trishtran on holidays ( christmas 2010 n new year 2011)

  • trishtran

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Hello ba con
    First want to say hi and second wish all will happy
    Today i post some of the pics that i took on some occasion
    Not too hot but just wanna share with everyone
    However, just give me a feed back or comment after watching to have a wonderful year !!! LOLZ
    Anyways, hope ba con like it and enjoy the new year!!!
    Hinh tu suong :D

    With my friend, OMG she was drunk look her lips...ewwwww
    It was new year eve and we were waiting to watch the fireworks at Space needle

    Me n Joseph went to the Olympia ( capital of washington)
    It was wonderful trip and fun even that was supper cold n frezing..brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

    This pix we went to eat PHO HOA..He loves Vietnamese food and this is one of our favorite restaurant in Downtown Renton

    The END!!!
    Once agaim,
    Thanks for watching, hope u guys like it
    And Happy New Year!!! Laugh of loud

  • billclinton408

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • nice pix Grin pretty cute couple, how's the fireworks in Washington DC ??? iHappy viet new year :cool1:

  • trishtran

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Im in Washington STATE not in Washington DC lolz ...anyways thanks and Happy Viet New Year too :) Giggling

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