Maggie Q dating Daniel Henney or Edison Chen???

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  • Monday April 3, 2006 Taiwan

    In mid April, Maggie Q will start her promo for "不可能的任務", but right now the spotlight is on her personal and love life - with rumors of her and Edison's relationship starting up again. The two people never directly admitted to the media; yesterday Maggie Q revealed during an interview session, the two are very very good friends, but she didn't deny anything.

    At the end of last month, Maggie Q and Edison showed up together to see the film "雛菊". After the viewing, Maggie took He Chao Yi's car to Edison's Luo Pien Chen residence, approximately before dawn at 3 o'clock, He Chao Yi left first, leaving Maggie Q alone to spend the night at Edison's house, causing the two people's relationship rumor to start again.

    As for the scandalous rumors, Maggie Q and Edison haven't officially denied it yet; yesterday the female accepted intervewers, and she simply revealed that they are very very good friends, and expressed that personal relationships should be kept at the down low a bit. But at this time, walking so close to Edison, and the fact that she said she was in a relationship already, no wonder the outside world will match them together and think they have sparked old flames.

    Maggie Q was filming in Hollywood, she revealed in the interview, and the next film she's doing is also going to be in Hollywood, so she will continue tow ork with American directors and staff. The new film is also a comedy. She said, even though she's constantly filming, but she is a very funny and prankster actress.

    According to Wikipedia Maggie is currently dating Korean superstar Daniel Henney. She has also been romantically linked in the past with Chinese American superstar Daniel Wu (for a year, before either became famous)

    These r some her Pix with 2 Daniel (ex bf Daniel Wu_Daniel Henney) and with Edison Chen,Anndy Roddick.

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  • isn't she Viet and Hawaiian ????

  • QuanTuKiem

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  • i think she has vietnamese origins

  • LiLdOpLaYbOi

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  • wah..soOo interesting!!!!...shes half vietnamese and half american!!!

  • mydreammeteor

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  • really she's from viet n american that interesting ;)

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