A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 3

    Michelle walked into the conference room with three mugs of coffee, handing them over to Ron and Bosco. It’s been a long night.

    Ron took a sip of her coffee: This tastes so good Miche. I could go for a mug everyday.

    Michelle jokes: Don’t count on it buddy. I’m not your coffee maker.

    Ron grins: Can’t blame a guy for trying.

    They worked for a few more hours and Michelle soon fell asleep, resting her head on the desk. Ron looked over and smiled. He took his suit jacket and placed it softly over her, making sure she wouldn’t wake up. At that moment, Bosco’s phone rang and Ron immediately told Bosco to take it outside, afraid that it would wake Michelle up. Ron followed Bosco outside, seeing if it was an important phone call.

    Ron: Anything job related?

    Bosco: Yup, the meeting is rescheduled for 1 pm tomorrow. Why’d you tell me to take the call outside?

    Ron: Couldn’t you see, Michelle fell asleep. What if you were too loud and woke her up?

    Bosco teased: You sure are considerate towards Michelle.

    Ron: What are talking about? Michelle’s my friend, my confidant, of course I would care for her (knows that Bosco was going to say more, so he quickly quieted him) Not another word. Since we’re pretty much done, lets go.

    Bosco: You want to take Michelle home or should I?

    Ron: I will. You go on ahead.

    Bosco smirks: See you at home bro.

    Ron went back inside and crouched down next to Michelle, he touched her face gently: Michelle, wake up. It’s time to go home.

    Michelle stirred a bit and was startled to find Ron’s face so close: Hmm?

    Ron smiled: We’re leaving.

    Michelle: Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I fell asleep. Was I out for long? Why didn’t you wake me?

    Ron chuckles: Don’t worry Miss Yip, everything is under control. We know you’re very capable, but you need rest like the rest of us humans. I’m taking you home, lets go.

    Ron walked Michelle all the way up to her apartment and told her that she could come in a couple of hours late in she needed to, since the meeting wasn’t going to start until 1 pm. But of course, Michelle reassured him that she was okay and would be on time tomorrow. Ron laughed to himself, knowing all too well that Michelle would say that.

    Ron: How about breakfast tomorrow morning then? I’ll pick you up at 9 am.

    Michelle: But work starts at 9.

    Ron (with a twinkle in his eyes): Then we’ll just have to say we have a meeting at 9. And besides, no one is going to say anything if you walk in late with me. I’m picking you up for breakfast and that’s final. Good night Michelle.

    Michelle watched him enter the elevator and sighed to herself. No wonder she was stuck in his web and couldn’t get out. He was incredibly nice and considerate to her. Darn him, for making it hard for her to fall out of love with him.

    Just as Ron promised, he rang her doorbell right at 9 am. Michelle was dressed gray pants and a fitted dress shirt. She grabbed her purse and left with Ron. Ron smiled at Michelle: You look great today.

    Michelle laughs: Only today?

    Ron teases: Yes, only today. You see Miche, you need sleep.

    Michelle: You should be happy to have me working for you.

    Ron: I am, I am, but I just feel bad for your boyfriend (laughs). Speaking of boyfriend, are you dating anyone right now? I’ve never heard you mention anything.

    Michelle jokes: Well, how could you, I mean, with your dating record, I’m surprised you can keep you up with your own life.

    Ron flashes her a grin: But you know I’ll always make room in my mind for my Michelle. Anyone you want me to set me up with (that line hit directly to Michelle’s heart, but she forced a smile)? Actually, none of my friends are good enough for you. But I’ll keep on the lookout for you (winks at her).

    When Michelle got home that night, she noticed that there was an extra setting at the dining table. She peered inside and saw Kevin talking to someone, but she couldn’t make out who it was. Jack crept up behind her and patted her on the back, causing her to jump. Jack laughed: What are you looking at?

    Michelle: Nothing. Why did you scare me?

    Jack: You were an easy target. Why do you look like you’re trying to spy on Kevin and that guy?

    Michelle rolled her eyes: I’m not spying. But who is he Jack?

    Jack shrugged his shoulders: I don’t know, I just got home. But I’m hoping we eat dinner soon.

    Michelle: Is that all you think about?

    Kevin: Hey, come here guys. This is my friend Daniel, that’s Michelle and Jack.

    Daniel (will probably only be in this story for 1 or 2 chapters): Hi everyone. (shakes Michelle’s hand) You must be Kev’s girlfriend?

    Michelle: Eww! Sorry Kev, but that’s just icky. (looks at Daniel and smiles at him sheepishly) Sorry about my outburst. You see, Kevin, Jack, and I grew up together so we’re like family.

    Kevin hits her on the head: Eww to you too, Miche. (laughs) See what I have to put up with Dan.

    Daniel laughs: Sorry about that.

    Michelle: No problem!

    Jack: So Daniel, I think you should be hungry. How about dinner?

    The three of them look at Jack and laugh. Daniel: Sure Jack, I’m hungry.

    Daniel and Michelle had a lot to talk about. He did some modeling and so they were talking about that for a while. After dinner, the four of them decided to go to a bar to hang out a bit more. Daniel liked crowds and so this was a good choice for him. Unknown to Michelle, Ron, Bosco, and two of their friends, Sam and Chris, were also there. Michelle normally always had a good time whenever she was with her two brothers. They were so goofy and fun! Daniel was really outgoing and so he was definitely good company. Ron, as usual, was scanning the bar, looking for his next target.

    Sam: I got to hand it to you Ron, you always get the hottest looking girls!

    Ron smirks, while Bosco groans: Just stop it right there Sam, or else his ego will get bigger than it already is.

    Chris: How many girls have you dated in the past month? Like 10? Have any made it past two weeks?

    Ron: Lately, no. What can I say guys, I haven’t met the right girl, yet. But in the meantime, (laughs) it’s been fun with all the other ones.

    A group of girls came over to their table and being the smooth talker that he was, Ron invited all of them to sit down and managed to get the phone number of the one girl he was interested in. He handed her a drink and that was when from the corner of his eye, he spotted Michelle laughing and walking out the door with some man he’s never seen before. Immediately, he wondered who the man was, if they were dating, and how come he never heard anything about him. But the girl he was with managed to get him to pay attention to her. He smiled at her, but not without still wondering who that man was.

    For their project, they had already picked the female models and were now trying to pick the male ones. Ng Corporation was having problem selecting one because they had more specific qualifications for the male. Ron and Michelle were heading towards the meeting room to talk with the potential male model and she couldn’t help but laugh at Ron’s face: Would it kill you to smile Ron?

    Ron: I mean, getting to meet female models is exciting, but I don’t care about male ones!

    Michelle giggled: This is work, Ron. You don’t have a choice.

    Ron laughs: Hey! Since when did you lecture me? (Michelle stuck her tongue out at him).

    The two of them walked in and Michelle smiled at the guy sitting there: Daniel.

    Daniel: Michelle? (laughs) I should have known that this world is actually this small.

    Michelle: I can’t believe it. (jokes) So what’s the deal Dan? You going to help us?

    Daniel: If it’s a go on your side, it’s a yes for me.

    Michelle grins: Oh, I totally forgot. This is Ron Ng, one of the VPs of the company.

    Ron shakes his hand: I think it’s a go for us.

    Daniel smiles: I look forward to working with you two. I’ll see you soon. Bye.

    Ron: So how do you know him?

    Michelle: Dan? He’s one of Kevin’s friends. I actually met him only several days ago. He’s really nice and funny. And now he’s working with us. Isn’t that great?

    Ron gives Michelle a small smile: Yeah, it’s great.

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