A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 28

    Michelle had just gotten out of the shower so her hair was still wet and she was wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She had tears running down her face. She had taken off without her purse, her phone, her wallet. The only thing she knew was that she had to get out of Ron’s apartment. She ran across the street, but didn’t see that a car was coming. Luckily, the driver stopped in time, who was shocked to see Michelle standing frozen in the middle of the street, crying.

    Bosco and Bernice looked at each other for a second before they both got out of the car and ran to Michelle. Bernice: What’s wrong Miche? Are you okay?

    Michelle held Bernice’s arm tightly: Can you take me home?

    Bernice: Sure. Should I call Ron? Where is he?

    Michelle shook her head: Can you take me now?

    Bernice led her to the car and made eye contact with Bosco, telling him to drive without asking any questions. By the time Ron made it downstairs, Michelle was nowhere to be found. He closed his eyes in agony, but couldn’t do anything, at least not at the moment.

    Michelle was crying silently to herself in the car while Bosco and Bernice exchanged worried glances. Bernice had sat in the backseat with Michelle and was hugging her, consoling her that everything would be all right.

    Michelle sniffled: I’m sorry for bothering you guys. It’s just that I don’t have my purse or…

    Bernice: It’s okay. We’re friends and you’re not bothering us. What’s wrong?

    Michelle looked at Bernice and got even more teary. But she was able to choke out: Ron…some girl…baby.

    Bernice: What? Ron has a baby with another woman? (Bosco slammed on the breaks)

    Michelle: Three months pregnant (sniffles). Cheated…

    Bernice’s eyes filled with rage: That no-good cheating scoundrel. Wait till I’m through with him!

    Bosco: Michelle, I know you’re upset over this, but I don’t think Ron would do something like this to you. You know he adores you.

    Bernice: He’s your brother, of course you would defend him.

    Bosco gave Bernice the eye, telling her that she wasn’t helping the situation. Normally, Bernice would have argued back, but since this concerned her friend, she didn’t want to make matters worse.

    Michelle looked up at them: Thanks for the ride and sorry again.

    Bernice: Nonsense. You’re my best friend. Let me take you up.

    Michelle shook her head: I know you mean well Ber, but I just want to be alone right now.

    Bernice was worried: But…

    Michelle: I promise you, I won’t do anything stupid. (Bernice nods). Bye, bye Bosco.

    They watched Michelle make it inside safely before they got into the car. Bernice frowned at Bosco: Can you believe your brother?

    Bosco: Come on honey, we need to at least hear his side of the story.

    Bernice: If he wasn’t your brother, I’d kill him. Go.

    Bosco: Go where?

    Bernice: The jerk’s apartment. How can I beat him up if I don’t see him?

    Bosco sighed, but obliged. He, too, wanted to know the truth behind all this.

    Michelle realized that she didn’t have her keys with her so she had to ring the doorbell. From behind the screen, Jack couldn’t tell that she was crying so he joked: Where did you keys go young lady?

    Imagine his surprise when he opened the door and saw Michelle standing there, with tears flowing down her cheeks uncontrollably.

    Jack: What happened? Who did this to you?

    Michelle shook her head: I don’t want to talk to about it right now.

    Jack grabbed her arm: Miche, talk to me.

    Michelle wiped some tears away: Not now Jack.

    Michelle went inside her room, crawled onto her bed and cried her eyes out, while hugging tightly onto her pillow. Jack was standing by her door, worried and unsure of what to do. He wanted to give her space, but at the same time, he wanted to be there for her. Kevin got home shortly and saw Jack pacing back and forth in front of Michelle’s room.

    Kevin gives him an odd look: What are you doing Jack?

    Jack immediately walks over and pulls Kevin into the kitchen: Something is wrong with Michelle.

    Kevin’s expression immediately changed into worry: Why? What happened?

    Jack: I don’t know. I opened the door and she was crying uncontrollably. I tried to talk to her, but she said to leave her alone. I don’t know what to do.

    Kevin: Does Ron know?

    Jack shrugged his shoulders: I don’t know. I’ve just been standing in front of her room. Should we go in?

    Kevin: Call Ron, maybe he’ll know.

    Jack picked up the phone, but then stopped: Maybe he’s the cause of this. I was just with Lei so she won’t know.

    Kevin: And I was just with Nancy. Bernice, call her.

    At that moment, Michelle’s door opened: I’m okay. You guys don’t have to worry.

    Kevin and Jack rushed over to her. Kevin: Are you sure? Why are you crying so hard then?

    Michelle shook her head: I’m fine. You don’t need to call anyone. Just go to bed.

    Jack: But…

    Kevin stopped him: Okay. But let us know if you need anything.

    Michelle nodded her head slowly before walking back into her room.

    Jack hit Kevin on the shoulder: Why did you do that?

