A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 25

    Nancy got to the restaurant and saw Kevin already sitting there. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to him: Sorry, did you wait long?

    Kevin: No, not at all. Have a seat.

    Nancy: So um, what was that you wanted to talk to me about? (But before Kevin could say anything) I’m really sorry Kevin about the whole Myolie thing. I know she was wrong, but I just…I’m sorry Kevin.

    Kevin: Hey, no one is blaming you (smiles). Honest.

    Nancy looked up at him and a faint smile appeared on her lips: Really?

    Kevin laughs: Yes. We all know that this has nothing to do with you, and I promise you, even Leila is not mad at you.

    Nancy: I feel a lot better, thank you. Thank you for telling me this.

    Kevin clears his throat: There’s actually something else that I wanted to tell, well ask, you. I…uh…well, I know we haven’t known each other for that long, but (Nancy bit her lip to prevent herself from smiling, she knew where this was headed) um…would you like to go out on a date with me?

    Nancy smiles teasingly: Maybe.

    Kevin: Maybe?

    Nancy nodded: Depends on where you plan on taking me and if I have to pay or not. (laughs, as does Kevin).

    Ron, Bosco, Sam, Chris, and a couple other guys were hanging out together, a “guys night out” having a couple of beers at a bar.

    Chris: I can’t believe you’ve been attached for so long man!

    Sam laughs: I know, this must be some world record for you.

    Ron grins: Ten and a half wonderful months and still counting.

    Chris groans: You’re getting soft man.

    Ron: That’s what love does to you.

    Bosco laughs: You have definitely changed Ron.

    Sam (sarcastically): Pretty soon, you’re going to want to go plant flowers and make potpourri.

    Ron: Laugh all you want boys, but one day, if you’re lucky enough to meet that special girl, like my Michelle, you’ll be hooked, just like me.

    Bosco: Hey, Bernice is just as great.

    Sam and Chris gave each other disgusted looks and shook their heads. They could believe Bosco, but Ron? He was the mayor of Player-ville, and now look at him. Halfway through their second round of beers, Ron got a call and a goofy grin immediately appeared on his face. He excused himself from the guys and went to a more quiet area.

    Ron: Hey baby, you just got out of the movies?

    Michelle: Yes, it was such a good movie.

    Ron laughed: Did you cry your eyes out again like last time?

    Michelle: So what? At least I don’t have an insensitive person who laughed at me while I cried during the movie.

    Ron teased: So both you and Nancy were crying like babies?

    Michelle jokes: That’s it, I’m hanging up on you right now.

    Ron: Like you would (the line ended abruptly, shocking Ron).

    He immediately called back Michelle, but it was a busy signal. Michelle was calling him as well and after several minutes, she got through: Sorry Ron, some guy bumped into me and I dropped the phone on the floor.

    Ron: Are you okay? Did you hit yourself?

    Michelle smiled into the phone sweetly: No, I’m fine. (teased) Scared you didn’t I? You really thought I hung up on you, huh?

    Ron chuckled: Like you would, and besides, don’t forget, you said it yourself that “there are many girls in HK that want to sleep with Ron.” I have nothing to worry about.

    Michelle challenged him back: And I do?

    Ron laughs: I don’t know, do you?

    Michelle giggled: Hey, Nancy and I are going to eat now. I’ll talk to you later.

    Ron: Don’t you mean you’ll see me later?

    Michelle: It’ll be late and you’ve been drinking so I don’t want you to have to drive.

    Ron grins happily: I’ll be over bright and early tomorrow.

    Michelle jokes: Sure, if you don’t have a major hangover tonight.

    Ron laughs: I’ll see you later honey (makes a kissing sound through the phone).

    Michelle smiles: I love you. Bye.

    Michelle hangs up and smiles to herself, while Nancy teases her: I love you honey. I love you, too sweetheart!

    Michelle looks at Nancy and blushes while Nancy laughs: You guys are so cute! I’m jealous, haha!

