was hidden and outside the range of their perceptions.

    The way, then, is spirituality. But it is not a uniform path, but it can rather manifest itself in a variety of forms. It is in that second sphere where spirits finally choose the exact path along which they wish to continue, although later on it will always be possible for them to change their opinion, and to return from a higher sphere and choose another branch of spirituality.

    It has been more or less easy to give you an impression of the environment as it exists in the earth planes, but it is much more difficult to describe the second sphere, or the sphere of decision, as I like to call it. If I tell you that everything here is more ethereal, you won't understand me, and the human vocabulary, of course, only contains words to describe what exists in the surroundings of the consciousness of men on earth, or the ideas and models that philosophy develops. But even in this quite low sphere, the surroundings and ideas go far beyond what exists on earth.

    Everything that is built in the earth planes is built by hand or by machine, as you do on earth. Life in the earth planes can really be considered an extension of the earth life, and this is good, because spirits usually need time to adapt to their new life. But in the sphere of decision things are already a bit different.

    This sphere doesn't only lead to the fundamental decision as to the future development of each spirit, but it is like a kindergarten, preparing for authentic spiritual life. Spirits detach themselves more and more from their links to earth, which still continue, but gradually lose importance. They learn how to use their spiritual powers, all under the surveillance and the instruction of more developed spirits, who come from higher spheres to teach in the schools and institutions of the second sphere.

    The inhabitants of the second sphere make their first insecure steps, mainly in the art of creation. They learn how to modify their clothes, they even learn, in a rudimentary way, to modify aspects of their spiritual body consciously. Their houses are no longer built by hand or by machines, but the spiritual forces give them form. You can imagine that all this provides a freedom until then unknown to those spirits, and it raises them to a state of enthusiasm, I would almost call it euphoria. These are unforgettable experiences, and for that reason many spirits remain there for a long, long time. That is not bad. It is not necessary to travel through all the spheres at top speed. The goal of perfection is tempting, but it is a good idea to also make the trip towards this goal into an unforgettable and fulfilling adventure. Nobody need fear arriving late at their personal destination. God will always wait for them with a smile of approval.

    As to the different ways - you can already imagine what that means. In the first place, it is optional whether spirit wants to continue along the way toward Divinity by praying for the Father's Divine Love and obtaining it, or if they want to continue along the way towards the perfect natural man in the sixth sphere, an equally seductive destination for many, or even the majority, who don't understand the importance of the first option.

    After they have lived some time in the second sphere, the spirits inevitably get into contact with higher spirits, who inform them about the advantages of their own development. A spirit from the fourth sphere with his moral development will praise all the achievements that may be obtained by this decision, and the similarly the spirits progressing along the path towards intellectual or religious perfection, and even the spirits on the Divine path.

    The inhabitants of the second sphere still continue partly with the ideas they entertained on earth, mainly religious ideas, and in the same way as they accept or reject ideas on earth, they choose according to their own approach, what they find more appropriate, truer or more beneficial. In some way many of the spirits in the second sphere pass through a spell of confusion, because after their period of adaptation they think that the time should already have come to stand in front of God, to face Jesus, if they are Christian, but nothing of that sort happens.

    H.R.: Does Jesus never visit them? Doesn’t he speak with them?

    Yes, he does, but they do not recognize him. He cannot present himself before them as he really is, they would not perceive this, and he looks like any other bright spirit. Many entertain the idea that Jesus is God, and therefore they say that this bright spirit who claims to be Jesus, doesn't tell the truth, he cannot tell the truth. It is the material mind and the earthly ideas, which finally decide the destination of each spirit. Here you can see once again, why Jesus so many times communicated to Mr. Padgett that the most appropriate moment to develop one's soul, and therefore one's perceptions, is right now, always right now, while still living on earth. The development on earth may be decisive in the spirit world.

    Even the branches of the way toward the perfect man are not uniform in their nature. You can readily imagine that a spirit who chooses the religious path has the option of a variety of different religions, which continue existing in a similar way to earth, with some obvious corrections, but with their distinctive and very typical beliefs.

