Where’s My Prince Charming? delicated to lustified88 :)

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  • “That moment when you kiss someone, everything around you becomes hazy. And the only thing in focus is you and this person. And you realise that this person is the only person you suppose to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment, you get this amazing gift and you want to cry cos’ you feel so lucky that you found and it and so scared that you will lose it all at the same time” .Josie Geller.
    How would you describe being in love? How would you describe your first kiss? How would you describe your “perfect” partner? To me, describing these things are beyond reality! I mean, sure you would describe your first kiss, your first boy/girlfriend to be unbearable, wonderful, and elastics. Be let’s be serious, is it ever going to happen?!?
    Okay let me be unrealistic… I seem to be unrealistic most of the time, I’m more of a daydreamer always in a daze .lol. I would describe being in love as the most unbearable but wonder fullest feeling in the world. You can’t sleep, eat or think because he/she is always on your mind. You feel on top of the world, on cloud 9 and nothing anyone can do can ever drag you down. You feel excited just by a phone call, you would cry for no reason, you would go utterly insane thinking of this person. You go to such drastic measures… sing, dance nude around the block, scream on top of your lungs, cry and mop around wondering what he/she is doing, if he/she is thinking about you this one moment as you are doing now.
    I don’t care what my “perfect” partner looks like, I don’t care what he do for his occupation

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  • Actually, you don't have to be in "love" to feel everything that you just described up there. I heard once by a wise person that being in love doesn't mean you should think about that person 24/7. That isn't love when you dedicated 100% of your time on that person of your desire. Being in love means that you can continue living your life as if nothing changed, except for one factor, which is feeling extremely incredible knowing that there is at least one person in this world who loves you possibly even more than love can love anyone.
    I am under the impression that everything you mentioned above is a form of lust/infatuation. When one thinks about their love companion so much as to ignore everything around one's life- that is really narrow minded. One that seeks for a single truth in life such as that will end up in failure.
    I'm glad I have finally met someone that has some of the same traits I have. I daydream so often that it is rediculous. We were taking notes in Chemistry some weeks ago when I realized that I was half a page behind because my fantasy world seems to have kicked in and it kicked out reality. However, because of the fact that I am a romantic thinker- I tend to try to stay away from that focus and lean toward the more rational and logical explanations toward things. Now, I'm now saying being a dazy daydreamer is bad- but it's just not the right way to go. :)
    PS. thanks for dedicating this to me :blush:

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