A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 30

    Michelle and Ron were cuddled on his couch, watching a classic movie. It had been two weeks since Myolie left and everything had gotten back to normal. Ron looked at Michelle’s intent face and teased her: Should I grab you a box of tissues?

    Michelle: No talking Ron, this is the good part (20 minutes later). Wow, that was a really good movie.

    Ron looked at her: No tears, I’m impressed.

    Michelle: I don’t always cry at movies (Ron raised an eyebrow). Okay, I cry a lot, but not every single time. What time is it?

    Ron: 11:30, you want me to take you home now?

    Michelle: You don’t want me to stay?

    Ron teased her: Three nights in a row? You’re making me a happy man.

    Michelle: Do you remember what you said to me when you were drunk that one night?

    Ron: Probably not, because I can’t remember what night you’re talking about.

    Michelle: When I found you on the streets and took you back home.

    Ron: Oh, that night. No, I didn’t even know it was you. I freaked out when I woke up and saw that I didn’t have a shirt on and was relieved that my pants were still on.

    Michelle teased: And I thought only girls did that.

    Ron jokes: When did you ever wake up without your top on? And why wasn’t I there? (Michelle rolled her eyes) What did I say that night?

    Michelle: You said, if Michelle wants no sex, then no sex for Ron.

    Ron chuckled: Very true.

    Michelle sat up straight and looked at him intently: And so if Michelle does want it, then what about Ron?

    Ron jokes: Then of course Ron wants it (sees that Michelle looks serious). Are you okay honey?

    Michelle took a deep breath and nodded: So if we both want to…

    Ron: Michelle, are you serious? This isn’t because of everything…

    Michelle shook her head and held his hand: No, it’s because I love you and I want to.

    Ron caressed her cheek: Are you sure?

    Michelle smiled at him: I’ve never been more sure in my life. But I have to warn you, I won’t know what I’m doing.

    Ron jokes: Hmm…that could be a problem.

    Michelle teased: If you want, I could go out and have some practice with someone else first.

    That was enough to get Ron to stop teasing her: No way! You belong to me, only me!

    Michelle continued teasing him: You won’t “allow” it?

    Ron caught on and chuckled light: Yes, I forbid it.

    The two of them laugh before engaging in some intense eye contact. Michelle knew what he was thinking and nodded: I’m ready.

    Ron smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss.

    When Ron woke up the next morning, he saw Michelle laying on his chest sleeping peacefully. He moved away some hair and looked at her beautiful face. He gingerly moved her so he could get off the bed. He gave her a kiss on the forehead before heading to the bathroom. Michelle woke up to the sound of running water. She glanced over and realized that Ron wasn’t sleeping next to her, must be in the shower, she thought.

    Ron got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his face and his hair still dripping wet. Michelle stared at Ron, he was incredibly sexy and handsome. Ron noticed she was up and jumped on the bed: Morning honey.

    Michelle looked at him shyly: Morning. Hey, you’re getting the bed wet.

    Ron grinned: I have a better idea then (moved part of his body over to Michelle and shook his head, getting her wet).

    Michelle giggled: Stop it.

    Ron looked at her and could feel himself falling in love with her all over again: Why are you up already? You ruined my plans for bringing you breakfast in bed!

    Michelle teased: Next time wake up earlier, you pig!

    Ron: Pig? You eat more than me.

    Michelle wrinkled her nose at him: So are you going to cook me breakfast or not?

    Ron grinned: Yes Madam!

    After Michelle showered and freshened up, she walked outside and saw two bowls of milk and some cereal. She looked at Ron: This is cooking me breakfast?

    Ron smiled at her sheepishly: I didn’t realize that I was out of eggs, bagels, and bread.

    Michelle gave him a frown as she sat down: You suck.

    Ron was a bit shocked by her reaction and quickly sat down next to her: I’m sorry. (Michelle looked away). Come on baby, don’t be upset. I promise to cook you breakfast for the next week (pulls on his ears). Don’t be mad.

    Michelle giggled: One week, you said it.

    Ron looked at her and saw a teasing glint in her eyes: You tricked me.

    Michelle: And you said I was gullible.

    Ron chuckled and shook his head: Okay you got me, but you know, breakfast for the next seven days means you staying over for the next week (winks at her).

    Michelle: Nope, that’s not part of the deal.

    Ron: Then how do you expect me to cook you breakfast? (Michelle gave him a mischievous look). You don’t mean, me going over to your place and (she nodded her head while Ron groaned).

    Michelle pouted and placed a hand on his knee: Does this mean you won’t do it?

    Ron looked at her puppy dog eyes and groaned: Fine.

    Michelle grinned triumphantly, but threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss: I knew you would. (looks at the clock) Hey, it’s almost 8, we have to leave soon. Hurry up and eat breakfast.

