• Thanh-Thanh

    March 25th 2018, 8:09 pm
  • Dĩ Vãng

    Có một dạo làm thơ
    Vẽ vời và hát, múa
    Tưởng đời đẹp như mơ
    Mộng tròn như ước muốn

    Trái chưa chín thời xanh
    Trách mình khờ vội cắn
    Quả chin có loại chua
    Giận đời sinh gì lắm!

    Ngẫm lại nỗi phong trần
    Chai lòng thơ ca hết
    Thực tại cõi thế nhân
    Tim lạnh lùng, mộng chết!

    Tìm về hương phấn cũ
    Lạ lùng ta hay ai?
    Có thời xưa con gái
    Đi qua một bước dài!

    Lê Mai

    The Old Times

    There had been once I wrote rhymes,
    Painted pictures, sang songs, & danced oftentimes.
    I thought that life was as beautiful as dreams,
    Imagination so whole like aspired beams.

    The fruit being not ripe in its rawness unfit,
    I blamed myself for being naïve to hurriedly bite it.
    Even certain species though ripe but still sour,
    I held it against life for creating so many sorts dour.

    In pondering on the ups and downs,
    My heart grew callous, liquidating poetic grounds.
    Reality was a human world, dusty space,
    Soul cold, all visions succumbed bad, base.

    Now that I try to search back for my green grace,
    How strange! Is it myself or another’s face?
    Oh, I did have in the past a fine maiden existence;
    However, it has stridden over such a long distance.

    Translation by Thanh-Thanh

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