slamdunk (volume 11)

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  • Fujima's addition to the team is showing its affect on Shohoku. Hanamichi once again gets the rebound, but Fujima steals from right under Hanamichi's eyes. Ryota tries to top Fujima, but proves unsuccessful. Unfortunately Hanamichi also tries and succeeds in 'FLATTENING' Fujima. Free throw to Fujima on top of the 2 points he scored passed Ryota. Also it is Hanamichi's 3rd personal foul. This makes him, worried about being sent off again. Shohoku request a Time out to rethink their strategy. The score 46 to 40 in Shoyo's favor. Fujima calls for a 1-1 defense strategy. But Kazushi Hasegawa requests Fujima to let him mark Mitsui. In the past competition Mitsui and Hasegawa have met up, but back then Mitsui is MVP and Hasegawa is no match. Now Mitsui, who hasn't played basketball for 2 years, is showing signs of fatigue. The match restarts and Hanagata once again tries to stop Hanamichi getting the rebound. A clever fake by Hanamichi, gets him into the better position to steal the rebound. Yet again Hanagata fails, but Fujima is prepared to steal the ball again. Hanamichi snatches the ball protectively and accidentally elbows Hanagata behind him. 4th personal foul to Hanamichi, one more and he is sent off. Meanwhile Mitsui is looking really tired and facing Hasegawa, who he doesn't remember. It turns out that Hasegawa vowed that he will not let Mitsui score more than 5 points. This angers Mitsui and he starts to retaliate. Score 58 to 46 against Shohoku. Mitsui shows off his devastating 3 point shooting skills and shoots in 4 times consecutively. The score 60 to 58 (Shoyo leading). With only 5 minutes to go, Mitsui once again gets a pass, but gets intercepted by Fujima. The ball is about to go out of bounds when, Mitsui using all his speed, gets the ball and saves it to Rukawa. Rukawa successfully scores. 60 to 60. Hanamichi is slighted by Rukawa for being a coward. Hanamichi has since his 4th foul shrunk away from defending the basket, but Rukawa's comment brings back the fire in him. In order to impress everyone, Hanamichi decides to perform his slam dunk. (Uh Oh!). Hanagata and Mituru Nagano both leap up to stop Hanamichi. With all his strength and his momentum, Hanamichi slams the ball into the basket. Hanagata and Nagano were both catapulted aside by the sheer force. All the spectators, Kainen, Ryonan, Shoyo, and even his own teammates were shocked by such a powerful slam dunk. The crowd started to cheer Hanamichi. However the referee blows the whistle, signaling the 5th personal foul, hence Hanamichi is sent off. But not without any reward, the crowd start to chant in Shohoku's favor. With this extra support, Shohoku beat Number 2 in the district championship Shoyo 62 to 60.

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