slamdunk (volume 15)

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  • Shohoku are now in the lead. Maki immediately goes into action and evens up the score. There is only 1minute 41 seconds left in the match. With only 19 seconds left of possession time Mitsui shoots a 3 pointer, alas it misses. Akagi leaps up to steal the rebound and isn't able to. The ball is about to go offside, but Hanamichi outstretched, manages to clip the ball back into play. The ball goes to Rukawa who slams in the ball. Score 86 to 90 Kainen leading. Kogure takes Rukawa's place in the match. Maki once again attacks, he takes a shot. Akagi covers Maki's line of sight and so the ball misses its mark. Not stopping Akagi jumps to snatch the rebound. Ryonan get so motivated by Akagi's performance (inspite of a swollen ankle) that they too support Shohoku. A loss in concentration gives Maki the chance to swipe the ball from Akagi, and yet Akagi reacts to recover the ball. Akagi passes to Mitsui, but Mitsui is tired and doesn't catch the ball. Kogure runs up and deflects the ball against Nobunga's knee. Throw to Shohoku. Hanamichi chops Mitsui on the head and tells him to show some skill. Mitsui chops back and knows what to do. Ryota gets the ball and isn't able to progress to the basket area, Mitsui takes the ball and forces his way there. With a shot he gets the ball to where Akagi and Hanamichi are. Takasago is marking Hanamichi and has the better position to get the rebound. Hanamichi tries a fake move to get the better position, but Takasago doesn't fall for it. Takasago gets the ball, but Ryota runs and swipes the ball out of Takasago's hands, Hanamichi gets the ball. Everyone is telling Hanamichi to shoot. Takasago leaps up to block the basket, Hanamichi does a fake and gets by Takasago. Hanamichi leaps to slam in the ball. For no apparent reason Maki too leaps to defend. Hanamichi's slam dunk knocks Maki aside. The referee blows the whistle announcing a free throw to Shohoku (personal foul by Maki). Everyone cheers, the score 88 to 90. Possibility of defeating No 1 Kainen is at hand. The plan by Shohoku is to miss the free throw and Mitsui will shoot a 3 pointer. Hanamichi uses his unique method shooting, misses the basket. Akagi grabs the rebound and passes to Mitsui. Mitsui shoots, but Nobunga is late to defend the shot. The ball misses the basket, Mitsui is shocked. Kainan's couch Takato yells to his players to get the rebound, but Hanamichi gets the ball. Then disaster happens, Hanamichi passes to what he thinks is Akagi. The ball goes into the hands of Takasago. Hanamichi is horrified. The whistle blows signalling the end of the match. Kainan won and Hanamichi cried. The next day all the Shohoku team are together to talk of the next plan. Winning 2 out of 3 matches to get 2nd representative of this district. All are present except Hanamichi, Mitsui and Akagi think Hanamichi is being too hard on himself. Meanwhile Hanamichi is at the local basketball area being sullen. The mistake is his for destroying Akagi's dream of defeating Kainan. Haruko finds Hanamichi and comforts him then leaves. At the local basketball area is another player Ryonan's Kiccho Fukuda. He sees Hanamichi and wants to challenge him. Hanamichi ends up leaving because of the gall of Fukuda to want Hanamichi to come up to him. The day soon turns to night, outside is raining. At Shohoku, a wet and miserable Hanamichi goes into the players locker room. He sits contemplating his fatal mistake. At that moment Rukawa comes in. He has just been training in the gym. Hanamichi is furious at Rukawa's attitude of self centeredness. In the gym Rukawa says that Hanamichi has already done everything expected of him and more. The reason that Shohoku lost is because he (Rukawa) didn't have the stamina to continue to the end. Hanamichi is furious at Rukawa explanation and both of them end up beating each other all night long. The next morning, Mitsui and Ryota enter into the gym and laugh their heads off at the 'monk headed' Hanamichi. The reason why he shaved his head is to discipline himself for his fatal mistake. Soon all Shohoku are talking about Hanamichi's new haircut. Also on the train everyone leaves Hanamichi to an empty carriage because of his frightening look and hairstyle. A practice match begins, the 1st years Vs 2nd and 3rd years. Mitsui is the referee. The new Hanamichi is really quite different as he soon slams in quite a few points. Anzai sensei decides to see Hanamichi's weaknesses and asks Mitsui to join in the game.

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  • hix hix bạn nào có link cua truyện này không cho mình xin với thax nhiều :)

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