A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 31

    Another few months passed and one day Ron called Kevin and Jack out for lunch one day, telling them he wanted to discuss something with them.

    Jack: What’s this all about Ron?

    Kevin: Michelle related, I’m assuming.

    Ron nodded. Jack: You got her pregnant? She dumped you? You cheated on her? (both Kevin and Ron rolled their eyes).

    Ron: No, no, and no. (took a deep breath) I know you two are Michelle’s brothers and so I wanted to ask for your blessing and permission to ask for her hand in marriage.

    Kevin and Jack looked at each other and grinned. Jack jokes: Depends on how much you’re willing to pay us for her.

    Kevin laughs, but says: Be serious Jack. I have nothing to say, except (grins) welcome to the family.

    Ron grins: Thank you.

    Jack teases Ron: Hey, don’t welcome him, yet. Who knows? Miche may not even agree.

    Ron was planning to propose to Michelle that evening. He had booked a table at this fancy restaurant and had prepared everything in advance. Their champagne glasses were already filled and at the bottom of Michelle’s glass was the ring. The plan was that she would see the ring in there before she drank all of it. Ron paced back and forth before Michelle arrived and the moment she walked in, Ron’s eyes lit with joy. He walked over to her and put out a hand, leading her to their table.

    Michelle giggled: Why thank you. What’s the occasion Ron?

    Ron gulped and then smiled: Just wanted to have a special dinner with you.

    Michelle joked: You’re not trying to make up for something bad you did, are you?

    Ron laughed: Of course not.

    Michelle looked at the table: You ordered everything already.

    Ron nodded: All your favorites, too.

    Michelle smiled: Thank you (about to pick up her champagne glass).

    But Ron semi-yells out: What are you doing?

    Michelle gave him a shocked and confused look: Picking up the glass to drink some. Do you not want me to drink it yet?

    Ron realized that he was acting a tad strange and tried to laugh it off nonchalantly: No, I just wanted to hold your hand longer, that’s all.

    Michelle: Ron, are you feeling okay?

    Ron: Of course I am. I just want to look at you and everything around us carefully (trying to hint to her) tonight.

    Michelle didn’t know what he was talking about: Oh. Um, is it okay if we start eating?

    Ron sighed: Sure.

    They had a nice dinner and chatted happily about everything. Michelle picked up her glass and just as she was about to take a sip, she looked at Ron, who was staring at her intently: Um, can I drink it?

    Ron smiled: Go ahead.

    Michelle took a small sip and as she was putting it down, something caught her eye and she gasped: Ron, I think there is a ring in here. Look.

    Ron laughed at his girlfriend’s reaction: Really, let me see. (Michelle showed it to him) Hmm…it doesn’t look like just any old ring, it looks like a ring someone would use to propose.

    Michelle’s eyes widened: Really? Do you think we can find out who it belongs to? I mean, it could potentially change their lives.

    Ron smiled: It could definitely change our lives.

    Michelle: Our lives? How? We’re talking about the…(she stopped herself and suddenly everything registered in her mind).

    She looked at Ron and gave him an embarrassed grin, causing him to chuckle at her. Ron got up and walked over to her, pulling her up with him: So you see honey, it has everything to do with us.

    Michelle whispered: So the ring is for me?

    Ron caressed her flushed cheeks: Only if you say yes.

    Michelle smiled at him shyly, but said coyly: Are you going to ask me a question first?

    Ron smiled as he picked up the champagne class, drank all the champagne inside and pulled the ring out from his mouth: Would you like to wear this ring?

    Michelle shook her head: That’s not the right question.

    Ron pulled her closer to him and cooed in her ear: Want to give me a hint?

    Michelle gave him a small smile: Ron.

    Ron: Okay, I’m serious now. (held the ring out in front of her) Will you marry me?

    Michelle smiled at him shyly, but still didn’t say anything. Ron knew what she was thinking and could see the teasing glint in her eyes. Ron shook his head, laughing, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before getting down on one knee: I promise to love you for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?

    Michelle smiled at him happily and nodded: Yes.

    Ron slid the ring on and kissed her before embracing her in a tight hug. A slow song, “I’ll Stand by You,” came on and of course Ron escorted Michelle to the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around her waist while she rested her head on his shoulder, both smiling as they danced to the song. Ron was holding Michelle’s hand and the entire night, he would subconsciously find himself touching the ring, making sure that it was there. Michelle teased him: You gave me ring to me. Stop making it seem like you want it back.

    Ron chuckled: Technically, what’s yours is mine.

    Michelle: You want to wear it then?

    Ron: No, it’s a bit on the feminine side, don’t you think? (Michelle giggles, Ron looks at her seriously). I just keep on touching the ring to make sure that you really did agree to marry me and that you’re mine forever, no one can ever take you from me.

