A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 32

    Before they knew it, it was time for the actual wedding. The wedding pictures had turned out beautiful, especially since Michelle and Ron were like a match made in heaven. The best men and bridesmaids were just as great. There were pictures of the four guys, the four girls, all eight of them, and then each individual couple.

    As Michelle was walking towards Ron, he could feel his heartbeat increasing as she got closer. This was the moment that he had been waiting for. He was settling down with the most perfect girl in the universe and he couldn’t wait! Michelle could feel her heart thumping against her chest, she never imagined the day when she would officially be Mrs. Ron Ng, but it was really happening.

    When it came time for their first dance as husband and wife, Ron: The first song we will be dancing to is “Amazed.” My beautiful wife never ceases to amaze me and I love her more and more with each passing day. (smiles at Michelle who smiles back at him sweetly) Ladies and gentlemen, we shall begin.

    Michelle was really happy to see Ray there with his girlfriend, Li Qian. She was really a sweet girl and she matched just perfectly with Ray. Ray and Michelle danced one song together, and he wished her forever happiness with Ron, and she wished him the same thing. After everything, it was finally time to throw the bouquet. Michelle gave Bosco a wink before tossing it right into Bernice’s hands, who blushed a bit while Bosco gave Michelle an appreciative smile. When the party was over, Michelle and Ron finally made their way into the honeymoon suite.

    Ron hugged Michelle: Finally, I get you all to myself.

    Michelle teased: You seem to enjoy the attention you got from all the ladies tonight.

    Ron: No way Mrs. Ng, I only want attention from you.

    Michelle giggled: Your mouth as slick as oil.

    Ron: Michelle, I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time, does it bother you, my past record?

    Michelle raised an eyebrow and laughs: Kind of a bad time to bring it up now, don’t you think? Oh, you’re serious. (caressed his cheeks) The answer is No. Would I have been with you if I minded? Would I have agreed to marry you if I was bothered? And would I be laying in bed with you like this if I minded?

    Ron grinned: Just wanted to make sure.

    Michelle smiles: Just a word of advice, not a very good idea to talk about other women on your wedding night.

    Ron jokes: I’ll keep that in mind for the next time…

    Michelle slapped his arm playfully: Hey!

    Ron chuckled: From now until forever, there will only be one woman in my life and heart. My beautiful, smart, adorable, and extremely sexy wife, I love you Michelle.

    Michelle smiled at him: I love you, too.

    Marriage life couldn’t get any better for the two. Ron sometimes would find himself waking up in the middle of the night and simply stare at the sleeping Michelle in his arms. The same could be said for Michelle. She loved it when people called her Mrs. Ng and even though Ron often teased her about it, the term gave her a loving feeling.

    On one particular morning, Michelle woke up and looked at Ron, who was snoring lightly next to her. She giggled as she picked up a tissue and ran it under his nose, causing him to move. She did this several times before she couldn’t hold it any longer and burst out laughing, waking Ron up with her laughter.

    Ron: You think that’s funny don’t you?

    Michelle tried to put on a straight face, but failed miserably: It’s not my fault you were snoring (teases). I had to do something to stop the noise.

    With a sly grin on his face, Ron yanked off the blanket that was covering their very nude bodies, shocking Michelle. She looked at him and blushed: What…what are you doing?

    Ron teased: You didn’t think I was going to just let you slide for tickling me, did you?

    Michelle smiled at him shyly as she tried to cover herself up, but Ron quickly pinned her hands down, disallowing her to move. Ron smirked: You had your fun, (cooed in her ear) now it’s my turn.

    Several months later, Ron and Michelle were walking along the streets when Ron realized he left his phone in the car. He told Michelle to stay there as he quickly jogged back to get it. When he returned, he saw Michelle talking to some guy, giving him a slight smile, but shaking her head at the guy apologetically.

    Ron quickly went up to them, took hold of Michelle’s hand and practically shoved it in the guy’s face: Do you not see the ring? She’s my wife, get out of here!

    The guy gave Ron a weird look before giving Michelle a short nod and leaving. Michelle, on the other hand, burst into a fit of giggles: Why did you do that?

