A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 1

    It was a normal day in Ng Corporation. Michelle in her office, typing away at her computer, working on a proposal to present to a potential client in several days. Bosco was calling around different modeling agencies, trying to find several people to help them model their new batch of designs. As for Ron, he was busy flirting with the new office assistant. Michelle looked up and through her window, she saw Ron. He must have just said something funny because it caused the girl to giggle. Michelle sighed, she sometimes didn’t know why she was still so hung up on Ron after all this time. She knew there would be nothing, but she couldn’t stop herself from liking him. Shaking her head, she turned back to her computer screen and continued with her work.

    Bosco walked by Ron and patted him on the back: Time for a meeting with dad, bro.

    Ron: I’ll be there in a sec. (turns back to the girl) I’ll see you later Sandy (winks at her, causing her to blush).

    Bosco shakes his head: Must you flirt with every new girl we hire?

    Ron grinned: I can’t help it if they fly to me like bees to honey. And it’s not like I don’t do work. I was just waiting for the meeting. You can’t use the “I’m not productive” argument.

    Bosco looks at Ron and laughs, his brother was just too much sometimes: Come on Casanova, lets go.

    By the time the meeting was over, it was 1 o’clock. Ron: Want to go to lunch Bosco? I’m starved.

    Bosco: Sure, how about that Italian restaurant down the street?

    Ron looks into Michelle’s office and sees her biting the bottom tip of her pen, she was obviously thinking about something. Ron grinned as he made his way into her office: What are you thinking about Michelle?

    Michelle: Hey Ron, Bosco. I’m just trying to figure out the proper wording. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t get it out.

    Ron: You know what you need, a good lunch.

    Michelle smiles: Can you buy me something back?

    Ron: Nope, you’re coming with us.

    Michelle: I can’t. I really need to…

    Ron: As your supervisor, well, there are two of us here, so make that plural, you have to come.

    Michelle laughs: You can’t make me have lunch with you.

    Ron grins: But I know you want to. Come on Miche, you can’t stay in all day, right Bosco?

    Bosco smiles at her: Lets go Michelle. You know how persistent and annoying my brother can be, spare me and go.

    Michelle: Fine.

    Bosco watched as Ron and Michelle walked out ahead of him. Bosco sometimes wished that Michelle was dating his brother. They complemented each other so well. But knowing Ron, he would never be able to settle down and Michelle was too nice of a girl and too much of a friend for Ron to date. Ron was initially attracted to Michelle, but the more they became friends, the more Ron stopped himself from heading down that direction. To Ron, Michelle was a buddy, a colleague, a confidant, and Ron didn’t want to think of things that would hurt their current relationship.

    Once they were seated, their waitress came over and Ron immediately put on his game. Waitress: Hi, my name is Kate and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I start you guys off with anything?

    Ron: He’ll have a Coke, an iced tea for the lady, and how about your phone number for me?

    The waitress looked at Ron and immediately blushed. Ron smirked: So are you going to fulfill my order?

    Kate looked down and smiled shyly: I’ll come back with your orders soon.

    Michelle watched Ron flirt with the waitress and felt a sharp pain in her heart. She’s witnessed this scene all too often, but each and every time, it cut her heart the same way. She sometimes wished she wasn’t such good friends with Ron, at least he wouldn’t tell her stories about him and his girlfriends.

    Bosco shook his head: Do you always have to do that?

    Ron: She’s going to give me her number. (grins) She’s hot, man.

    Michelle hated instances like this, times when she wished she was deaf so she wouldn’t have to hear him go on and on about how pretty or hot a girl was. Kate returned shortly with their drinks and just as Ron predicted, she gave him a piece of paper with her number on it.

    Ron: So what do you get off work Kate?

    Kate: 6:30.

    Ron gave her his winning smile: So how about dinner at 6:45 then?

    Kate smiled: Okay, I’ll see you then.

    Ron: And that my friend is how it’s done.

    Bosco: Watch out for guys like him Michelle, don’t date them.

    Ron grins: Michelle knows that she’s still my #1 girl, right? (meaning it in a friendly way).

    Bosco: Tonight? We have to finish the proposal tonight.

    Ron: That’s tonight, but…

    Michelle sighs: Just go, I’ll take care of it.

    Ron: Really? You’re the best Michelle. (smiles) Lunch on me for the rest of the week.

    Michelle stayed at the office until 10 pm that night. Bosco had to work on another project so it was just her by herself. Just as she was leaving, she got a call from Jack. Smiling, she picked up her phone: What can I do for you?

    Jack: Did I tell you how pretty you looked today?

    Michelle: What do you need?

    Jack: My sister is so smart.

    Michelle Yeah, yeah, spit it out.

    Jack: You see, I’m really craving some red bean dessert right now, from that place that we always go to (I’ll just call it City A).

    Michelle: City A? That’s half an hour from here.

    Jack: But Jack really wants some, please Michelle, please.

    Michelle groaned: Fine, but I’m charging you double.

    Ron was driving by when he saw Michelle trying to flag down a cab. He drove over and rolled down his windows: Need a ride beautiful?

    Michelle: No, I’m fine. Jack wants some dessert so I’m heading there right now.

    Ron grinned: Not a problem, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.

    Michelle: Are you sure?

    Ron: Just get in Michelle.

    Michelle got in the car: Sorry for bothering you.

    Ron grins: You are never a bother. And besides, it’s the least I could do after you worked on the proposal by yourself.

    Michelle: Oh, so how was your date? (she blurted it out without thinking, part of her wanted to know while the other part dreaded it when he told her, but it was too late).

    Ron groaned: Horrible. That Kate girl is not interesting at all. She doesn’t know anything about sports, she doesn’t know anything about music, it was just bad.

    Michelle: Maybe you were too harsh on her.

    Ron: Well, there are other ladies out there, don’t need to worry about me.

    Before Michelle could respond, her phone rang again: What do you want now King Jack?

    Jack laughs: Actually, it’s for Kevin. He wants some as well.

    Michelle: Fine, you two better cook me a good breakfast tomorrow morning or else.

    Jack: Or else what? What have you ever done to us (laughs). Bye.

    When Ron dropped Michelle off, he was about to get out of his car to walk her up, but she adamantly refused. He finally agreed to watch her walk inside the building safely before driving off.

    Michelle: Here you go pigs!

    Kevin: What’s with the name calling Michelle?

    Jack: Bad day at work? Not that we really care (laughs).

    Michelle hits him on the head: Lets see if I’m going to down to City A next time you call me.

    Kevin: You always say that, but you always come back with dessert. (puts a hand over Michelle’s shoulder). Is there something wrong? You tell me and I’ll go handle it for you.

    Michelle laughs: No, everything is fine. Enjoy your food. And remember Jack, a good breakfast tomorrow morning.

    She walked inside her room and thought about what Ron told her. So his date tonight didn’t go so well, but Michelle knew that there would be many more “Kates” that Ron would come across. She just didn’t know how much more she could handle.

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