A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 29

    Michelle found herself walking aimlessly around the streets and on one particular night, she saw Bosco helping Ron out of a bar. He looked incredibly drunk and fell on the floor. Michelle wanted to run over to see if he was okay, but she knew she couldn’t. She watched as Bosco helped him off the ground, but a few steps later, Ron bent over and hurled. Michelle was saddened to see Ron like this, but at the same time, she knew he would be taken care of with Bosco there. She turned around to leave before she couldn’t fight the urge to run over to him.

    Michelle had to go into work the next day and she had to avoid Ron. The people in the office sensed that something was wrong with these two, but no one dared to say anything. Ron knew Michelle’s personality and even though it killed him to not be able to see her, he knew that she wouldn’t want to talk about this during work hours.

    Just as Michelle opened the door to her office to leave, she saw Ron standing outside, looking tired and disheveled: I really need to talk to you.

    Michelle looked away: Ron.

    Ron got her to look at him: I’m not lying to you. I know in your heart you know that I would never do anything to hurt you.

    Michelle: Please Ron, don’t make this harder for me than it already is.

    Ron had watery eyes: After everything we’ve been through, you know I love you, I love you so much that it hurts that you don’t believe me.

    Michelle looked at Ron and a tear slid out. Ron reached up and helped her wipe it away and this time, she didn’t move back. Ron: Michelle, please, I know we can…

    Jack: Get your filthy, cheating hands off of her!! What did we tell you the other day? Do you want another bust on your lip? Lets go Michelle.

    Michelle tore her eyes away from Ron and let Jack drag her out of the office, leaving a very miserable Ron staring after them.

    Jack looked at Michelle: Good thing I got here in time. Why don’t you take a break from work Miche? Stay away from him.

    Michelle: Jack, thanks for coming today, but do you mind if I walk around alone for a while?

    Jack eyed her: You’re not going to go up and talk to that jerk are you?

    Michelle shook her head: I promise.

    Jack sighed: Okay, be back soon or else you know Kev, he’ll get worried.

    Michelle walked to her favorite restaurant that made crepes and went inside, ordering herself a nice big plate. Ray happened to drive by and when he saw her, he pulled over and went inside.

    Ray smiling: Mind if I sit down?

    Michelle didn’t look up: I’m sorry, is it okay if I just sit by myself? Sorry sir, I know it’s rude, but…

    Ray: Michelle, it’s me.

    Michelle looked up: Oh Ray, hi. I’m sorry, please sit down.

    Ray: Are you okay?

    Michelle nodded: Want some crepes?

    Ray ordered himself some and looked at her: Where’s Ron? (noticed the immediate change in Michelle’s face) What’s wrong?

    Michelle looked at him and told him the entire story, ending it with tears. Ray handed her a tissue: I’m sorry for bringing it up.

    Michelle shook her head: It’s not your fault.

    Ray looked at Michelle closely: You really believe that Kristy girl?

    Michelle: I don’t know.

    Ray: Don’t you think Ron deserves the benefit of the doubt?

    Michelle: I’ve really thought about it Ray. I know Ron loves me and we’ve been together for a year and a half, but it doesn’t make sense that some random girl will just come to his place and spring this news on him. Ron told me that he did sleep with her, but it was way before we started dating. I’m…I’m just really confused.

    Ray nodded: So what are you going to do? (Michelle was silent) Let me ask you a question, do you still love him?

    Michelle (without thinking): Yes.

    Ray smiled and gave her a friendly pat on her hand: I think we both know you have an answer. Trust your heart Michelle. Let me take you home.

    Ron was going out, getting drunk every night, while Michelle spent a majority of the time in her room. She was still as heartbroken and confused as ever, unable to forget the words of that girl. Her eyes wandered around the room and saw all the different pictures of her and Ron. She closed her eyes in anguish, not knowing what to believe. Ron had been so adamant about not having slept with that girl since they started dating. Michelle wanted to believe him, she wanted to desperately, but she was torn.

