A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 2

    Mr. Ng: The proposal looks great boys. You two did a wonderful job.

    Ron: Actually dad, Michelle was a big help in this.

    Mr. Ng mused: Really?

    Ron: Yes, you see, I had to be somewhere last night so…

    Mr. Ng: So Michelle offered to do the rest of it while you were on a date last night.

    Ron looked at his dad: How did you know?

    Mr. Ng let out a soft chuckle: I came by last night to pick up something and I saw Michelle working in her office. She didn’t see me and so I didn’t bother her. I was wondering if you were going to tell me about her help.

    Ron: So you tried to set me up dad!

    Mr. Ng and Bosco laughs. Mr. Ng: At least my son gave Michelle her well-deserved credit. Son, you really need to stop going on these useless dates.

    Ron: Dad, I know what I’m doing. Since the meeting is over, I’m going back to my office.

    Mr. Ng watches Ron walk out and sighs: That son of my mine. And what about you Bosco? One likes to date new girls every day while the other doesn’t like to date. No girls out there for you?

    It was now Bosco’s turn to groan: Dad, do we really need to go there?

    Mr. Ng chuckles: Okay, okay, but I’m telling you, if you don’t find a girlfriend soon, I might just have to set you up with one of my friend’s daughters.

    Bosco shakes his head and knows that his dad is trying to threaten him: You do that dad. I’m leaving. Bye.

    There was a loud knock on Michelle’s door and the person went in and sat down. Michelle was busy looking through some files so she didn’t say much to the person: Michelle Yip, how dare you ignore your best friend.

    Michelle looks up and laughs: Hi Leila, what can I do for you?

    Leila laughs, she knew Michelle’s personality, she was determined to prove to the world that she was capable: Dropped by see if you were free for lunch.

    Michelle: How can I say no to my (emphasizes) best friend? Where would Miss Tong like to go?

    Ron poked his head inside her office: I thought I heard you. (teases) You’re really loud Leila.

    Leila makes a face at him: You’re lucky we’re related or I’d beat you up right now. What do you want?

    Ron: Excuse me, but I believe this is Michelle’s office. I’m here to see her, not you.

    Leila rolled her eyes: Well, Michelle is going to lunch with me so whatever you need will just have to wait.

    Michelle: What is it Ron? Do you need something for your project?

    Ron laughs: No, don’t you remember? I told you lunch on me for the rest of the week.

    Leila: What kind of punishment is that?

    Michelle laughs: Come on Lei, it’s okay. After all, he is your cousin.

    Leila: Fine, where’s the other brother, call him, too.

    Ron made sure they went to a different restaurant from yesterday. Leila was curious to why her cousin was so against going to that Italian restaurant.

    Leila tugged on Michelle’s arm: I know you know, what happened?

    Michelle: Ron hit on our waitress yesterday, but didn’t have fun on his date so he’s avoiding her now. (smiles at him teasingly) Right Ron?

    Leila looked at Michelle, she knew her friend had a crush on Ron and was surprised that she was able to smile and joke about it. But then again, Michelle was always a strong girl.

    Bosco jokes: Ron better stop hitting on waitresses around her or else he’ll have no places to eat at.

    Michelle giggles at that comment and soon after Leila joins her. Ron looks at Michelle’s adorable face and grins as well.

    With this big project coming up, the company contacted several models and they were all coming in to talk more about this modeling gig.

    Bosco: Ron, you think you can keep your hands to yourself?

    Ron grinned: Bees to honey bro, that’s all I have to say.

    Michelle shook her head, why did Ron have to boast about him and his girls? But what could she do? The models slowly walked in and the last one came in and stood right in front of Michelle.

    The model looked her up and down: Michelle Yip?

    Michelle folded her arms across her chest: That’s me.

    Model: Not bad for a designer.

    Michelle smirks: Not bad for a model.

    The two girls smiled as they hugged each other. Michelle: You look great Bernice.

    Bernice giggles: Like I said, you’re not bad either.

    From the corner, Bosco and Ron shook their heads. Michelle and Bernice had a strange way of reacting when they saw each other. The two of them were good friends, along with Leila, and shared a very strong bond. The two boys walked over and Ron put an arm over Bernice: So how’s my favorite top model?

    Bernice playfully pushed his arm off of her: And how’s my favorite heartbreaker? Done any damage today?

    Ron: Ouch, I’m hurt Bernice.

    Bernice laughs: Well, think of all those girls, both those you’ve dated and some that you don’t.

    Michelle rolled her eyes, her two best friends knew about her feelings for Ron and she hated it when they tried to hint about it. It not only made her feel uncomfortable, but she also doesn’t want Ron to know. It would be horrible if he found out.

    Michelle quickly jumped in: Lets start the meeting, shall we? (whispered to Bernice) And you, stop it.

    Bernice asked her slyly: Stop what?

    After the meeting was over, Michelle saw that Ron was busy in the corner, talking to one of the models named Mandy. Bernice caught her looking at them and she felt bad for her friend. She walked over to Michelle: That girl doesn’t look half as good as you. And she’s not that smart either. Ron’s just a dumb guy.

    Michelle laughed at what Bernice said: Thanks. I’m having dinner with Leila at my house today, with Kev and Jack, want to come?

    Bernice: Sure, I haven’t seen your brothers in a while.
    Bosco: What are you two ladies talking about?

    Bernice: Michelle invited me over to dinner with her brothers and Lei.

    Michelle: Want to come?

    Bosco grinned: I was waiting for the invite (looked over at Ron and saw that the girl was holding onto his tie, smiling) I guess we could leave out Ron. He apparently found another girl.

    Michelle forced a smile: Lets go.

    Before they left, Michelle couldn’t help, but turn around and look at Ron with Mandy again. Ron was giving her his killer smile and she was eating it up. Bernice grabbed hold of her best friend and urged her to walk on. Michelle gave her an appreciative smile before walking out with them.

    Jack: Hey Bernice, are you sure you can eat all this food, you might get fat! (laughs)

    Bernice throws a dinner roll at him: You shut up Jack Wu!

    Jack: I’m just watching out for my sister. After all, if you’re going to model the designs, her work is at stake if she has a fat model.

    Bernice laughs, but also glares at Jack: You know what, you’re right Jack. In fact, I shouldn’t eat grilled fish. And since you care so much about me, you should eat it all for me Jack (smiles at him sweetly and puts in all on his plate, knowing that he hates fish). What’s the matter Jack, too touched to eat it? Well you better, because we’re all watching.

    Michelle laughed at Jack’s face. He knew he was beaten and couldn’t do anything, but glare at Bernice and Leila, who gave each other high-5s and snickered at Jack’s expense. Bosco gave Jack a pat on the back: I should have told you to never mess with those three girls.

    Michelle: That’s right, don’t mess with us Jack (laughs) you too, Kev!

    Kevin: Don’t get me involved. And Jack, you better eat all of that (laughs).

    Michelle always enjoyed dinner at home, Kevin and Jack were always so animated and funny. And today, there was Bernice, Leila, and Bosco, they made dinner that much better. Even though she subconsciously thought about Ron and how his date was going, she knew that there was nothing she could do about it.

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