    Michelle grinned: You don’t have to, you have Kevin.

    Nancy laughs: So where are we eating?

    Ron joined his group and noticed that Bosco was missing: Where did B go?

    Sam groaned: Like you, his “wonderful” girlfriend called.

    Ron laughs: You guys will understand in due time.

    A couple of girls walked by and wink at Ron, who simply smiled politely and looked away.

    Chris: Why did you do that man?

    Ron: What?

    Chris: Give them the cold shoulder. Those girls were hot.

    Ron: I’m not interested.

    Sam: But we are. Michelle’s not even here, would it have killed you to invite them over for a drink?

    Ron: I don’t want to give anyone a feeling that I’m going to leave the bar with them, when I know it’s not going to happen. Come on guys, we’re just here to hang out. You guys can look for girls another night.

    Chris and Sam looked at each other and sighed. It was no use doing anything tonight. They nodded their heads and ordered another round of beer.

    The next couple of weeks, Ng Corporation was incredibly busy because of a new project that they recently picked up. Ron and Michelle didn’t have as much time to go out on “dates,” but since they were able to see each other every day, it was just as great for them. However, Bernice and Bosco had less time and she even complained about it to him. Ron and Michelle laughed when they saw Bosco’s depressed face after he told her that he couldn’t accompany her to the movies, causing her to hang up.

    Michelle: Why don’t you go ahead Bosco?

    Bosco: But there’s so much work to do here.

    Ron put an arm around Michelle: We got it covered. You should really hurry and meet up with Princess Bernice or else you’ll be in deep trouble.

    Bosco grins: You guys need anything?

    Michelle giggles: Nope, but lunch on you tomorrow.

    Bosco: No problem. Thanks so much guys.

    Ron: Go on already, you starting to sound gay.

    After an hour and a half of working, Ron went to make them some coffee. He came back in and saw Michelle looking at her file intently, her eyebrows furrowed, analyzing the information. Ron laughed and put down her coffee: You think you want a break now?

    Michelle (without looking up): Hmm? I’m fine. Thanks for coffee.

    When Michelle finished doing her part of the project, she looked over and saw Ron yawn. She smiled as she headed over to him and started to give him a massage. Ron grinned and closed his eyes: This feels good, thanks.

    Michelle continued massaging him for a while and only stopped when he held her hands. She leaned forward, looking directly at him: Did I hurt you?

    Ron smiled: No, it was great. I just wanted to hold your hands.

    Michelle smiled shyly: Do you want more coffee? I could make you the Michelle blend.

    Ron: How about we save that for tomorrow? It’s almost one, lets continue tomorrow.

    Michelle: How about another 30 minutes? I just thought of something.

    Ron laughs and pinched her nose: Fine, you workaholic. And the clock is ticking.

    Mr. Ng decided that he was going to send Michelle and Ron over to Italy to finish the project with their clients. Since Michelle knew Italian and had been working on the project, it was fitting that she went and Ron (although he worked on it as well) went because he insisted that it would be unsafe for a girl to travel by herself and Italy. He had to go to “protect” Michelle.

    Bosco laughed when he heard Ron’s argument: Whatever man, you just want to go to Italy so you and Michelle can have a mini vacation.

    Ron glared at Bosco: Excuse me, what was that? Go have dinner with Bernice, we’ll take care of the work here.

    Bosco laughed harder: Okay, okay, I’m sorry.

    Mr. Ng laughs as well: It’s fine son. I knew you’d want to go and did book two tickets. I was just wondering what points you would raise in your persuasive speech. Safety, that’s a pretty good one. You two leave in two days and I expect you to take care of Michelle.

    Ron grins: No problem.

    Michelle was packing her suitcase when Jack sat down on her bed: Where are you going again?

    Michelle: Milan, Italy.

    Kevin: By yourself? Or is Ron going?

    Michelle sighed, her two brothers were protective (or you could say nagging) of her: Yes, I am going with Ron.

