Agriculture...wheat biology and cytogenetics

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  • Hi there,

    Anyway body know where to find info on wheat cytogenetics, biology this includes wild species, diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid
    I need the basic background on it, which I have no clue...and please don't tell me to search google hehe...coz I's better if you know any good Agriculture Journal or Cereal Journals thanks heaps...


  • winter_sonata

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  • some Journal:
    Cytogenetic and Genome Research
    Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
    Nature Genetics
    Journal of Genetics
    BMC Plant Biology
    Journal of Biology
    Journal of Cell Biology
    Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Plant Biology
    Plant Molecular Biology

    for Wheat: World Wheat Overview and Outlook (Formerly World wheat facts and trends)

    I don't know they can give you what you need or not. I just list some of them which I think maybe it can help.
    however, some of them are free access, some not. so check it in the library of your school that you have the license to log in or not.

    besides, you can also look in the website of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).
    but normally in Journal or website, they are often case study. if you need theory, I think books are better .
    doing well !!!

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