slamdunk (volume 10)

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  • The match against Shoyo begins, Hanamichi is once again in the match. First impression of Shoyo is that the players are all very tall, 3 of which are over 190cm. The jump ball is taken by Shohoku's Akagi and Shoyo's Toru Hanagata. Tension on Akagi's part makes him accidentally mis-time his jump and the possession goes to Shoyo. However the Shohoku team is feeling the tension too, for Shoyo is rated Number 2 in the district championship to Kainen. As such their movements are very stiff and their defense suffers. But Rukawa is the first to break the mood and scores. The rest of the team don't like Rukawa's attitude of self centeredness and start to get their act together. Shoyo's passes get intercepted by Ryota, and even if Shoyo uses a strategy whereby they dominate the basket area using their height advantage. Mitsui being a 3 point scorer can get by this defense as he shoots from outside the area. Despite this, almost at the end of the first half, Shoyo leads 31 to 22. At that moment Hanamichi manages to get a spectacular rebound (surrounded by Shoyo players and it is also on the last second) before the first half ended, renewing the confidence of the team. NOTE: this means that in the second half Shohoku will start with the ball. In the second half of the game, Hanamichi dominates the game by managing to get all the offensive rebounds. Even Shoyo's Hanagata fails to stop Hanamichi. However every time Hanamichi tries to score in the basket, he fails, this happens several times. After 6 minutes the score swings in favor of Shohoku 36 to 35. With the change in score, Shoyo's captain Kenji Fujima, who is also their couch, decided it is time for him to join the match. This is the real battle now, even Kainen have come to see the match. This boosts the fighting spirit of Shoyo upon seeing their number 1 enemy (Kainen). Ryonan also are present to see the match. As soon as Fujima joins the game, the Shoyo team start to retaliate. In just less than a minute Fujima changes the score around. 37 to 36 against Shohoku.

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  • cool!:P Giggling

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  • hủh i đint read the thingị But soamming? Who????

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