A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • emdethuong

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  • A Matter of Destiny

    Fan Fiction (Cast: Michelle Yip & Ron Ng)

    A little background of the story: Michelle grew up the orphanage and became good friends with Kevin Cheng and Jack Wu. The three of them currently live together with Kevin being their “big brother.” Michelle was a pretty good student and through hardwork and loans, she managed to graduate from Hong Kong University. She currently works at Ng Enterprise (she’s worked there for 2 years already) and has shown both improvement and accomplishment. Through these two years, she has become good friends with the sons of Mr. Ng, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong (who will be Bosco Ng, in this story).

    Character Description

    Michelle is an extremely hardworking and determined person. Having grown up without parents, Michelle has made it a point to prove to everyone that she is capable of achieving success. At the same time, she is incredibly nice and sweet to the people around her. Having worked with Ron for two years, she has had a crush on him for the longest time, but he has no idea.

    Ron is somewhat of a player. He’s dated a number of girls, from teachers to doctors to models. He is quite flirty, but is nice to his friends. He’s one of those, “good to my friends, but not so good to my girlfriend” guys. However, when he finally does find the “one” he is not sure how to deal with it and this may cost him his real love.

    Raymond’s character won’t come out until later chapters, but he is the other “guy” in Michelle’s life. He is incredibly charming, well-mannered, and considerate.

    Minor Characters:

    Leila Tong: Michelle’s good friend and cousin of Bosco and Ron. She’s pretty wild and can be loud and obnoxious, but she is always there for Michelle.

    Bernice Liu: Another one of Michelle’s good friends, who also knows Bosco and Ron. She is a model and they all met through work.

    Kevin Cheng: Funny guy who appears to not be serious, but when it comes down to Michelle and Jack, he makes sure that no one will hurt them.

    Jack Wu: A bit childish and immature, but like Kevin, he will make sure that no one will hurt either of his “siblings.”

    There will no romantic feelings between Kevin, Michelle, and Jack. They treat each other like family and there is a special bond between them.

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