slam dunk (volume 7)

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  • Ryota and Hanamichi are fighting for possession of the ball. However things get out of hand and soon they engage in wrestling type conflict. The arrival of Akagi soon settles the two (with a lump on both head). Upon Ryota's reaction to Ayako, Hanamichi learns that Ryota is in love with Ayako. Further more the two learn of each other's past experience in love and find themselves much alike. The two end up being great friends, Ryota even teaches Hanamichi how to do fake movements. At the same time a bunch of thugs called in by Mitsui are wrecking havoc in order to find the gym. It turns out that Ryota and Hanamichi are both basketball players and this infuriates Mitsui. One of the thugs is called Tetsuo, an expert fighter on the streets, and beats up on Sauichiro (one of the Sakuragi guntai, the one that has a mustache). They end up finding the gym and harass the people inside (i.e. basketball team). Ryota knows that any fighting could result in suspension or the disband of the basketball team. However this reasoning goes out of the window for when Ayako gets struck by one of the thugs. Ryota snaps at the sight and beats up the thug responsible. But Mitsui is here to take revenge on Ryota, Hanamichi and Rukawa could stand by no longer, and intervene. Rukawa takes out the minor thugs, but ends up getting beaten by Tetsuo. Soon only Hanamichi is left, for Ryota gets beaten by Tetsuo as well. Hanamichi is in dire straits for the thugs gang up on him (4 to 1). Thankfully the Sakuragi guntai arrive to even the odds. Anozumi versus Honta Nori (looks like a character out of Fist of the North Star). Yohei is against Mitsui, Sauichiro and Ookusu are against two minor thugs. Hanamichi is left to face Tetsuo.

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  • why dónt you just post in it one thread instead of making a thread for every new volume summary wouldn't that be better :)

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