    Ron frowned: Why not? The guy was hitting on you!

    Michelle: No he wasn’t. He wasn’t familiar with the area and asked me for directions. I didn’t know either and was going to ask you until you shoved my hand in the poor man’s face.

    Ron gave her an embarrassed smile: Directions? (but then defends himself) Well, we can’t be really sure what exactly his intentions were.

    Michelle smiled: Ron.

    Ron: Okay, I over-reacted. I’m sorry.

    Michelle teased him: You don’t owe me an apology, you owe that nice man one.

    Ron jokes: Hey, how do know he’s nice?

    Michelle giggled: You are just too adorable! (gave him a kiss on the cheek and Ron grinned). Lets go, the others are waiting.

    Fast forward to two years later…

    It’s been two wonderful years of married life for Ron and Michelle. He still teased her mercilessly, but whenever she looked at him with her adorable blushing face, Ron would always stop. Everyone teased him that Michelle had a special control over him. Upon catching the bouquet at Michelle and Ron’s wedding, Bernice and Bosco got married soon after, as did Nancy and Kevin, while Jack and Leila recently got engaged.

    The four couples were relaxing on Bosco’s yacht one day, just hanging out and spending time with everyone.

    Bernice: Guys, I have something to announce.

    Ron jokes: You’ve finally waken up and decided to leave Bosco?

    Bosco throws some chips at Ron: Will you just listen?

    Bernice smiles at him: We’re two and a half months pregnant.

    The girls all squealed and hugged Bernice while the guys gave Bosco pats on the back.

    Leila: That’s so great, congratulations!

    Michelle: I know, we all get to be aunties soon!

    Nancy teased: You two (pointing to Ron and Michelle), Bernice and Bosco got married after you guys and she’s already pregnant. When is it going to be your turn?

    Bosco jokes: Maybe Ron doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Ron laughs: That’s definitely not the case bro (looks at Michelle teasingly). Right honey?

    Michelle laughs, but blushes. Jack poked her: So when do I get to be an uncle?

    Leila: Yeah Miche, when are you two going to get pregnant?

    Ron knew Michelle was starting to feel a bit uneasy so he stepped in: Hey, leave my wife alone. If you two want a baby so much (teases) you two get pregnant. Michelle and I will have a baby when we’re ready.

    Bosco: True, (laughs) Ron can’t have a baby when he still acts like five-year old himself.

    Later on, Michelle was standing on the deck when Ron came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her cheek: What are you thinking about beautiful?

    Michelle smiled: Nothing, just enjoying the view. It’s so nice and peaceful out here.

    Ron jokes: Anywhere is peaceful as long as it’s away from Jack and Lei.

    Michelle giggled: I’m going to tell Leila and you’re going to get it.

    Ron: Like you would turn your husband in.

    Michelle didn’t say anything and leaned back against him, soaking in the feeling of the calming ocean and being in Ron’s arms.

    Not long after they got home, Michelle told Ron she was hungry again. He laughed at her and called her a pig before going into the kitchen to whip up something for her. When he was almost done, he heard Michelle throwing up in the bathroom. He quickly ran over to her and asked worriedly: Are you okay? What’s wrong? Lets go the hospital.

    Michelle: It’s nothing (smiles). I’m fine.

    Ron gave her a look of surprise: You just threw up. I’m worried honey. Lets go for a check-up.

    Michelle held his hand as they walked into the living room: I already went for one.

    Ron: You did? When?

    Michelle: Several days ago, I wasn’t feeling well so I went.

    Ron squeezed her hand: Why didn’t you tell me? I would have accompanied you. When are the results going to be in?

    Michelle looked down: They called this morning.

    Ron: They did? What did they say?

    Michelle: Everything is fine, except…

    Ron gave her a worried look: Except what?

    Michelle stared at him: Except that I’m six weeks pregnant.

    It took Ron 30 seconds to register what Michelle just told him before breaking into a wide smile: Really? That is so wonderful (hugged her). Why didn’t you tell me this morning? And why didn’t you tell everyone earlier?

    Michelle smiled at him: Well, I wanted to tell you first and so I waited.

