On the Way of realizing myself

  • ruouvagai

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  • I hate writing anything because ím lazỵ But, from today i start record my thoughts, my feelling for two reasons: I have a bad memory, and i want to understand myself. It sounds weird.
    I realize that soccer gambling is a game of fatẹ if yóure lucky, you wịn Otherwise, you will lose. The reason I think so is that there are many unknown factors around the game that punters can't completely know. The more you know about the game, the higher probability you have. however, there are still "unknowns" that might decide the result.
    I ever win a game which odds is 10.00 and also lose a game with odds is 1.25.

  • ruouvagai

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • 04/02 10:30pm
    ---Opportunity comes and goes fast. Today, i realize one opportunity but i can't catch it fast enough to make it real. It's really great to see an opportunity, but it's not great enoụgh. There might be hidden chance beyond that. We usually miss the hidden one, which might become much more better deal.

    ---The way you see a person may change and strongly depend on your mood. She sees me as her boyfriend when she's sad. But when she's happy, i'm not more than a friend. That sound making sense. A person in unhappy mood may need affection, love and care.

    ---The concept of marriage agency I usually see on some website. We pay like $10 for a membership to get hooked up with a guy or girl. Are people willing to pay an amount of money to meet a lifetime partner? Consider this: you just pay $100 bucks to get a chance to meet your perfect match whom you're hardly looking for years. Why not?
    I think this service is high profit with low assurance. Low assurance is low risk for company but highg risk for customer? How much percentage is customer sure about successfull marriage of this relationship? So, why is customer willing to purchase such a service or product with low assurance? because they may think of the profit. It's huge. Another example for this kind of service. You bet 10k on a sport game. Will you hesitate to pay just $10 for a tip which say which team is going to win?
    Read this: you will make millions for just $10, or MONEY BACK. it sounds seductive to me.

    --- I think she's not going to call me or text message. She might come to my house to get her stuffs back.

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