    The spirits that finally decide to pursue the way to Divinity in general very soon lose their interest in the marvelous offerings in the second sphere for developing their spiritual powers. This is not important to them any more, because they learn that together with the development of their souls, all those things will be given to them. But for the spirits along the path towards the perfect man, the second sphere exercises an irresistible attraction. They are like babies who make their first steps, or who utter their first words, repeating what they have learned without getting tired.

    In some ways the second sphere is already what you could call heaven, with immense happiness, and with facilities for study which nobody could dream of on earth. However, it is only the beginning of a fascinating voyage.

    H.R.: Are there spirits who arrive at the second sphere after their physical death without first passing through the earth planes?

    Yes, there are, and there are quite a few of them. Everything depends on their soul development. As I have said, the great majority arrives at the earth planes, mainly in the twilight zone, but many have enough development to live in the second sphere. They are the mortals who have understood that it is not materialism which leads to fulfillment, and who are devoted to spiritual development one hundred percent.

    And as the song goes: “And the feast we thought endless comes like everything to an end...”

    So comes the day for all inhabitants of the second sphere when these surroundings can no longer offer anything new, and when progress stagnates. As you will understand, this sphere is constituted of an enormous number of diverse planes and levels, but some day each and every spirit arrives at the top level. Then, there is nothing left for them to do or to learn. They are ready for their transition to a new world. But in order for them to do so one more time, a profound change occurs in these spirits' awareness.

    They remember that they have come out of unpleasant situations many times through the help they received from more developed spirits. Even here in the second sphere there are higher spirits who offer them instruction and unselfish service. The time has come to repay this help, to show their gratefulness and for them to enter into action, lending a helping hand to their less fortunate mates. After having enjoyed a pleasant stay in an enormous playground where they learned and developed and learned in an entertaining way, they develop a deep feeling of responsibility and duty. A new era dawns in their spiritual life, and a new universe opens up.

    Spirits call this duty their work of atonement. But we will not speak of this right now. This message is already very long.

    I will leave you now. I wish you a happy day, and don't forget what I have told you in the previous messages. Pray more and more, the world needs this. Try to develop your soul right now on earth, and so you may start your trip as a spirit through the spirit world from a very favorable position.

    May God bless you always.

    Your friend, guide, and brother in Christ,

    Sept. 16, 2001 received by HR.

  • HoaiNiem

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • My dear brother, I come to you to resume my discourse on the life in the spheres of the spirit world. But before doing so, I would like to answer two questions you have asked me.

    First I would like to tell you that your friend Victor who was murdered a few years ago, is well. He lives in the twilight zone, where your brothers also live. He was a good friend of your brother Karl, but now he no longer has contact with him, as their interests are too different. He spends a lot of time with his family on earth, and he doesn't have any desire to detach himself from these bonds. This is why he makes no effort to progress. He will surely need a lot of time to recover from the traumatic experience of his violent death, which tore him away from a life full of projects and plans. But you need not to worry about him, in his way he is happy there, although it hurts him that he cannot participate directly in his family's life. I believe that when his children will have settled down firmly in their professional life and when they will have started their own families, then the time will come when he decides to look ahead and to undertake the journey of progress, which sooner or later all have to start.

    Your second question refers to the phrase I communicated yesterday: “I understand that now the topic of Islam has gained some interest because of the current events and those that are about to occur.”

    The events that are about to take place will be very painful events, born out of the desire for vengeance. But as I have told you already, it won't be the end of the world. They may also contribute to improving the world, because unfortunately, men obviously need some painful experiences in order to find the way towards God again. Everything lies in the hands of men. We can advise, but we cannot force anybody.

    But now let's forget about this sad situation and let us speak of the third sphere.

    You will remember how spirits in the last stage of the second sphere arrive at the awareness that they have to fulfill some work, always in the helping of others. They call this work an "atonement task", because according to their understanding, it is a work that they have to carry out in part to pay for their sins, and in part to repay the help that they themselves have received, and which in fact they continue receiving.

    The spirits of the third sphere are fully qualified to lend help to the spirits of the lower spheres. You remember well that Jesus explained through Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels that the fact that more developed spirits helped the less developed spirits constitutes a Law. In his comment on the Oahspe Bible, he dispels the superstition that war exists in the spirit world, and more specifically between the inhabitants of the different spheres, and he puts forth the principle of mutual help.

