slamdunk (volume 9)

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  • Mitsui rejoins the basketball team, everyone is in peak form. The day soon arrives for the first match of the district championship. It is the first formal match that Sakuragi Hanamichi plays in, so he gets insomnia the night before. In the morning he goes for a run to relax, and meets up with Haruko. Haruko expresses that she is really hopeful of the basketball team. What with Mistui, Onii san (Akagi), Rukawa, Ryota and Hanamichi on the team. The match begins Shohoku Vs Miuradai, but it turns out that Mitsui, Rukawa, Ryota and Hanamichi are on the side bench instead of playing the match. Anzai sensei is punishing them for fighting in the gym, and so the substitute players and Akagi are playing the match. When the match goes on for 5 minutes or so, the score 4 to 18 in favor of Miuradai, Anzai finally let the four players back on. With the proper front line players in the match Shohoku begin their retaliation. Hanamichi goes for an up lay shot, but is stopped by Miuradai's number 4. Consequently it is a personal foul, so Hanamichi is given 2 free throws. However the pressure of the moment gets to Hanamichi, because he has never done a penalty free throw. Hence he loses the shot due to time violation of 5 seconds. The second shot is taken by Hanamichi in a amateur way, using a single hand and a swing movement (like baseball). Hanamichi planned to get the ball on the rebound for a slam dunk, but Rukawa gets there first. Obviously Hanamichi gets really angry at Rukawa taking his shot. Present in the spectators area, are Ryonan who have come to see the match, also Kainen's Shinichi Maki, Soichiro Jin and Nobunaga Kiyota. Shohoku are winning by the second half, 100 to 47. In the last 4 minutes or so, Hanamichi tries to make one powerful slam dunk. However the ball misses its mark and slams on Miuradai's number 4 head knocking him out cold. Hanamichi is sent off (5 personal fouls), number of points scored 0. Poor Hanamichi, even though Shohoku won the next following match 160 to 24, he got sent off without even having got a shot in. The same result in the third match against Tsukubu, Shohoku won 103 to 59, Hanamichi got sent off yet again after just 15 minutes in the first half. Number of points scored nil. Late on in the night of the third match, Hanamichi goes to Akagi's house to ask for advice on how not to be sent off again. But Akagi says there is a fine line between good defense and fouling. Even good players can be sent off due to fouling. Meanwhile Mitsui has just visited the doctors about his leg, and the doctor says it is just fine now, no longer need to visit the hospital. Outside the hospital Mitsui meets up with his old friend Tetsuo (fighting expert) and they talk. However Tetsuo has to go because the cops are after him for not wearing a helmet on his motorbike. Meanwhile Rukawa is in the gym practicing, Hanamichi has since gone from Akagi's home to the gym and sees Rukawa. Hanamichi swears to Rukawa that he will not be defeated by him. In the next match against Shoyo, Hanamichi will prove that he is a Tensai. (Genius).

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  • hey, i think u gonna give me a website
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    thanks anyway

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