    Michelle smiled at him sweetly: I don’t think you ever had to worry about that. I gave my heart to you a long, long time ago (blushed after she said that and bit her lip).

    Ron looked deep into her eyes: This is perfect because I have your heart and you have mine. We’re complete. I love you.

    Michelle: I love you, too.

    When they told their friends, everyone was ecstatic. Bosco teased his brother: I can’t believe you’re getting married bro. Who was it that said, “I’m never getting married. I’m not going to settle with just one woman!”

    Michelle looked at Ron and raised at eyebrow, as Ron was telling Bosco to shut up. Bernice teased: Hey, it’s not too late to give the ring back Michelle.

    Michelle hid her smile: You’re right Bernice. I could easily…

    Ron interrupted her: No way. You can’t just take off an engagement ring.

    Michelle: Why not? I’m really doing you a favor, you can’t settle with just one person and I…

    Ron laughed: Okay, I get it. Stop joking now.

    Everyone laughed. Bosco: I guess we know Michelle is the only one that can get you.

    Michelle smiled and defended him: Ron just let me have that one.

    Jack: You two are too loving for my eyes.

    Leila gave him a fake smile: What was that? Are you saying that we are not happy and loving?

    Jack grinned: We are, I’m especially happy when you pull on my ears (Leila pulled on his ears after that comment, resulting in everyone laughing at this funny couple).

    Kevin: Will you two ever grow up?

    Jack and Leila looked at each and answered simultaneously: Nope.

    Bernice: So Michelle, who gets to be the bridesmaid?

    Leila and Nancy squealed: Me!

    Bernice: No, I get to be it.

    Ron gave Michelle a smirk before walking away from her and towards the guys, winking at her, telling her that she was going to deal with this on her own. As the girls were talking, Bosco gave Ron a pat on the back: So do I get to be the best man?

    Jack: No, I want to be it.

    Ron laughs: Not you guys, too.

    Kevin jokes: Yes us, I want to be it.

    The four guys chuckled as they watched their girlfriends.

    After Bernice and Bosco left, Michelle and Ron were sitting on the sofa, relaxing after a long day. Ron stroked her hair: So who did you finally decide on?

    Michelle glared at Ron playfully: Why did you leave like that?

    Ron laughs: Because I’m not getting involved with you girls. You know how crazy you call can get.

    Michelle pouted: You are no help. But actually, I was wondering if you’d be okay with having all three of them as bridesmaids.

    Ron: All three?

    Michelle looked at him with hopeful eyes and he grinned: As long as you’re happy, sure. Which works out great because now the three guys can be in the wedding as well.

    Michelle kissed him on the cheek: Great, we have that settled (leaned back onto his shoulder).

    Ron held her hand and smiled when he looked at the ring: Honey, what would you do if I told you the diamond was fake?

    Michelle: What do you think I would do?

    Ron teased: Still wear it like a precious jewel because I gave it to you?

    Michelle blushed and smiled at him: You could have proposed with a metal wire and I would have said yes.

    Ron beamed, but continued teasing her: Really? I’ll keep that in mind next time I decide to buy you something.

    Michelle played along and nodded her head, smiling at him. Ron enveloped her in his arms and placed a kiss on the top of her head. Michelle: Ron, I’m going to stay here tonight.

    Ron: Me too.

    Michelle: Are you sure?

    Ron: Of course, wherever you are, I’ll be there.

    Michelle blushed: Let me check with Jack and Kev first, okay?

    Ron: I’m sure they’ll be okay with it. It’s not the first time and Nancy and Lei are staying over.

    Of course it was okay with Kevin and Jack, and once they got into bed, Ron pinned Michelle down underneath him and kissed her. Michelle had to stop him before things got out of hand.

    Ron gave Michelle a look of remorse and said apologetically: Sorry about that, I know I get carried away sometimes and…

    Michelle: No, it’s not your fault and I’m not angry. I just feel a bit weird if we (blushed) when my brothers are home and across the hall.

    Ron smiled: I understand (kissed her forehead). So lets plan this wedding of ours. (Michelle giggled) Remember that beautiful courtyard that we saw a while ago, I was able to book it.

    Michelle’s eyes widened: Really? I thought they said they were full?

    Ron: They did, but it was only for that time and when I booked it, I figured we’d probably have an early autumn wedding.

    Michelle: When did you book it?

    Ron grinned: Several months ago.

    Michelle smiled shyly: So you’ve been planning this?

    Ron: Of course, I knew I wanted to be with you forever and besides, you weren’t going to say no, not to Ron Ng.

    Michelle blushed while Ron chuckled slightly: Okay, I’ll stop teasing. And seriously, I was hoping you’d say yes.

    Michelle looked at him and they shared a smile, both eager to start their married life together.

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