    Michelle turned on her radio and it was playing “I’ll Stand by You,” by the Pretenders. As the song was going, one particular phrase caught her attention, “nothing you confess, can make me love you less, I’ll stand by you.” Somehow, those words hit her directly at the heart. Memories of her and Ron started flowing through her mind and suddenly everything seemed clear. It was strange how this realization suddenly came upon her, but she knew she had to find Ron and talk to him. She quickly changed and took off.

    Michelle went to the bar that she saw Ron at several nights ago. Just as she got there, Ron came staggering out, but this time, there was no Bosco. She saw him fall over and immediately ran towards him. Ron looked up: You’re not Bosco (laughs) unless he turned into a girl.

    Michelle: Get up Ron, you need to go home.

    Ron looked at her closely: Who are you? No girls for Ron Ng, only Michelle for me.

    Michelle caressed his cheek: Lets go home.

    Michelle managed to get him into a cab and brought him upstairs to his apartment. Right when they got in, Ron fell to the ground, taking Michelle down with him. Michelle fell on top of him and he looked into her eyes: Why is Michelle still mad at me?

    Michelle: I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry Ron.

    Ron laughed: I didn’t ask if you were mad, why is Michelle mad?

    Michelle got up and helped him up as well. She laid him down on the bed and went to grab a hot towel for his face. Ron kept on murmuring stuff and when Michelle got back, she cleaned his face and was about to get up, but Ron held onto her hand: I love Michelle, I really do. It’s not my baby. If Michelle wants no sex, then no sex for Ron as well. I just want Michelle (his eyes slowly close, but not before a tear dropped out and Michelle knew that she made the right decision in coming here).

    Michelle looked at Ron’s face. She could see bags under his eyes and it looked as if he hadn’t shaved. She touched his cheeks and then kissed him softly on the forehead. She noticed that his shirt was all dirty so she took it off for him and then pulled the blanket over his body.

    Morning came and the sun went down directly onto Ron, who had to squint when he got up. He had a massive headache and shook his head. He looked down and realized that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Panicking, he lifted up the blanket and was relieved to see that his pants were still on. He vaguely remembered a girl helping him out last night. He didn’t remember exactly who it was, but before he could think over this some more, he heard a loud clang outside. He got up out of bed and went outside. The person’s back was to him so all Ron saw was a female hunched over, picking up spare pieces of class.

    Ron: Hi.

    Michelle was startled, she didn’t think he would be up just yet. She threw the pieces into the trashcan and slowly got up. She turned around and was face to face with Ron: Hi. (Ron gave her a wide smile when he saw her and reached out to hold her hands). How are you feeling?

    Ron grinning: Never been better.

    Michelle: Um, I was making you breakfast, but accidentally dropped the bowl on the floor, sorry.

    Ron shook his head: It’s okay, you can break everything in here if you wanted to. (tightened his hold on her hands). Michelle, I…

    Michelle: I saw you last night at the bar and you were pretty out of it so I took you home.

    Ron: Thank you for still caring about me.

    Michelle blurted out: Of course I care about you. I still love you (she looked down after she said that).

    Ron: Michelle, I swear, I never did anything with that Kristy girl or anyone else behind your back. Sure, I was a player once, but I’m not that same guy now. I love you. I just don’t know why…

    Michelle put her finger over his lips: I believe you.

    A huge smile broke on Ron’s face: You do? You really believe me?

    Michelle nodded: I do. I trust the man I love. I know he wouldn’t do something like this. I know his character.

    Ron was happy beyond words, he pulled Michelle into his arms and hugged her tightly. He continued hugging her until he felt something wet drip down his chest. He looked at her face and saw tears coming down her beautiful face. Ron quickly wiped them away: What’s wrong baby?

    Michelle: I’m sorry Ron. I said some really awful things when I was mad and I didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have said them, but I was just angry, sad, scared, I didn’t mean any of it.