    Ron grinned: This is so great. (jokes) And Bosco said I didn’t know what I was doing. (starts rambling) So we need to buy a crib, clothes, diapers, bottles…

    Michelle giggled: Slow down. We have time for all that. But first things first, are my noodles done?

    Ron laughed, but then frowned: You’re pregnant. You shouldn’t eat this, it’s not good for you.

    Michelle: Ron, it’s…

    Ron shook his head: Be good and wait a bit. I’m going to run out to get you something better and healthier, okay?

    Michelle smiles as Ron rushes out of their apartment, hurrying to buy her food.

    The first several months of pregnancy were especially hard for Michelle. She often felt irritable and moody. Ron had read up about pregnancy and so he was well aware of these symptoms and tried his best to give Michelle anything she wanted.

    Michelle looked at the messy living room after work one day and scowled: Look how messy you are Ron. Do you really have to throw your stuff around like this? I’m not your maid.

    As Michelle attempted to clean it up, Ron quickly stopped her: I’m sorry baby, I’ll clean it up right now. Why don’t you just sit down and relax?

    Michelle didn’t know why, but she got even crankier: I’m going inside the room.

    Ron tried to help Michelle in, but she pushed his hand away and walked inside by herself. He sighed as he watched her walk. He knew perfectly well that pregnant women were like this, not only did Michelle have to deal with morning sickness, her body was going through many changes. He could only hope that he could help her lessen the amount of stress she was going through.

    Michelle had fallen asleep and when she woke up, the house was spotless and she peeked inside the kitchen. Ron was adorned in an apron and was checking the soup and trying to cook something else at the same time. Immediately, she felt bad for the way she treated Ron earlier.

    Michelle: Ron, do you need any help?

    Ron smiled at her: Nope, it’s actually rather stuffy in here. Why don’t you go out and wait for dinner? (gave her a kiss on the forehead) It’ll be ready soon.

    After dinner, Ron was seated on the sofa with Michelle in his arms. He loved it when they just sat together and relaxed. It gave him a very homey feeling. Ron noticed that Michelle was fidgeting a bit and looked at her: Are you okay honey?

    Michelle looked at Ron’s warm, caring eyes and put her hands on his face: I’m sorry Ron. I know I’ve been acting really horrible lately. I know you don’t deserve it, but I don’t know why I get so cranky and then take it out on you. I’m so sorry.

    Ron took her hands and kissed them, smiling at her: Don’t worry about it. I know you’re going through a lot right now. And I know you don’t mean it, pregnant women are like this.

    Michelle: I know, but it still doesn’t give me the right to be mean to you.

    Ron jokes: Well, just think of going through labor and I think we can call it even.

    Michelle smiled as she leaned on Ron’s shoulders: You’re so great to me Ron. I promise you, I’ll be nicer to you.

    Ron laughed at that comment: I never imagined that my wife would be mean and have to promise that she’d be nicer.

    Michelle jokes: That’s true, you’re the mean one in this relationship, not me.

    Ron kissed her on top of her head: Honey, I just want you to be comfortable. And a thought just came to me, you could make it up to me by being nicer in there (gestures his head towards the bedroom and grins).

    Michelle immediately blushes and pouts: Your mind always goes there.

    Ron chuckled: Of course, how else would we have gotten pregnant?

    Seven months later, Michelle was much bigger, but she was feeling much better and returned to her normal happy self, and she was practically glowing. Ron made her take maternity leave earlier and so she stayed home and learned how to knit. She’s already made little socks, sweaters and beanies for the baby, and when Ron pretended to get jealous, she laughed and made him a scarf.

    Ron: Finally! I was starting to think that you didn’t love me anymore!

    Michelle giggled: Come on Ron, like you’d actually wear a knitted sweater to work.

    Ron: Who says I wouldn’t? This scarf, I’m going to wear it everyday.

    Michelle: Everyday? It’s not even winter yet! You’re going to melt (laughs)!

    Ron: Well, I’ll at least have it in my office everyday so I can have a reminder of you.

    Michelle teased: Wouldn’t a picture just have been easier?

    Ron gave Michelle a look of defeat and so she quickly added: But thank you for wanting a scarf and willing to wear it. I love you (kissed him on the cheek).

