A Matter of Destiny - Amber (32/32 Chapters)

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  • Chapter 7

    Due to an upcoming client presentation, Michelle, Bosco, and Ron have been working extra hard for the past few weeks. Being part of the creative team, Michelle was suppose to design a blueprint for one of the biggest real estate companies around. This was a very big deal and Michelle never felt this kind of pressure on her before. Ron knew that Michelle was incredibly stressed over this and he tried everything he could to help her.

    Michelle was sitting in her office, twirling her pen around, trying to come up with something fresh, something creative that would capture the attention of the people. Ron stood outside and smiled at her: How about a cup of coffee?

    Michelle looked up and smiled at him appreciatively: Thanks Ron. I really need one.

    Ron: You need to relax Miche. Everyone knows you’re working really hard on this and I’m sure you’re going to do great, you always do.

    Michelle closed her eyes and leaned back on her chair: But working hard isn’t enough Ron. This client is big. (Michelle’s eyes fluttered open when she felt someone helping her massage her temples). Uh, thanks Ron, but I’m okay.

    Ron: Don’t worry about it. It’s the least I can do.

    Bosco came in: Sorry, am I interrupting something?

    Michelle: No, of course not. What’s up?

    Bosco: Just thought you might need some data on the current market and the trends.

    Michelle flashed him a grin: Thanks Bosco, you’re the best.

    Ron jokes: What about me?

    Michelle giggles: You’re also the best.

    Ron: I’m going to grab us some dinner right now, what would you like Michelle?

    Michelle: Anything is fine.

    Ron: What do you crave?

    Michelle thought for a minute: How about Thai food?

    Ron grins: Coming right up. (walks out).

    Bosco: Hey, how about asking me what I want?

    Ron jokes: Thai food, what else?

    With the date of the presentation coming up, there were a string of late nights for them, along with other people in that department. Ron caught himself looking at Michelle on several occasions, he loved it how she would be in deep thought for a long time and then suddenly a smile would show up on her face and she would pick up her pencil and start drawing something. She was just so adorable when she smiled.

    They were finally done with everything and the big presentation was going to happen in two days. While Ron was driving Michelle home, she slowly fell asleep. Ron caught a glimpse of her sleeping face and smiled. When they reached her apartment, Ron patted her gently on the shoulder: Michelle, wake up. We’re here.

    Michelle made no movement and Ron leaned in closer, touching her cheek as he once again tried to wake her up.

    Michelle finally stirred and gazed right into Ron’s eyes. At that moment, Ron felt a gush of feelings and emotions inside and without realizing what he was doing, he bent down and kissed Michelle gently on the lips. Michelle was shocked by Ron’s actions, but felt herself kissing him back. But just as quickly as it happened, Ron moved away and silence loomed over them.

    Ron: Sorry Michelle, I shouldn’t have done that. It was a mistake.

    Michelle used everything in her power to prevent herself from crying. She managed to get out: I’m sorry, too. I mean, we’re both just really tired and obviously we’re not thinking.

    Ron still didn’t look at her and had his head down: Yeah, so I’ll see you tomorrow?

    Michelle: Yes, see you tomorrow. And thanks for the ride.

    Once Michelle got inside her apartment, she let the tears pour out like a faucet. The four words “it was a mistake” played over and over in her mind. Why did he have to kiss her? Why? Why did he have to give her a glimmer of hope and then take it away seconds later?

    Before Michelle got into her apartment, she wiped away her tears, hoping that Kevin and Jack wouldn’t be suspicious. When she got inside, she saw both of them seated in front of the television. Jack: You’re finally home! I’m bored. Lets call over one of your friends and we’ll play mah jong!

    Michelle: I don’t think I can tonight.

    Both Jack and Kevin noticed a slight quiver in her voice and walked over to her. She tried to avoid looking directly at them because she knew her eyes were a bit red. Kevin: What happened?

    Michelle: Nothing.

    Jack: Tell us Miche, why were you crying?

    Michelle: I’m not crying.

    Kevin put his hands on her shoulders: Look up at us.

    Before she did, her tears spilled out, shocking both Jack and Kevin. Kevin pulled her in for a hug, while Jack went inside the kitchen to make her a nice mug of favorite tea.

    Jack: What’s wrong Michelle? You’re scaring me.

    Kevin: Tell us, whoever did this to you will get a good beating from the two of us.

    Michelle: It’s nothing. (she lied) I’ve just been so stressed out about everything and I’m really nervous about the presentation so that’s why I’m crying.

    Jack and Kevin didn’t believe her for a minute. Jack: So you’re crying over work?

    Michelle: I know it sounds dumb and stupid, you know that’s how I deal with stress. Remember the time before college placement tests, I cried for hours.

    That did seem to ring a bell and so they believed her. Kevin: Silly girl, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. And besides, you have Ron and Bosco with you. Don’t cry anymore.

    Michelle: Thanks guys and since it’s really embarrassing, can you not tell anyone?

    Jack laughs: Fine, but you owe me!

    Ron couldn’t believe what he just did! He just kissed his good friend, his colleague, his confidant, his Michelle. “What was I thinking? I can’t kiss her! She’s your friend, you can’t take advantage of her, regardless of how adorable or beautiful she is, or whatever it is you’re feeling. Ron Ng, what are you going to do?”

    When Ron told Bosco what happened, Bosco stood up: What? You kissed her and then said it was a mistake? What kind of moron are you?

    Ron was a little taken aback by Bosco’s reaction: I know I was wrong, but do you really need to have this big of a reaction?

    Bosco sighed: Ron, Michelle’s not like the other girls you date.

    Ron: I know.

    Bosco: And she’s our friend. And most importantly, you don’t kiss someone and then say that it was a mistake. How do you think that made her feel?

    Ron was worried: Do you think she’ll hate me?

    Bosco: She’s not going to hate you, that’s just not Michelle.

    Ron: But do you think we’ll still be friends?

    Bosco: I don’t know, but for your sake, I hope so.

    The next morning, Ron was nervous as he was driving to work. He was going to see Michelle and he didn’t know how everything was going to go. Just as the elevator was closing, he heard someone asking to wait and in walked Michelle. The two looked at each other for a while before Michelle smiled at both Ron and Bosco: Morning.

    Ron muttered out a Morning while Bosco and Michelle started conversing. As they were walking inside, Michelle called out to Ron: Hey, I know it was kind of awkward in the elevator just right now, but I hope you know that we’re okay.

    Ron: Really?

    Michelle smiles: Yes, of course we are. I mean, things are fine, right?

    Ron smiles: Yes, they’re fine. We’re still good friends.

    Michelle: Good. I’m going to get to work now, I’ll see you later.

    Ron: Lunch?

    Michelle: Sure.

    Bosco watched them and walked up to Ron: Wow, you’re lucky.

    Ron smiles: So see you at lunch? (Bosco nods as he walks away).

    Ron sat down at his desk and thought about the whole situation. He knew it was just like Michelle to take the initiative to sort things out, even when she wasn’t the one at fault. Ron knew he crossed the line when he kissed her, but there is just something about her that he finds so captivating. She wasn’t like all those other girls, which was also why he couldn’t treat her like one of them.

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