    Ron: Shh…I know. I’m not upset. No more tears, okay? We should be happy. (Michelle smiles). That’s what I like to see. How about some breakfast now?

    Michelle: How about a shower for you first?

    Ron looked away embarrassingly: Good idea. I’ll be out soon (kissed her on the forehead). Save some food for me.

    After Ron’s shower, he walked out and hugged Michelle from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder: What’s for breakfast?

    Michelle smiled: Pancakes, eggs, and bacon (turned around to look at him and frowned when she saw the cut on his lip, she reached up and touched it). Is this from Jack? I’m sorry Ron. Does it still hurt?

    Ron placed her hand on his heart and held it tightly, smiling at her: As long as you believe me, and it doesn’t hurt inside, nothing else matters.

    Michelle could feel her eyes brimming with tears, Ron was just so sweet to her: I’m sorry I’m crying again. I’m normally not like this (jokes) look what you did to me.

    Ron chuckled: From now on, only tears of joy, I promise. (teases) Except of course, at movies where you bawl like a baby.

    Michelle pouts: I don’t think you want any breakfast this morning.

    Ron: You’re not that mean.

    Michelle: No, I’m serious. Your lip, I don’t think you should eat the bacon or eggs. Pancakes should be okay though. Do you have any ointment I could put on it?

    Ron: I’m fine honey. My lips are still fully capable of doing many other things.

    Michelle smiled at him shyly and said softly: Are you sure?

    Ron teased: Want to find out?

    Michelle blushed as she looked up at him and he bent down to kiss her.

    After breakfast, Michelle and Ron walked out of his apartment together, holding hands, smiling. From behind the bushes, Myolie saw this and clenched her hand in a fist. She couldn’t believe that after all that, Michelle was still with Ron. She had to have a serious talk with this Kristy girl.

    Ron: Are you sure it’s a good idea to just show up together? Aside from Jack and Kevin, Bernice and Leila are ready to kill me.

    Michelle teased: You’re not scared, are you? What happened to (mocks) “as long as you believe, nothing else matters?”

    Ron pinched her nose: I get it, using that against me now, huh? I’m not scared, I just don’t want it to be awkward for you.

    Michelle: You just don’t want to get punched again (Ron pouts). Okay, I’m just kidding. It’s going to be okay, I promise.

    When they got to her apartment, both of them took a deep breath before Michelle opened the door and surprised everyone by walking in with Ron, holding his hand.

    Jack looked at them: What in the world is going on?

    Bernice: Why are you holding his hand? Did he threaten you or something?

    Michelle laughed at that comment, but immediately got serious again: Well, I just wanted everyone to know that I believe Ron. I know he wouldn’t do something like this.

    Jack: But what about the pregnant girl?

    Ron: I didn’t get her pregnant. I don’t know what she’s talking about.

    Bernice darted her eyes at him: Why should we believe you?

    Michelle spoke up: Because I do and it would really mean a lot to me if you guys did as well.

    Bosco grinned happily, he was glad that Michelle was able to trust Ron: I believe you Ron.

    Bernice rolled her eyes: Of course you would (sighs), but since Michelle does, I guess I will, too (looks at Ron) but if we ever find any evidence that it is your child or you did anything like this to Michelle, I will be the first to kill you.

    Ron laughed: Gotcha.

    Michelle looked at Jack and Kevin eagerly, waiting anxiously for their response. Jack spoke up first: Hey jerk, sorry about the cut on your lip. You’ll be getting another one if you hurt my sister in any way.

    Before Kevin could speak up, Nancy and Leila came and were thrilled to see Michelle and Ron here together. Nancy: Is the girl that said you got her pregnant named Kristy?

    Ron: Yes, why?

    Leila: She has long, brownish, curly hair, voice is kind of high? (Ron nodded). I just saw her with Myolie.

    Everyone: What?