    Ron grinned, he loved how Michelle made him feel: Will you wear something that I knit?

    Michelle gave him a surprised look: You know how to knit?

    Ron: No, but if I made you something, would you wear it?

    Michelle laughed and nodded: I’ll wear anything you make for me.

    Ron grinned: No wonder I love you so much (the two of them share a laugh as they enjoy their evening together).

    After dinner one night, the two of them sat on the couch and Ron was rubbing her tummy, talking to their baby: I can’t wait to see you. You are going to be so adorable.

    Michelle smiles: Do you think we’ll have a boy or girl?

    Ron: We could always find out.

    Michelle shook her head: A surprise, remember? If we have a boy, lets hope he won’t be a player like his daddy.

    Ron: Hey! (teases) Lets hope our baby won’t be mean like the mother.

    Michelle pouted: I’m not mean, I only spoke the truth (giggles). And all that stuff before, it was only because pregnant women are moody.

    Ron chuckles: If our baby looks like the mother, she’s going to be so beautiful (strokes her cheeks).

    Michelle smiles: Looking like you won’t be bad either (kisses him).

    Soon, it was time. Michelle was actually quite scared of giving birth after listening to the stories that Bernice told her (Bernice gave birth about a month before Michelle and had a boy). As Michelle was wheeled into the room, she clutched onto Ron’s arm tightly: I’m scared Ron.

    Ron gave her a reassuring smile: Don’t listen to Bernice. I’m going to be with you the entire time there baby. I promise it’s going to be okay.

    Michelle nodded her head slowly: You’re right. We’ll get to meet our baby really soon.

    After an agonizing several hours in labor, Ron and Michelle had a baby girl. When Michelle saw her, she was so happy, she started crying and Ron hugged her close to him, whispering in her ear: Thank you so much honey. You were great.

    Michelle looked at him with glistened eyes: Our beautiful daughter. I love you Ron.

    Ron smiled and hugged her as she held the baby in her arms. No words needed to be said, the smiles on their faces said it all.

    Another three years passed and little Jessica was always running around with her older cousin Matt. Kevin and Jack spoiled their niece so much, as well as Matt. They always fought to play with her, both claiming that it would be good practice for when they actually became parents. Leila was not pregnant, but Nancy was due in several months. Ron and Michelle could only watch and laugh at how Jessica’s two uncles behaved.

    Leila: Jessica is so cute Michelle! Good thing she looks like you and not my cousin!

    Michelle laughs and looks at Ron, pinching his cheeks: He’s not that bad.

    Bernice: Jessica sure behaves better than Matt.

    Michelle: But Matt is so adorable!

    Bernice grins: He is, isn’t he?

    Nancy, Leila, and Michelle: Looks like you Bernice! (laughs).

    Ron looks at Bosco: Ever get the feeling that we’re not that loved?

    Bosco plays along: Thank goodness I have you bro! (hugs Ron playfully).

    Jack and Kevin see them and then they start hugging, causing everyone to laugh.

    After a long day, Michelle finished taking a shower for Jessica and put her to read, but not without reading her a bedtime story. Ron and Michelle each placed a kiss on Jessica’s forehead before walking out of her room.

    Michelle gushed: She’s just so adorable Ron. I love Jessica so much!

    Ron grinned and tucked some hair behind her ear: I know, I do, too. You’re a great mom. (He knows how much Michelle was always wanted a healthy family and he was happy that he was able to give it to her).

    Michelle: Thanks. (smiles) Oh Ron, thank you so much for everything. (she wrapped her arms around his neck) You’re such a wonderful husband and father.

    Ron grinned: I can’t imagine having a family with any other person.

    They engaged in a kiss and when they pulled apart, Ron asked Michelle cheekily: How about expanding our wonderful family?

    Michelle blushed as she smiled at him: I think that’s a brilliant idea.

    Little did they know that Michelle would soon be pregnant again! And this time, they were going to have a boy, whom they named Jeremy. Ron, Michelle, Jessica, and Jeremy, their beautiful family of four. It’s been quite a road for Michelle and Ron, but they were able to get through everything together, and they knew that their love was only going to continue growing.

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