The Tears of Hopeless

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

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  • Feb 11-1212
    I lay down in my bed right now and wondering how come I sneezing, runny nose and score throat all day. Thinking is that allergic something I eat? I did not eat any special food today? Or just the allergic season right now? Anyway I did take medicine hopefully I can sleep well tonight ….

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Feb 14-2012 

    Long day working for me but finally I am off work then I get ready to pack my stuff and take off then i open my handbag and look at my cell phone one missed call and one text massage from him. The text massage say "off" ? I am walk to my car first and reply to him by call him up and say "where are you at babe" he respond "at Pavilions right now waiting for you but I don't see you "  Me "ok babe i  just clock out, honey give me 10 minutes I will be there" . He " ok" The pavilions is so close to my work place beside he just finish working out at the LA fitness gym there . Him and me walk inside the pavilions look around the steak areas . Pick up one pack of steak and one whole roast chicken for my mom so i don't have to cook for her later. Then we about to check out I say " honey no flower for me ?" he say " there a lot  pick it " Me " but if I pick it then no meaning for you to buy flower for me honey " He "smile". Finish paying the food we walk to my car first and put the stuff inside my car then I say see you at my house. At my house in the kitchen we are prepare to cook steak at home instead of going out to eat because outside is pack and we don't want to out and we not feeling good beside the weather is too cold so we decide to celebrate Happy Valentine Day at home. First he want me to cook for him but then we cook together , I let him cook I prepare for the table , I told him that honey you cook now, later I wash the dishes . He cook two pieces steak for each dish and is very delicious.  We eat we have fun with each other. After he finish eating he kiss me while I am still eating the steak and try to feed him my steak . Two pieces of steak I can't finish it so I have to make him help me eat too. He already finish his steak , He want me to finish because he cook with his heart and he love me so much . At last i done eating the steak. After I wash the dishes we are sitting at the living room and watch movies together. the movies end then he go home. 

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

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  • Feb 17-2012 

    Speechless and thing already happen can't change it ..... just let it be .... 

    Feb 18-2011

    Fight and who is going to win ? No body win beside only hurt and pain . Why bother ? 

    Feb 20-2012 

    Talking about marriage stuff ...... My parents and his parents talk about it He and me just listen because they don't like the way we plan out let the old people deal with first then we take care later . Think is better this way .

    Feb 22-2012 

    He told me that wait until his parents get the good date so he and me go book the restaurant for us marriage ... Now I don't  know what should I do , should I be  happy or just a dream come true ? 

    Ai Ai cung co mot uoc mo .... Uoc mo cua em chi la em se co mot mai am gia dinh cho rieng minh va nguoi dan ong minh yeu 

  • lovely_allie

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  • Congra!!! I hope u and him will have a good wedding and a great life together <3

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

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  • Thanks lovely- Allie

    Feb 26-2012 

    Hope everything will be ok and plan out fine ..... For some reason I do like the time fly by quickly ..... I thought already in the month of march . 

    Feb 27-2012 

    I wondering how come I keep dropping my iphone even my mom say "keep dropping like that will broken later" .... I just laugh ..... Mom "you silly" ...

    I can't wait until the end of month of march because he will take me to the camp again to hang out with his buddy and his loser brothers , the most important thing is to relax ourself first , last time he took me to the camp was last year Oct 2011 , I was have a lot of fun but I do not like those lazy loser (his brother and they girlfriend) only know how to eat not helping to clean up or cook anything now this time those loser bring them our food to camp . I told him that if someone eat us food I will yell and bitching at them , they are rich but too greedy , I don't like them . Even people who do nail too too greedy .... 

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

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  • Feb 29-2012 

    Impossible i am sick again .... Headache score throat and fewer ..... I hate it .....I sure  I get from the kids .... Can't believe it every year I am sick more than everyone else in the family .... Why my body system so weak .....I make my lover worry for me so much ..... But Sometime I do whine to him ....

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

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  • March 10-2012

    Seen I working for this school for more than a year now, I like to working here very much, I did learn so much from my director, she willing to help me, we talk and we set up a meeting for us to talk about the school plan, and she guide me thru what is the right and wrong, what should I teach the kids that best.

    Remember back the day my nephew was born on March 4, 2012. I saw my parents face so happy specially my mom I cannot use any word to describe her expression to see the baby boy. When my brother wife just gives birth, everyone who came to the hospital to visit was so happy and glad to see the baby boy come to the society, they name the boy name Jayden. Right now my big wish and hope for my brother wonderful family is to live happy and healthy. And one more time I am very truly congratulation to my big brother and his wife.

    I become a auntie ... :blush:

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