Sabor A Mi (Be True To Me)

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    Sabor a Mi
    Luis Miguel
    Composer: Alvaro Carrillo
    Lyricist: Mel Mitchell

    Tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor
    nuestras almas se acercaron tanto asi
    que yo guardo tu sabor
    pero tu llevas tambien
    sabor a mi.

    Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir
    bastaria con abrazarte y conversar
    tanta vida yo te di
    que por fuerza tienes ya
    sabor a mi.

    No pretendo ser tu dueno
    no soy nada, yo no tengo vanidad
    de mi vida doy lo bueno
    soy tan pobre, que otra cosa puedo dar.

    Pasaran mas de mil años, muchos mas
    yo no se si tenga amor la eternidad
    pero alla, tal como aqui
    en la boca llevaras
    sabor a mi.

    You'll Think Of Me
    English lyrics by Curtis W. Long
    All the time we spent together, you and I,
    Made our hearts blend into one eternal sigh,
    As a flame that lingers on,
    So that after you are gone,
    You'll think of me.

    If you ever took your love away from me,
    I'd be happy just to have the memory
    That, since we've been so complete,
    Like a dream that must repeat,
    You'll think of me.

    I have never tried to own you.
    I have nothing; I leave vanity behind.
    But, when love comes, it's forever.
    For a poor fool, there can be no other kind.

    Many years may come and go, as time goes by.
    Who can say if love will last, or merely die?
    But, no matter how things go,
    There is one thing that I know:
    You'll think of me.

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  • Mexican performer Luis Miguel is an international star who is loved for both his well-produced albums and his strong live performances. Since 1990, he has been the most popular performer in Latin America. In the United States, he has become the only Latino artist to have two Spanish language albums, Romance and Segundo Romance go platinum. Both are comprised of tender South American romantic songs. In the U.S., Miguel has earned three Grammys. Segundo Romance won him one of them. It also earned Miguel a total of 34 platinum records throughout South and Central America in 1995. Follow-up releases included Musipistas and 1996's Nada Es Igual; in 1998, he co-starred in the film Fiebre de Amor, and also appeared on its soundtrack. Amarte Es un Place followed a year later. Miguel's international stardom was heavily recognized in fall 2000 -- he won two Grammys (Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Album) for Amarte Es un Place at the first annual Latin Grammy Awards. Another accolade came in 2003, when he was nominted in the Favorite Latin Artist category of the American Music Awards. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Music Guide
    Written by Sandra Brennan

    Studio Version______________________________Live Version

    Historia De Un Amor
    (Carlos E. Almaran)
    Ya no estas mas a mi lado, corazon
    En el alma solo tengo soledad
    Y si ya no puedo verte
    Porque Dios me hizo quererte
    Para hacerme sufrir más.

    Siempre fuiste la razon de mi existir
    Adorarte para mi fue religion
    Y en tus besos yo encontraba
    El calor que me brindaba
    El amor, y la pasion.
    Historia de Amor
    Es la historia de un amor
    Como no hay otro igual
    Que me hizo comprender
    Todo el bien, todo el mal.

    Que le dio luz a mi vida
    Apagandola despues
    Ay que vida tan obscura
    Sin tu amor no vivire.

    The Story of Love

    You are no longer at my side, Love
    In my soul all I carry is loneliness
    If I can no longer see you
    Because God made me love you
    To make me suffer more

    You were always the reason for my existence
    Adoring you became like religion to me
    In you kisses I found
    The heat that you offered me
    The love and the passion

    This is the story of a love...
    (There is none that can equal it....)
    That made me learn...
    (All the good, all the bad...)

    That gave light into my life
    And later took it all away
    Oh, what a dark existance
    Without your love I cannot live
    This is the story of a love...

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