    Jack: Whew, because Italy isn’t too safe of a place.

    Michelle: Come on guys, I’m an adult and I’ll only be gone for a week. Relax.

    Jack pretends to wipe a tear and hugs Kevin: Our baby is all grown up.

    Kevin played along: Calling herself an adult and everything. My, how they grow.

    The three of them looked at one another and cracked up. Michelle: Okay, I get it. You two are worried, but I’ll be okay. I promise.

    Kevin and Jack look at one another with mischievous grins and then both went to hug Michelle tightly: Our baby girl!

    When they got to their hotel in Milan, the bellboy helped them carry their luggage to their bedroom and Michelle smiled when she saw the view. She was amazed by how beautiful the city was. She looked around the room and screamed when she saw the shower.

    Ron: What? What’s wrong?

    Michelle: The shower. There’s no door or wall that separates it from the room and the walls of the shower are clear!

    Ron gave Michelle a wicked smile: I know, great isn’t it?

    Michelle was indignant: What?

    Ron put his arms around her: It’s okay honey, calm down.

    Michelle: But…but we share a room. How…(looks down) how are we going to shower?

    Ron adored Michelle even more at times this like, but he couldn’t resist the urge to tease her some more: I could teach you how to shower if you want.

    Michelle looked up at him, cheeks flushed and eyes widened. Ron chuckled and pulled her closer to him: We’ve been together for so long now, we can see each other naked, don’t you think?

    Michelle’s heart was pounding against her chest, but she managed to look at Ron in the eyes: If you really want that (smiles), I’m ready.

    Ron was shocked when he heard her say that. He had been only teasing her and from the looks on her face, he knew she wasn’t ready. Ron knew she wanted to make him happy and was willing, but he didn’t want their first time to be like this. He had waited this long, what was the rush now? He gently caressed her cheeks: I’m sorry honey, I was just teasing you about the shower thing. And I’m not trying to force you. I want you to want to, not feel like you have to.

    Michelle: But just before…

    Ron put a finger on her lips: No rush. We have our whole lives ahead of us (kissed her forehead), right?

    Michelle smiled at him shyly: I love you.

    Ron beamed, he was still amazed by how he felt so tingly each time Michelle said that to him: I love you, too. About the shower, how about I just have my back to you?

    Michelle gave him the eye: And you think I’m dumb enough to fall for that?

    Ron chuckled: I don’t know, are you?

    Michelle put her arms around his neck: I think so, but if you take one peek, I’ll kill you.

    Ron laughs: So if I take more than on peek, I’ll be safe?

    Michelle giggles and slapped him on his chest: You wish!

    Their meeting with the Italian clients went smoothly and they were impressed by Michelle’s Italian. When they got up to leave, they each kissed Michelle hand, who smiled politely while Ron glared at them.

    Ron: You need to wash your hands.

    Michelle looked at him with confusion: Why? Did I touch something dirty?

    Ron: Yes, your hand made contact with those guys’ lips. Now do you not call that dirty?

    Michelle giggled: Ron, are you jealous?

    Ron denied it: Of course not! You…you just don’t know what germs people carry.

    Michelle linked her arm with his: Hey, you make me answer every embarrassing question that you ask, it’s your turn. Were you jealous?

    Ron pretended to look around: Hmm… I think we should eat dinner soon since…

    Michelle let go of his arm and pouted: Ron.

    Ron sighed as he looked at his adorable princess: Yes, I was jealous. No one should be allowed to kiss you except for me.

    Michelle giggled: What about Kevin and Jack?

    Ron: They’re family so it’s okay, but it depends on where. (sees Michelle’s grinning face and couldn’t help but smile back at her) Can we leave for dinner now? (Michelle shook her head). Why not?

    Michelle (with a teasing smile): I need to wash my hands first.

    Ron chuckled to himself silently as he watched Michelle walk into the ladies’ room.

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