Chỉ mình làm persuassive essay đi!!

  • redcrossvenus

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  • Evil Innocent Persuassive essay about four freedoms which president roos.evelt gave: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear and freedom from want

  • billclinton408

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  • cái này giống nhừ là bạn làm Reseach Paper vậy đó mà đâu phải là viết 5 paragrapgh essay đậu, cái này bạn cần làm Research Mới có nhiều để nói về persuasive essay đó muh, bạn diên¬ tả ra về ông tống thống Rosavelt về 4 cái freedom, what's is freedom of speech, freedom of religion and so on? good luck, tớ có thể làm được but then iam lazy to doing research nào hahahh,,,hope this work for good luck...peace out Laugh of loud Grin

  • Sailor_Din25

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  • a good essay of that type is one with all four kinds of arguments. Logos, ehtos, etc.. in simple forms, facts, stats, emotional appear and logic.

  • iboyiheart

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  • here how to write a persuasive essay

    1 I dentify purpose and audience
    2. use pathos, ethos, or logos arguments
    3. Collect solid evidence
    4. use deductive or inductive reasoning

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