A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 4

    At the conclusion of the modeling event, Ron, Bosco, Bernice, Michelle, and Dan all went out for drinks to celebrate the successful completion of the project. When Dan excused himself to make a phone call, Ron casually asked Michelle about Dan: So how are things?

    Michelle scrunched her eyebrows: What do you mean?

    Ron smirks: Things between you and Daniel? (Michelle, who was taking a sip of her drink, choked on it). Are you okay? (patting her back).

    Michelle: Me and Dan? What are you talking about?

    Ron: I don’t know, maybe some sparks could start flying between you two (gives her a playful wink).

    Michelle, who is utterly hurt by this, looks at Ron. Bernice can only imagine how hard it is for Michelle right now. Not only does she have to see Ron with other girls, now the guy that she’s been crushing on is telling her to go out with another guy. But being the strong girl that she is, Michelle is able to smile at Ron: Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no sparks between me and Dan. We’re just friends, but then again, you wouldn’t understand that two people who barely met can be “just” friends. (Even though everyone knew Michelle was only poking fun of Ron and his girls, that was exactly what Michelle was feeling).

    Daniel comes back: Sorry guys, but I have get going now. It was great getting to know you all. Hopefully we can cooperate again sometime in the near future. Bye Michelle, tell Kev and Jack I said hi.

    Bernice: We have to go, too. Good-bye Bosco, (looks at Ron and shakes her head).

    Ron was a little confused with that: What?

    Michelle: Nothing. She’s just a bit tired. See you guys on Monday.

    Once they got inside, Bernice looked over at her friend and sighed: Are you okay Michelle?

    Michelle nodded: Why wouldn’t I be?

    Bernice: Because of that idiot.

    Michelle: Ron sees me as a friend and only that. It’s normally painful seeing him with others girls, but now…(stops herself). No, I’m okay. I’m not going to be upset over something I have no control over.

    Bernice: Miche, have you ever thought about maybe…

    Michelle: I know. And I’ve tried Bernice, I really have, but it’s like I’m stuck inside Ron’s web and I can’t get out.

    Bernice: You know what we need? A good, girls’ night out. Call up Lei, we’re going to party tonight. And call your two brothers, too, tell them that you’re going to sleep over at my place tonight.

    Michelle laughs, she was lucky to have such good friends.

    The annual Golf Tournament charity among companies was coming around and last year, Michelle had a reason for not attending, but this year, she was free of excuses.

    Michelle: I don’t want to go.

    Ron: What? Why not? You have to be there to represent the company. Come on Miche, you already missed out last year, it’s your time to make it up!

    Michelle exclaimed: But I don’t know how to golf! I can’t even swing correctly.

    Ron grins: Is that what you’re worried about? Lucky for you, you have me. We’re going to the course tomorrow.

    Michelle was having a terrible time learning and Ron didn’t make it any easier. He laughed at her whenever she missed the ball, which was quite often.

    Michelle pouts: Now do you understand why I don’t want to do this?

    Ron: Here, let me show you how it’s done. Put your head down (he stands behind her and puts his hand on top of her hands on the club, as he was explaining, Michelle could feel his hot breath on her neck and she immediately turned pink). You got it? (Ron looked at Michelle closely and saw that she was blushing and teases her). Wow Michelle, I didn’t know I had such an effect on you. Are you blushing because of me?

    Michelle was embarrassed: Uh, no, of course not. It’s just really hot out here.

    Ron chuckles: I’m just playing with you. So you think you got the swing down?

    Michelle: I’ll try my best. (Ron grinned and continued standing there, watching her).

    When Ron got home, he walked upstairs, whistling happily. Bosco looked at him: What did you do today? Went on another one of those dates?

    Ron: Nope, did something even better.

    Bosco grins: Wow, must be something big! Tell me, why are you so happy?

    Ron grinned: I took Michelle to the golf course today, tried teaching her how to play. Either I’m not a good teacher or she’s not a good student.

    Bosco gave him a look of surprise: That was your great day? And by the way, I’ll pick the former, you’ve never been a good teacher. So it was fun?

    Ron: Definitely, it’s so great to be with a girl where you can just be yourself. Michelle’s just always so natural and real.

    Bosco: Right. You know bro, you and Michelle…

    Ron: Bosco, do you know what type of person I am?

    Bosco: A player.

    Ron: I wouldn’t say player, maybe just someone who has trouble settling down while Michelle is like a delicate rose surrounded by a bunch of weeds. She needs to be taken care of and I just don’t think I’m the person to do that.

    Bosco: So you’re saying the girls that you’ve been fooling around with are the weeds. Hmmm…interesting. But you know, Michelle is a pretty strong girl though.

    Ron groaned: You are messing up my analogy! Never mind!

    Bosco laughs as his brother left. He knew that deep inside, Ron was harboring some feelings for Michelle. After all, he treated Michelle better than any other female and was especially attentive towards her. The fact that he took Michelle golfing was a good case in point. Ron had always considered golfing a sanctuary, a place where he liked to be alone. And today, he not only brought Michelle there, but he stayed by her side and had the patience to teach her! That said a lot! Bosco sighed, he knew his brother too well, well enough to the point that he wasn’t going to meddle in his affairs.

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