slamdunk (volume12)

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  • The next match Shohoku Vs Kainan. But before the match begins Kainan's Nobunga Kiyota performs a one man display of ball handling skill. Obviously Hanamichi isn't going to lose, and does his own one man display of ball handling. However the two have the same objective, both are not willing to be defeated by Rukawa (all three of them are 1st year). In the first few minutes Shohoku tries to get the upper hand by using fast attack strategy. But Kainan's captain Shinichi Maki stops all the shots with a unbelievable display of defending. A pass from Souichiro Jin to Nobunga is intercepted by Hanamichi. (the ball was high, but Hanamichi leaps the distance and catches the ball). Everyone is shocked by such a interception. Then again on contact with the floor, Hanamichi is whistled by the referee for traveling (not allowed to carry the ball for three steps or more). Kainan on the offensive and Hanamichi is against Nobunga, but Nobunga performs a stylish slam dunk and scores passed Hanamichi. Not willing to take this lying down, Hanamichi pays back the insult by doing a fake move to score passed Nobunga. Still Hanamichi attracts more attention with his rebound skills. Every time there is a rebound he is always the one to get it, no matter how many players there are with him. Maki starts to notice Hanamichi. When Maki swipes the ball away from Hanamichi the ball is about to go off side, but still Hanamichi can bring it back into play. The speed and jumping ability is incredible. Kainan's couch Riki Takato is very impressed, he has not seen someone who is faster than Maki. Maki issues the challenge to Hanamichi. The two meet at the basket area. Hanamichi looks at Maki and wonders at Maki's age. Maki replies 17, but with his face Hanamichi calls Kainan, for getting an professional adult to play the game. Nobunga calls Hanamichi for being an idiot, Maki is only 3rd year. The argument leaves Maki feeling insulted and ends up calling Akagi for looking even older than he is. Now the game is really heating up. Hanamichi gets stopped by Maki and, at that time, Takato sees the weakness in Hanamichi. In order to test out his theory Takato sends out Yoshinori Miyamasu. On appearance Miyamasu isn't suited to play basketball, only 160cm wearing glasses and looks kind of weedy. Miyamasu is sent to mark Hanamichi, the result is apparent. Hanamichi starts to lose his concentration. He thinks that Kainan is making fun of him by using such a person to mark him. As a result of Hanamichi's loss in concentration, several sure scoring opportunities are missed. On the other hand Miyamasu is a excellent 3 point shooter and consecutively gets 2 such shots in. Akagi tells Hanamichi in order to concentrate, he must not see the existence of Miyamasu, and just aim for the basket. Hanamichi takes the advice and is stopped by Maki. Maki knows that Hanamichi is bad at taking free throws and so is willing to make the foul. When Hanamichi takes the free throw he misses the ring, as such, possession of the ball goes to Kainan. Eventually Hanamichi gets recalled by Anzai sensei to stop him revealing any more of his weaknesses. Rukawa begins the offensive next volume.

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