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I'm a lonely 21 year old girl who lives with her sister in Portland, Oregon. HAHA, minus the lonely. I'm currently dorming with my middle sister in the Broadway building in downtown Portland. I'm a big shopper... to be more precise, I love spending money. I love Sushiville just because of the baked mussles. Oh yes, I love green tea ice cream and strawberry crepes. They're the best. My favorite drink is thai tea with bubbles. Ok, a little about me. I'm 5'3.5" ish, but I wear heels so that would make me about 5'5". HAHA. I have average length hair and my hair is every color of the rainbow. Ok, not really. It's just red and a little brown here and there. I'm chubby-ish... aiiiish, I'm fat! Nah, nevermind, I'm just a tad chubby. I was born in Vietnam. I love my home country and wish to return soon. Ok, I guess that's all for now.


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