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  • chnstopher_V http://www.calottery.com/play/draw-games/mega-millions What to Do If You Win $540M Lottery ? i just paid 500$ for MEGA... I'll be MILLION haha
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    March 29th 2012, 10:38 pm
    9 góp ý, 1 thích, 1 ghét
  • lovely_allie I cannot wait to be a millionaire tonight!!!!

  • katkatt paid $500! wow! I paid only $1 :)

  • chnstopher_V wow today mega up to 640M oh man .do u guy know it ?

  • chnstopher_V Lovely_allie :how much did you buy....?yes i hope you lucky and katkatt

  • lovely_allie I have not bought anything yet but I will soon tonight before drawing time. If you won, then u are mine so y should I buy anything ?

  • chnstopher_V @katkatt : alot people buy more than me..640M keke I'll win .why did you play only 1$ ?go buy some more ....

  • chutieuthichbeer according to my calculation, I knew that the mega # would be between 16-26 and I told my dad to buy the mega # just between 16-26 but he didnt listen to me and didnt want to waste much money for the tickets. what a shame

  • chnstopher_V @chutieuthichbeer : did you dad win ? I got all 5 match kekeke

  • chutieuthichbeer he didnt buy the numbers I told him so he didnt win

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