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  • yunis_12: i don't think i will. I don't want to go to high school yet.

  • yunis_12: i see. yeah, there is alot of things to do at the end of a year. so trying. i hope ítll end soon.

    heheh .. u will miss school when it all over :(
  • yunis_12: are you really born in 1995??

    no .. lol i just wanna look young .. am 17 though turn 18 very soon ..
    and i been doing good lately .. hope u will too :)
    just too much stuff at the end of the year
  • yunis_12: so what's up with you lately??

  • yunis_12: lol

  • yunis_12: ím not quiet, i just need someone to talk to me

    ok ... anytime for u
  • yunis_12: sorry, my computer is mess, i had to fix it.

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