    Kevin: It’s obvious that Miche doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Just give her some time and she’ll tell us when she’s ready.

    Jack You don’t actually believe she’s okay, do you?

    Kevin shook his head: Of course not, do you hear that? (faint crying sounds could be heard). But what can we do?

    Jack: Go in and make her feel better.

    Kevin: No smarty-pants, give her space. Come on little bro, we’ll get to the bottom of this soon.

    The next morning, Ron (Bosco and Bernice weren’t able to get a hold of him. By the time they got to his apartment, no one was there) went to Michelle’s place, looking as if he hadn’t slept all night. Jack opened the door: Thank goodness you’re here. Do you know what happened with Michelle last night? She came home crying, but didn’t want to talk to us. She told us she was fine, but we were able to hear her still crying inside. What happened? Did you two get into an argument or something?

    Ron felt horrible that he was the reason why she was crying: Um, is she here?

    Michelle got out of her room: Morning Jack (she stopped when she saw Ron). What are you doing here?

    Ron: Michelle, we really need to talk.

    Michelle looked away: I heard everything I needed to last night.

    Ron: No, you didn’t.

    Michelle started to get teary again: You must think I’m some big idiot, huh?

    Ron: What? No, of course not. Michelle, I…

    Michelle: I can’t believe you would cheat on me Ron! All that talk about waiting until I was ready was a bunch of bull! You know (laughs bitterly), I felt really bad and guilty that I haven’t been able to be that intimate with you, and thought that you were so understanding to not pressure me. But it was only because you were out doing it with other girls! You said you love me. How could you do this to me Ron?

    Ron reached out to wipe her tears, but she stepped back: I love you Michelle, I really do. Yes, I slept with that girl, but it wasn’t during the time we were together. It was before, way before.

    Michelle: Then how could she be pregnant with your baby?

    Ron: I don’t know what she’s talking about! It’s not my baby!

    Michelle: If you weren’t the father, why would she say it’s yours? If you thought I was some sort of prude or something, you could have told me. I would have tried to be different or…

    Ron: No, I don’t want you to change. I think you’re perfect, you’re not a prude. Michelle, you have to believe me!

    Michelle didn’t say anything, but looked at him with glistened eyes. Jack and Kevin had been there the entire time and were outraged. Jack lunged towards Ron and gave him a good punch, causing Ron to fall to the ground.

    Michelle: Jack, what are you doing?

    Jack: Giving this jerk what he deserves. (looks at Ron) Get up, I’m not done.

    Michelle looks at Ron: Just leave, I don’t want to see you.

    Kevin: No, he’s not going anywhere until we’re through.

    Michelle: Just leave! (she looked at Jack and Kevin with pleading eyes) Just let him go.

    Ron: Michelle, please…

    Michelle shook her head: Leave!

    Ron reluctantly left and Michelle looked at her two brothers, who looked as if they were ready to pop a vein.

    Jack: Why didn’t you tell us? I would have beaten him up last night.

    Michelle: I want you to promise me Jack, you too Kev, that neither of you will look for Ron to fight him.

    Jack: What? Are you out of your mind?

    Kevin jabbed him: If that’s what you want, fine.

    Jack looked at Kevin incredulously: What the heck is your problem?

    Michelle looked at Jack, with tears in her eyes: Please?

    Jack: Fine, whatever.

    Kevin and Jack were still upset over what they had just promised, but the sound of Michelle sobbing put their anger to a halt. Kevin hugged Michelle while Jack ruffled her hair affectionately. Jack: The guy’s a jerk.

    Kevin glared at Jack, while Jack realized that he once again said the wrong thing: How about some breakfast? I’ll cook.

    Kevin joked: Wow, Chef Jack is cooking. We have to see this.

    Michelle looked up and gave them a small smile: I want French Toast.

    Jack grinned: Your wish is my command.

    Ron left her apartment building with a busted lip and a dejected soul. He didn’t know how he got into this mess. Sure, he was a player once, but not anymore. He couldn’t fathom why Kristy would randomly show up at his apartment and say she was carrying his child. Bu he didn’t have time to solve these little mysteries. There was only one thing in his mind, and that was to get Michelle. He needed her to believe him.

    However, his attempts had been futile. Not only did she not answer his calls, her brothers threatened to have his number blocked if he continued calling. He spent every night after work at the bar, drinking until he threw up. Luckily, Bosco was there with him every time and was able to make sure that he got home safely.

    Ron (drunk): I guess this is karma, isn’t it B? I finally fall for a girl and then bam! This happens! (laughs) I deserve this, don’t I?

    Bosco: Come on Ron, it’s time to go home.

    Ron: No, I want more shots!

    Bosco sighed, seeing his brother and Michelle both heartbroken made him feel awful. He could only hope that this misunderstanding would get resolved soon.

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