    Certainly, even in hell this principle of help exists, but the low level of soul development doesn't allow this help to be effective. Something similar may be said of all the levels of the earth planes. In the second sphere, where spirits learn how to really live as spirits, they acquire the tools to offer help efficiently. They also advance in the purification of their natural love, those along the Celestial path obtain more of the Father's Love, and this learning process continues in the third sphere, in fact, it continues throughout all the spheres which follow. But the new thing that occurs here, in the third sphere, is the theoretical knowledge and the purified love that can serve a harmonious purpose, providing help following the Will of God.

    You also know that the Law of Activation requires certain preparation on the part of the spirits to be able to perceive our Celestial Father's orders more or less clearly. In the lower spheres, these orders are not received with a lot of clarity, and therefore, the Law of Activation works to a rather limited effect there.

    What are the tasks then, that the inhabitants of the third sphere are dedicated to?

    They usually have something to do with their lives on earth, and often with their more serious sins, in the sense of guiding other spirits or mortals along better paths than they themselves had chosen. It may also be a work of "unlearning" or of "unteaching" falsehoods, in order to so rectify much of what they have done consciously or unconsciously on earth. You have already read of these examples where the preacher has to try to influence his old parishioners so that they accept the truth and forget the false teachings which the preacher had originally instructed them on earth.

    In the beginning this work seems really gigantic, and the spirits many times feel frustrations. Yes, happiness in this sphere is not perfect, but as they advance, the task gives them more and more joy and realization. If we stay with the preacher's example, we can understand that he had felt a certain vocation on earth, although his teachings may not have been the correct ones, and the greater happiness provides a work where one may follow his vocation and teach what is correct. With the words correct and false, I refer to essential principles along the way towards perfection. Certainly many spirits continue teaching falsehoods, like the idea of reincarnation for example, but they are harmless falsehoods, because they don't interfere with the definitive goal in the Plans of God.

    From what I have told you, you will understand that the third sphere is still far from perfection. Truth and falsehood coexist, but harmful falsehood has already been eradicated.

    It is a task of love. And the spirits who have obtained a certain quantity of Divine Love are devoted to this work with even more energy, and many of them stay for a long time in this sphere, because in spite of certain disillusions that they suffer when they are rejected in their teachings by other spirits, they feel the importance of their work. To them the work is more difficult, because what they teach is new to many, and therefore they face greater resistance and rejection than their mates along the natural path.

    For Divine Love spirits, the third sphere constitutes a very special experience. Although some of them may have obtained a small portion of this Love on earth or in the previous stages in the spirit world, it is here where for the first time they "live" this Love, where they put their light on high and try to be living examples of the Father's Will.

    The third sphere therefore is an area where spirits progress in their awareness, where their idea of an expiatory work becomes a vocational task, and which they perform and accomplish with enthusiasm and fervor.

    When they have arrived at this awareness, the moment has come for them to advance further on, and the doors of the fourth sphere open up. But of this we will speak tomorrow, if your condition allows it.

    You feel somewhat depressed today. I know the reason and I understand you. But I advise you to do what your heart dictates, without looking to the right or to the left. Only look ahead, because it is there where the great objective awaits you. You have found a work which you may carry out without depending on anybody. And you know very well that you can always count on us, we will never let you down. Everything depends only on your condition and on your disposition. So, take courage and you will be fine.

    Now I will say good-bye. I leave you my blessings and will soon return.

    Your brother in the spirit,

    September 19th, 2001 - Cuenca, Ecuador - Received by H.R.

  • HoaiNiem

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Tears, yes, there will be much weeping because of the happenings which are about to occur. But this is not our subject of today.

    I know that you have a long list of questions, and we will deal with all of them, one by one. But we will also integrate these points in the series of messages which I intend to deliver.

    Today we will speak of the fourth sphere in the spirit world.

    As you already know, the spirits of the fourth sphere work hard in their work of "atonement," which in fact is no longer a work considered as a burden or obligation, as it has already become a means for self-realization.

    Many of the spirits of the fourth sphere work as teachers in the educational and scientific institutions of lower spheres, they also act as spiritual guides and above all, it is in this sphere where they develop their at times astonishing healing abilities.