    Bernice: Didn’t that witch fly back to London?

    Leila: I thought she did, but apparently she’s still here. I overhead her talking to that girl Kristy, saying something about pregnant. Myolie’s setting you up for this. Man, I hate that girl, we should have thrown her in prison when we had the chance. (looks at Ron). Sorry Ron, we all misjudged you. (smiles) Good thing Michelle is your girlfriend, she’s the only one that believed you.

    Ron gives Michelle’s hand a light squeeze and smiles: Lucky me.

    Jack: So now what? Should we all go and beat up Maniac Myolie?

    Michelle: You can’t beat her up.

    Jack: Why not? First she pushed you down a hill, then tried to drown you, now this? This girl is psycho, she’s going to do more things until you two break up or you die.

    Leila jabbed Jack: Shut up. You’re saying all the wrong things!

    Ron: Where is she at?

    Nancy: ABC Café.

    Michelle looked at him with concern in her eyes: What are you going to do?

    Ron: I’m going to settle this.

    Michelle followed Ron out and everyone followed suit. Just as Myolie was getting ready to leave with Kristy, Ron and Michelle got out of the car, surprising her.

    Myolie smirks: Look who’s here, the father of your baby Kristy and his pathetic girlfriend.

    Ron: Shut up. You’re the one that’s pathetic. Let me tell you something, your little games aren’t going to work on us. We love each other and that is never going to change. You can try your little stupid ploys to break us up, but at the end of the day, Michelle Yip is the only one that can and will be Mrs. Ron Ng. You got that?

    Everyone was stunned by his speech, it was short, but it showed exactly how much he loved Michelle. Kevin and Jack looked at each other and smiled, happy that Michelle didn’t make the wrong choice and that Ron was a good guy.

    Myolie laughs: Michelle Yip, just as dumb as I remembered. You’re just going to believe him like that? Did you forget that your so-called boyfriend was a player?

    Michelle: I do believe him and you said it yourself, he was a player, but not anymore. And let me tell you something Myolie Wu, if you ever hurt Ron or any one of my friends, I’ll be after you, I guarantee it.

    At that moment, a black car pulled up to them and three men stepped out.

    Myolie and Nancy’s boss in England: Myolie, you have to come back to England with me.

    Myolie: What is it boss?

    Other two were police officers. Officer #1: We’re here to arrest you under charges of embezzlement and accounting fraud. You have to follow us back to England.

    Everyone was shocked. Myolie glared at Nancy, then Leila, then Michelle: I hate you all.

    Leila: Well, we all hate you too. Go back to England and get ready to do some time.

    After she left, Bernice: I can’t believe it. She’s finally gone.

    Michelle looked at Kristy, who walked over to her: I’m sorry Miss Yip. The truth is, I’m not even pregnant and Ron didn’t do anything. I just needed some money and Miss Wu said she would help me if I helped her.

    Michelle smiled: It’s okay, I understand. Are you okay now, I mean financially?

    Kristy nodded: Thank you. You are a really nice person, if I knew beforehand, I wouldn’t have agreed to help Miss Wu. I’m sorry. Good luck with Ron.

    Leila: You’re just going to let her go?

    Michelle: She didn’t mean any harm.

    Nancy: You’re too nice Michelle.

    Bernice teased: Didn’t you just hear her, she threatened Myolie (laughs). I don’t think I’ve ever heard you so mean before! You must really love us!

    Everyone laughed and started to head back. Ron pulled her back: I must say, even I was a bit scared by you at that moment. (teased) You must really love me, huh?

    Michelle blushed, but teased him back: Not as much to say that I’ll be only one who can become Mrs. Ron Ng.

    Ron gave her a shy grin: But it’s the truth.

    Michelle smiled to herself happily: What makes you think I want to be Mrs. Ron Ng?

    Ron tucked some hair behind her ear: I don’t know, I can think of a couple of reasons.

    Michelle gave him a smile before hugging him tightly.

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