    Ron grins: Workaholic.

    Michelle got ready quickly while Ron was still deciding on what to wear. Michelle suppressed a giggle: Come on Ron, just pick a dress shirt and tie.

    Ron jokes: But I need to look good.

    Michelle blurted out: You look good no matter what you wear.

    Ron teased her: Really?

    Michelle blushed and changed the subject: Here, let me pick for you.

    Ron smirked: You’re not going to help me put it on?

    Michelle rolled her eyes: Fine, you big baby (put his shirt on and helped him button it up, she looked up at him and the two of them share a smile).

    Ron: And the tie?

    Michelle laughed: You’re so demanding.

    As she was tying it, Ron couldn’t take his eyes away from her. She looked so beautiful and this incredible feeling came over him. Just as she was done, he held her hands and kissed it: Perfect.

    Michelle giggled: It looks good, doesn’t it?

    Ron’s eyes were focused on her: I was talking about you.

    Michelle blushed and smiled at him shyly: Lets go.

    Ron: Hey, aren’t you supposed to say that I’m perfect?

    Michelle teased: But I would be lying.

    Ron chuckled and put an arm over her shoulder: Since when did you become this mean?

    Michelle just laughed and pulled him out the door.

    Work was great, friends were great, and Michelle and Ron’s relationship was great as well. Michelle was spending more time at Ron’s apartment and he really liked seeing her when he woke up in the morning on days when she did stay overnight.

    Michelle got home (well, Ron’s apartment) from the grocery story and didn’t see Ron anywhere. She called for him, but didn’t hear a response. She looked inside his room, but he wasn’t there. She opened the bathroom door and screamed before immediately closing the door. Ron walked out shortly, wearing only shorts, with a smirk on his face. He sat down next to Michelle who immediately apologized: I’m really sorry Ron. I didn’t know that you were changing inside the bathroom. I was calling you, but I didn’t hear anything so I…

    Ron (with a teasing grin): It’s okay, you’ve seen everything of mine before.

    Michelle turned crimson and looked away: Sorry.

    Ron scooted closer to her: Why did you scream? You didn’t like what you saw?

    Michelle blurted out: No, it wasn’t that (realized what she said and stopped talking).

    Ron cooed in her ear: Oh, so you did like it.

    Michelle could feel her face growing even hotter and pouted: Ron.

    Ron chuckled and put his arms around her waist: I’m sorry baby. But I was just thinking, since you already saw me like that, you need to take full responsibility.

    Michelle looked at him: Really? (Ron nodded) Then so do all those other girls that saw you like I saw you.

    Ron: But it’s different.

    Michelle: How so?

    Ron: The other girls didn’t own my heart, soul, and body. (Michelle smiled at him sweetly and Ron teasingly asks). Nothing to say now, huh?

    Michelle looked defeated and so she just wrinkled her nose at him. Ron stroked her hair: So are you staying tonight?

    Michelle: Depends on what you’re cooking for dinner.

    Ron: I have to cook? But I just showered.

    Michelle looked at Ron’s adorable pouting face and giggled: Fine, I’ll do it.

    Ron grinned: How about we just order out?

    Michelle: Excellent idea (laughs). No, I’m kidding. I can cook, I don’t mind.

    Ron: I could help you.

    Michelle shook her head: You are a distraction. What would you like to have for dinner?

    Ron: You.

    Michelle blushed, but managed to roll her eyes as well: I’m serious.

    Ron grinned: Anything you make for me.

    Michelle: Really? You said it (laughs as she gets up and walks into the kitchen).

    Halfway through cooking, Ron walks into the kitchen and sneaks his arms around Michelle’s waist, who playfully hits his hands: Ron! This is what I’m talking about.

    Ron: I promise I won’t do anything (Michelle raised an eyebrow, but she knew she couldn’t say no and so he stood in the kitchen and watched her cook).

    After dinner, Ron was washing the dishes and he was just thinking about the times with Michelle. He really liked having that feeling. It was a very homey and relaxed feeling, but at the same time, it was also exciting and fun. He looked outside and saw Michelle cleaning the table. A thought came to him suddenly and he felt that he was really ready to settle down. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman.

    They were watching television and there were many little children on the show that they were watching. Michelle looked really happy watching these kids. Ron smiled: You’re going to make such a great mom.

    Michelle: I think it’s going to be so great Ron. I don’t understand how some people could give up their kids. But I…

    Ron gave her hand a kiss: It’s okay honey.

    Michelle smiled at Ron before focusing her attention back to the television screen: They are so cute Ron!

    Ron: It’s going to be so much fun raising our own kids. (Michelle gave him a shy smile) And you know what else will be fun, making them! (winks) How about we get some practice tonight?

    Michelle giggled as Ron shut off the TV and carried her into the room.

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