    The fourth sphere, as you already know, is basically an intellectual sphere. You have heard that spirits who have opted for the development in Divine Love, don't remain a long time in those places, and in general this is rue, but it is not a fixed rule. I can imagine that you would like to stay longer at this place in order to deepen the knowledge that interests you, for example humanity's history, especially the history of Christendom.

    The spirits from the fourth sphere in their work as guides and humanity's helpers in many aspects, of course visit the earth planes and the earth itself frequently. They are very interested in the affairs of earth. But that interest disappears gradually in the course of their spiritual development, as they progress inside this sphere from level to level.

    Yes, their art of healing is fabulous. It would be difficult or impossible to give you an idea. Although you have some medical education, you cannot compare what you try to do with what is achieved in the spirit world. To give you a comparison, you would be like working with heavy hammers, and they work with fine instruments used for electronic devices. Diseases which appear so material are not so in fact. The Chinese concept of disease, of the flows of energies, of balance and harmonies, mirrors reality much more than occidental medicine, which certainly has developed a lot by systematic scientific research, but in its materialism it pursues the wrong goals. But you can already notice that many doctors and scientists recognize this weakness and try to widen the reach of their treatments, applying "alternative" methods and pursuing "alternative" goals.

    I have told you that spirits in the fourth sphere lose their interest, little by little, in earthly affairs. The reason for this is that their earthly bonds weaken. In other words, politics, wars, daily life, etc. no longer get their attention. Even family bonds disappear. This doesn't mean that the most developed spirits of the fourth sphere don't help humanity, on the contrary, they do this with enthusiasm and with much more efficiency than other spirits coming from lower regions due to their great soul development. But they do it for love, for vocation, it gives them fulfillment. And they offer this service to any person who needs it and who has been assigned to them, but the idea of being dedicated mainly to their relatives in the flesh no longer fits into this concept. They have come to understand that all human beings are their sisters and brothers, and that all share the same Father.

    Yes, I know that you, too, have understood this, but you don't live this. In your case it is an intellectual knowledge, but as I see it, there is not a lot of conviction behind it. That is natural. To arrive at these heights, a process of development is necessary, which is very difficult to attain to on earth. However it is not impossible. There are mortals who may enter the Celestial spheres soon after their material death, but these cases are limited. As I have told you, most arrive at the earth planes, some even go to the second sphere. And those who arrive immediately at the third sphere after death, are very rare, and if we go up the scale of spheres, the cases which have enough development for living immediately after their physical death in these high places are the great exception.

    Now we are returning to a very polemic but not very transcendent topic: Soulmates. We will dedicate a special message to this topic, but I want to mention here and now that only in the fourth sphere this topic begins to gain some importance. For the lower spirits, the question of soulmates may arouse interest or curiosity, but doesn't have relevance. All this we will analyze soon.

    Well, my brother, from what I have explained so far, you may understand that the fourth sphere, with its vast offer of potential studies and its work full of realization, is a very attractive region for spirits, mainly for spirits along the way toward the perfect man. For this reason, they usually stay there a long time. Also many spirits along the Celestial path do this, because they enjoy the work they are carrying out on humanity's behalf or for the benefit of less developed spirits, but many only consider this sphere as an intermediate stage, because certainly there is also the possibility of carrying out this work of love in the higher spheres.

    The decisive moment in the development of spirits in the fourth sphere is the loss of all their material bonds, like their interest in political matters, or their special attraction toward their relatives. This attraction becomes a deep love for all humanity, without exception and preferences. This is a huge step in the purification of natural love.

    Yes it is true, there are messages from spirits who claim to live in the fourth sphere, and who are interested in political matters. You remember Napoleon Bonaparte's message, when he was observing the course of events during World War I with maximum interest. As I have said, the loss of this kind of interest is the result of a development, which culminates in the supreme plane of the fourth sphere. It is not given automatically nor instantaneously. And only when this soul condition has been achieved, together with the necessary soul cleansing, the spirit has the opportunity to enter the following sphere, which then is hidden and inaccessible. So you see, Napoleon was still far from this goal in this sense.

    This is a good moment to interrupt my discourse. We could continue with the fifth sphere. But I believe that it is advisable to clarify the question of soulmates before doing so.

    With my love and my blessings, I say goodbye now. Have a beautiful and prosperous day.

    Your brother in Christ,

    September 23rd, 2001 - Cuenca, Ecuador - Received by H.R.

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