slam dunk (volume 14)

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  • Akagi has put Shohoku in the lead. Despite the fact that his foot is swollen, he has still managed to run and score the basket. Akagi's defense under the basket hasn't weakened at all, Azuma Takasago passes the ball to Maki. Maki is really impressed with Akagi. In such a case Maki will use all of his skill to challenge Akagi. Guarding Maki is Ryota, but Ryota looks very tired. In the first half Ryota has used all his skill to mark Maki, on the other hand Maki looks quite rested. This means that Maki has the better stamina. In a flash, Maki gets by Ryota, Akagi moves in to stop Maki. However Maki is much strong than he looks and forces the ball against Akagi and scores. As a result, Maki has scored 2 points and gains an extra free throw. (Akagi has touched Maki during the defense). Rukawa gets the ball, and passes to Akagi under the Kainan basket. Akagi gets passed Takasago to score in the basket. Maki not willing to submit to defeat, attacks the Shohoku basket. This time Akagi and Hanamichi are at the basket to defend. This doesn't stop Maki as he scores pass them too. Akagi tells Hanamichi that Maki is the number 1 seed in the district. Hanamichi likes the title, and has decided to surpass Maki to gain the title. Score 53 to 55. Maki attacks again and sends the score to 53 to 57. At this rate Shohoku uses another strategy to stop Maki. When Maki gets the ball both Ryota and Mitsui gather to guard him. Unsuccessful is the word, as Maki gets by the two. But awaiting him is the next line of defense, with Hanamichi and Rukawa. Maki pretends to force his way pass them, but in reality he passes to Soichiro Jin. Jin performs a 3 pointer, and scores. The score 59 to 66 against Shohoku. Kainan doesn't stop and once again Jin is allowed the chance to score 3 more points. The score 63 to 73. A time out is called by Anzai sensei to rethink Shohoku's strategy. The plan is to have Rukawa, Ryota, Akagi and Mitsui guard Maki should he get the ball. This leaves him only the choice to pass to Jin. At that time, Hanamichi will move in to guard Jin. The match is resumed, and the plan is set into motion. When Maki gets the ball, the four players immediately guard him. Maki passes to Jin, who is having a hard time trying to shoot pass Hanamichi. The shot is deflected, Hanamichi runs to attack Kainan's basket. Hanamichi misses the basket, but Akagi arrives and scores in the basket. Anzai sensei's strategy is effective, both Maki and Jin are stopped from scoring. Once again the ball is deflected and Hanamichi is running to attack the Kainan basket. This time however Maki is also running to stop Hanamichi. Maki reaches the basket first, but Hanamichi doesn't care for he has leaped up to slam in the basket. (This will mean he has superseded Maki to become No 1 in the district). Maki is determined not to let Hanamichi score. Maki leaps up and swipes, knocking both ball and Hanamichi to the floor. Obviously this is a personal foul by Maki, but he knows that Hanamichi is no good at free throws. Hanamichi knows, and takes a different approach to shooting. Instead of mimicking others he will take the shot using his own method. He bends his knees slightly and holds the ball between his hands, next the ball is tossed into the air and is allowed to fall down into the basket. With this method, Hanamichi manages to get both of the free throws in. Not only that, the possession of the ball also belongs to Shohoku. Score 72 to 78. Shohoku immediately attack, another rebound occurs and Hanamichi get the ball. The ball is passed to Ryota who scores in 2 points. 74 to 78. As Kainan attack, Maki is once again heavily guarded, so he passes to Nobunga. Nobunga tries to slam in the ball, but Akagi deflects the ball away. Two free throws to Nobunga, both missed. Hanamichi gets the rebound, then passes to Ryota. A pass to Mitsui is intercepted by Miyamasu. Miyamasu fools Ryota to pass to Maki. Rukawa is guarding Maki. In a flash, Maki gets by Rukawa to bring the score 74 to 80.

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